Duelist Chronicles GX: Welcome to Duel Academy!

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Dark Signer Kalin Kessler appears in Duel World(5Ds)!
update 23/04/2019

Event Details

Period27 Dec 2018 - 8 Jan 2019

1. Collect Dice Fragments!

Dice Fragments can be obtained from:

  • Legendary Duelist
  • Standard Duelists
  • Event Chests
  • Daily when you enter the event screen.
  • 3 times a day from Ranked Duel.

2. Advance through the map!

Rolling the Dice once will cost you 7 Dice Fragments and give a result from 1-3.

3. Complete the zone to obtain a Reward!

Clear the event multiple times to get all the rewards.

4. Save up the Lottery Coins to use in the Lottery!

  • Each lottery pull will cost you 30 coins.
  • Sparks when on your pull will indicate at least one platinum pack.

King of Game Challenge

Note: :To see the Challenge Guide page, please click the link below:

Reward: Jaden's New Skills Confirmed!

Jaden Yuki will get a new Skill in this event.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Miracle Draw
If there is an "Elemental HERO" monster in your graveyard, your normal draw on your 3rd Draw Phase will become "Pot of Greed".
Jaden Yuki
Jaden Yuki

Treasure Room

Note: :Treasure Room will only appear on your second round and onward.

A door to the Treasure Room appears! You can land on it to enter the Treasure Room and earns tons of Millenium Coins and it only cost 1 Dice Fragment to roll the dice!

Treasure Room Decklist

Ojama Lvl 40: Land of the Ojamas (Skill)

Land of the Ojamas (Skill): Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Ojama Country" activated.

Legendary Duelist's Decklist

Note: :To see the Legendary Duelist's decklist, please click the link below:

Exclusive Rewards

Uria, Lord of Searing Flames [UR, Prismatic]

Uria, Lord of Searing Flames
Uria, Lord of Searing Flames
FIRE Pyro ★10
ATK 0 / DEF 0
Duelist Chronicles GX: Welcome to Duel Academy! [UR, Prismatic]
Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by sending 3 face-up Trap Cards you control to the Graveyard, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. This card gains 1000 ATK for each Continuous Trap Card in your Graveyard. Once per turn: You can target 1 Set Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls; destroy that target. Spell and Trap Cards cannot be activated in response to this effect's activation.

EX Jewel

You'll get EX Jewels during the event. That item can be traded for event exclusive cards at Card Trader EX! You can only trade each card once! The recommended cards shown below.

Reward Cards

New Cards

Other rewards

Lottery Rewards

Clear Reward

Round 1

Entrance ExamGems x50
Obelisk Blue - Girl's DormProtective Soul AilinProtective Soul Ailin
Slifer Red - DormExtra Life x3
Duel Against North AcademyGems x60
Sacred BeastsUria, Lord of Searing FlamesUria, Lord of Searing Flames

Round 2

Entrance ExamGems x50
Obelisk Blue - Girl's DormResult Booster x3
Slifer Red - DormFusion Sword Murasame BladeFusion Sword Murasame Blade
Duel Against North AcademyGems x60
Sacred BeastsIndomitable Fighter Lei LeiIndomitable Fighter Lei Lei

Round 3

Entrance ExamGold x20,000
Obelisk Blue - Girl's DormGems x50
Slifer Red - DormSkilled Blue MagicianSkilled Blue Magician
Duel Against North AcademyGems x60
Sacred BeastsWinged Kuriboh LV9Winged Kuriboh LV9

Round 4

Entrance ExamGems x50
Obelisk Blue - Girl's DormGems x50
Slifer Red - DormGold x20,000
Duel Against North AcademyGems x60
Sacred BeastsSabatiel - The Philosopher's StoneSabatiel - The Philosopher's Stone

Round 5

Entrance ExamR Jewel x100
Obelisk Blue - Girl's DormGems x50
Slifer Red - DormGold x20,000
Duel Against North AcademyGems x60
Sacred BeastsElemental HERO Chaos NeosElemental HERO Chaos Neos

Round 6,7,8,9 & 10

Sacred BeastsR Jewel x100


Hot New Top
Anonymous 30days ago
two new cards available from both loto and EX Trader and thats it. E-Hero Grandmerge and Double Hero Attack.
I hope this is not the same one as last time. I'm hoping to get Jaden's other Skill where he immediately plays Neo Space. And I hope this one is gonna be based on the 2nd Season where Jaden gets Neos and maybe get more Neos support like Cosmo Neos or maybe ABSOLUTE ZERO!!
<< Anonymous(EHEROAndrew)
Anonymous Reply
also the shining just complete the omni heroes
<< Anonymous
EHEROAndrew Reply
Absolute Zero will IMMEDIATELY become top tier deck. Six Sams will get overshadowed!
<< Anonymous(EHEROAndrew)
Someone 31days ago Reply
Nah, at 1 is perfectly fine.
Hopping for at least him or The Shinning (they are perfectly fine to come into the game at this point)
<< Anonymous(EHEROAndrew)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
We definitely will get The Shining first before Absolute Zero, as The Shining is less powerful effect-wise.
Anonymous 31days ago
♡ Best event ♡
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
where can i see the new rewards ?
Cannot wait for ''Duel Using Jaden Yuki'' event
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Literally the worst thing that could have happened. I hate playing as Jaden Yuki, or even seeing him.

Was he any more tolerable in the Japanese version?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yes but he was very enjoyable in the manga also i dont think he was that bad in the dub its just 4kids that made him stupid
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Of course 4-kids made him stupid, they're 4-kids. But honestly, in the manga, CHAZZ was a good character. So if Chazz can be tolerable, so can Jaden.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Yuki Judia is my fav character in YGO GX no actually he is the reason why I watch GX in the first pleace, in Japanese version.
Hes very fun and loves his friends. His voice in sub is very beautiful♡
Anonymous 31days ago
Konami must release cyberdark inferno if this event story talks about season 2 GX
Anonymous 31days ago
Can't wait for the shit lottery rewards
Anonymous 31days ago
Pvp event was pretty good ,bring it back!
Grand mole hopefully
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hopefully no. It gives stall decks an even better card option
70k coins...
Not bad
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Don’t spend them all at one place
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can only spend them on this event's lottery lmao
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
how many gems did you get from those coins
My stupid luck, give me the damm exclusive
<< Anonymous(Fercho)
platpx3 Reply
Yeah I know it’s bullcrap, and I’m not joking, but this event just hates me.
<< Anonymous
platpx3 Reply
Finally, got enough EX Jewel to get Chaos Neos. Took forever
<< Anonymous(platpx3)
Anonymous Reply
You also get one from beating the event 5 times IIRC.
<< Anonymous(platpx3)
Nephalès Reply
+ 50k pieces use And I did not have any Chaos Neos... :(
I had no Chaos Neos during the whole event but I would still have had a prisma.
This chronicles suck, hope the next chronicles will be dark signer or ark cradle
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol, we definitely will have Dark Signer first.

Ark Cradle is literally the very last story arc for 5Ds.....

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one week later neos fusion semi limited
lol that pack will give you guarantee UR
yep i think ia was updated today cause everytime he has direct attack combo.
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