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update 02/01/2019

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If there is an "Elemental HERO" monster in your graveyard, your normal draw on your 3rd Draw Phase will become "Pot of Greed".


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Anonymous 5days ago
I havent seen too many playing Magician of Faith + Miracle draw... weird

That combo is crazy, you get to draw almost you whole deck
So much for this skill... but even if you fulfill the requirements and get the Pot, all he says is "spell activates"...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Considering how often he used the card like once an episode you'll think he have dialogue for it. Alexis has dialogue for pot of greed.
Guys to get this skill now you have to fusion summon 10 monsters as judai yuki
If I don't have an E hero in my grave during my 3rd draw phase, can I still use this skill on the 4th draw phase onwards (once)?
<< Anonymous(DrillDude)
Dark Decade Reply
It's 3rd and onwards just luke past gamble
<< Anonymous(DrillDude)
Anonymous Reply
It won't activate anymore. I tried, but it never did after a lot of turns so it's a one-chance only skill.
This skill only gives you +1 instead of +2 since it costs your normal draw (the skill forces to put Pot of Greed on top of the deck instead of add it to your hand). Slightly better than Yubel skill Allured by Darkness, still both will never be a top tier skill unless Konami changes them to be similar to Arkana's skill Master of Magicians
Too slow, last gamble is still better
<< Anonymous
TheOtherAtem Reply
Last Gamble is just that, a gamble, making it pointless as basing something on luck at that cost will more often than not cost you the game
<< Anonymous(nigga pantha)
Anonymous Reply
Moron it’s your 3rd draw phase period. So if you get a e hero in your grave your 2nd turn you get pot of greed next.
<< Anonymous(nigga pantha)
Anonymous Reply
What if you roll 1 or 2? That just all for nothing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. Reply
"the fastest turn you can use this skill is during the 7TH TURN, which is a lot slower than last gamble."
It's the SIXTH turn, not the seventh turn, dumbass. It's only a turn slower than LG. You should also think before you type.

last gamble is also more inconsistent since your number of cards depends on the die roll and you are left with 100lp afterwards.
It's worth noting that the skill will activate if you Auto Duel and meet the requirements.
Zane lover
Here is an idea: Why we won't use Magical Stone Excavation (Marik's spell card) to send the fusion material to the grave and return Pot Of Greed. The same thing again if you draw it (almost you will, because your deck has 3)... Idk
<< Anonymous(Zane lover)
Lovely Aster Reply
I do still want e-call, though. Just not as much as some other e-hero stuff. I dueled someone last night who was using e-heroes (they only had 1 MF). He was Jaden and I was Aster and I felt sort of guilty because of Aster's lines when I just got drilldark, decider and 2 anki all in one turn to beat him. (He was only able to set wildheart.)
<< Anonymous(Zane lover)
Yugo Reply
And if you draw miracle fusion you can fusion summon elemental hero from graveyard
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Zane lover Reply
<< Anonymous(Yugo)
Zane lover Reply
Yeah, but you have to wait 3 turns to use the skill (OTK won't let you survive until that moment) so I guess it wasn't a good idea.
Why the hell is there a cost to this skill? The skill would be OK if it was ''your normal draw on your 3rd Draw Phase will become Pot of Greed'', then it would be actual a slight advantage (what skills are for). But now you have to get a elemental hero in your graveyard before the start of your third turn :(, meaning I have to adapt a deck to ensure it has an elemental hero in the GY, but that would ruin the advantage of the extra card during your third turn. Rubbish skill. For a hat trick against the king of games, they should have done something like, once per duel if life-points drop below 1000, instead of normal draw you add monster reborn from outside the deck to your hand and call it ''heart of the cards'' or something. I am disappointed!
<< Anonymous(James)
Anonymous Reply
If there wasn't a cost everyone would be running this skill in rank.
This skill is garbage. It's not the real Pot Of Greed. You just get one draw.
<< Anonymous
OddEyesVon Reply
If he said a 1+, I would agree, but he said one draw. No, it's two.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It actually give you one more draw. The card that you would draw it instead of the skill and the second card. So yeah only one more card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Holy crap seriously who knows what pot of greed does!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
15 years of yugioh and I still have no idea what it does
Not gonna lie, in either a NeoSpacian or E-hero build, this card can save your life. I just tried it, and it clutched a win for me.
This "Miracle Draw" skill is kinda-like a counter part of Yami's Destiny Draw.

I think all protagonist may get a "____ Draw" skill as a signature.

If Zexal comes, Yuma may get "Shining Draw" skill.

Do Yusei have any draw related skill?
Possibly "Angel Baton" skill, like what it was leaked before.

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it does work for me though i got max 7600 without glossy, the cheapest farming deck you can get
Definelty would have liked to see hanged man & strength
Same here bruh. Got NO SINGLE SR today!
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