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update 25/04/2019
Please note that Structure Deck EX can only be purchased once with gems.


By far the most powerful cards in this deck are Neos Fusion and NEXT. Neos Fusion is a great play-maker at any stage of the duel by sending to the graveyard any monster you need along with Elemental HERO Neos to make a Fusion monster.
NEXT is a great late game card when your graveyard is already full of Neo-Spacians with Elemental HERO Neos. By doing this you are able to Fusion Summon into more difficult Neos monsters like Elemental HERO Storm Neos, Elemental HERO Chaos Neos, and Elemental HERO Divine Neos.
The next best cards are Neos Space Connector, Elemental HERO Brave Neos, and Elemental HERO Storm Neos. Neos Space Connector can Special Summon Neo-Spacian/Elemental HERO Neos straight from your deck, and then tribute himself to revive a Neospacian/Elemental HERO Neos, making him great for setting up Contact Fusions or Regular Fusions involving Elemental HERO Neos.
Elemental HERO Brave Neos is generally the best monster you can summon with Neos Fusion because of his search effect and not having the "return to Extra Deck" demerit. He also gains a little bit of attack for every Neo-Spacian and HERO monster in your graveyard.
Elemental HERO Storm Neos is just really powerful but held back by his summoning condition. He can be used in a comeback combo when summoned with the monsters revived by NEXT.
On the other hand, this deck contains lots of cards unrelated to it's strategy that should be replaced. Elemental HERO Captain Gold, Hero's Rule 2, and Card Blocker should be replaced first. Than you can replace the anything in the deck to optimize the Fusion Monster you choose to summon.


More copies of Neos Fusion, Elemental HERO Brave Neos and Neo Space Connector are also recommended.


Bujin Neos

Cyberdark Neos Fusion

Neos Monarch

Wrath of Neos OTK

Useful Skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
Miracle Draw
If there is an "Elemental HERO" monster in your graveyard, your normal draw on your 3rd Draw Phase will become "Pot of Greed".
Jaden Yuki
Jaden Yuki



Hot New Top
Dako 5days ago
The most op deck is here
<< Anonymous(Dako)
Nachos 5days ago Reply
You mean the worst?
<< Anonymous(Nachos)
Dako 5days ago Reply
Ironically :D
<< Anonymous(Dako)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Silent Magician way better than this one
<< Anonymous(Dako)
ANTI-BANLIST 18hour ago Reply
The coolest deck is here
Anonymous 1days ago
For shame Konami! 8days ago
What is this garbage? Only casuals would waste cash on this awful Structure Deck Ex. Save your money for better Structure Deck Ex's like Ancient Gears or Silent Magician.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
AG can be bought for gems, but just that would be total shit, so you should buy one for cashola as well.

This deck however should not be bought as even if you bought all three it would still be the equivalent of tipping raw sewage onto your phone/computer.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Not everyone feels the need to buy only the most top-tier decks in existence, and delete all other cards they own as soon as the related decks become Tier 2 or below. Some of us just like playing the game casually.

Besides, I've hunted down enough top-tier decks of my own to see that Six Sams are basically just today's Fur Hire, and will probably meet a similar fate.
<< Anonymous(For shame Konami!)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Yeah, I don't know what Konami was thinking releasing a box with a couple of ok cards and a lot of "reprints". This is the worst structure deck without a doubt.
<< Anonymous(For shame Konami!)
ANTI-BANLIST 1days ago Reply
Luck based dude, luck based. FTK chance: Yes
Cool midgame: Yes
Drawing "NEXT" in late game: Yes
Winning and be cool: Yes
Be able to not keep losing 10 times in a row: Yes
Good deck: Yes
Expensive as FUUUUU: Yes
Anonymous 5days ago
tryin to work on a connector aqua dolphin burn deck with power of the guardians to protect dolphin. working out so far.
Junior Universe 5days ago
Looks like a SOLID TIER 2 that they will never ban ! that's why they put special care in not making it broken
RomitoERU 5days ago
why not find special summon in filter
Anonymous 7days ago
I find it hilarious how this deck has Captain Gold, a HERO specifically meant to work with Skyscraper, yet this deck has no Skyscraper, and is recommended to be played with the Pot of Greed skill instead of the skill that puts Skyscraper into the field.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Indeed. They could've put something like Ice Edge or Space Gift in that slot.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Actually captain gold is there to be in the graveyard for the compatible skill just in case you brick cards on your hand

Without skycraper in play, captain gold will automatically be destroyed.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
The Pot of Greed skill itself is actually a bad one. Jaden has better skills to use. And including a card just to be used as Graveyard fodder is kinda....stupid. Especially if your best way to get it to the Graveyard includes wasting your Normal Summon on it.

So I agree, Konami should have either recommend the Skyscraper skill instead, or replace Captain Gold with Air Neos instead.
<< Anonymous
Gohaku 6days ago Reply
Ha! I didn't even see that. Wow what a redundant card. They coulda given us another Clayman instead
Anonymous 6days ago
Even post nerf amazoness better than this deck
SoftKung 7days ago
I was reached to Legend 3 from Legend 1 with this deck. This deck can win AG and Six Sam easily if you know AG and Six Sam strategy. But always lose to Amazoness because they have many backrows.
<< Anonymous(SoftKung)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
It's also easy to say nonsense like this.
Anonymous 7days ago
Grand mole and air neos. Thank you
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Grand mole is just a degenerate card in the current state, unless you’re a filthy stall player then of course you would want degenerate carss
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
I think Air Neos would be fair game at this point. Grand Mole isn't happening any time soon, though.

There isn't too much other Neos stuff we're missing that could happen. Contact Gate probably wouldn't get used. Maybe Double Hero Attack could work, it's not a bad aggressive push late-game if you haven't Neos Fusion'd that turn. Cosmo Neos could be an OK Miracle Contact target I guess.
Anonymous 7days ago
Awww too bad no Grand Mole.
Anonymous 7days ago
Only newbies believe this EX is bad.
There are youtubers who already created decks with these cards and it's a deck that performs very well against the meta.
<< Anonymous
yuya 7days ago Reply
Even after six Sams gets nerfed this deck won't be competitive cause it's only a fun deck I mean scraps are way more competitive than this.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
You must be believe Dude Perfect made their videos in a one take
<< Anonymous
Silent 7days ago Reply
Only solid soldier masked hero dian with miracle fusion's and e-hero gaia nova master cosmic cyclone deck with extra deck slot increased is a good e-hero deck this structure deck sucks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
True, but you got to buy 3 decks to get the best deck otherwise it'll be useless as the ancient gear deck at 1

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dojo limited to 2 meant you can't use teacherous anymore.
did konami forget to announce the upcoming updates for may lol
I heard that YAZAN retired around the time the ranked reward of that dwarfstar dragon was leaked....
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