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Kalin unlock event guide!
update 22/07/2019


Use Challenge Tickets to Duel Yugi Muto and earn great rewards when you win. But beware of the Egyptian Gods that he will use starting the fifth turn. Significant Rewards include the event's Card Sleeve, Game Mat, and Icon. And get a new skill for Jaden the third time you win against Yugi Muto.

Challenge Rewards

First TimesCard Sleeves: Welcome to Duel Academy [H]
Second TimesCard Sleeves: Welcome to Duel Academy [E]
Third TimesSkill: Hero Flash!!
Fourth TimesCard Sleeves: Welcome to Duel Academy [R]
Fifth TimesCard Sleeves: Welcome to Duel Academy [O]
Sixth TimesGame Mat: Welcome to Duel Academy [HERO Flash!!]
Seventh TimesIcon: Welcome to Duel Academy!
Eighth TimesGems x80
Ninth Round and BeyondLottery Coins x150

Hero Flash (Skill)

[Skill] descriptionUser
Hero Flash!!
Once every 2 of your turns, at the beginning of the turn, add 1 to your Hand 1 of the following cards (in the order listed below) from outside of your deck.

2nd turn: H - Heated Heart
4th turn: E - Emergency Call
6th turn: R - Righteous Justice
8th turn: O - Oversoul
10th turn: Hero Flash!!

The Skill will only activate if you Duel using a Deck that has 4 or more "HERO" Normal Monsters in your Deck.
Jaden Yuki
Jaden Yuki

Anti-Trap Deck

Essential cards

Example Deck

Elemental HERO WildheartElemental HERO WildheartElemental HERO WildheartTenkabito ShienTenkabito ShienTenkabito Shien
Mage PowerMage PowerMage PowerPower of the GuardiansPower of the GuardiansPower of the Guardians
Axe of DespairAxe of DespairNeedle CeilingNeedle CeilingWidespread RuinWidespread Ruin
Wall of DisruptionWall of Disruption----

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck. This Skill will not activate unless you have at least 6 of each type of card (Monster, Spell, and Trap) in your Deck.
Akiza Izinski
Akiza Izinski


  • Make sure you have at least 6 Monsters, 6 Spells, and 6 Traps in your deck.
  • Use Needle Ceiling, Widespread Ruin, and Wall of Disruption to deal with the God cards and other strong monsters Yugi summons. These cards will work on Obelisk the Tormentor because they do not target.
  • Your monsters would not be affected by Needle Ceiling because Elemental HERO Wildman and Tenkabito Shien are immune to Trap effects.
  • Being immune to Trap cards makes you immune to some of Yugi's problem cards like Mirror Force and Dark Renewal.
  • Boost your monsters with Equip cards to beat Yugi's monsters but make room in your backrow for Traps.
  • Beware of Yugi's Magical Dimension. Do not attach all your Equips to one monster only.
  • Beware of Yugi's Dark Magic Attack. Do not overextend your backrow.
  • Try to keep a monster unequipped so that it can still destroy Obnoxious Celtic Guardian.

Yubel Deck

Example Deck

Sphere KuribohYubel - Terror IncarnateYubel - The Ultimate NightmareYubelYubelYubel
Sacred Phoenix of NephthysSacred Phoenix of NephthysSacred Phoenix of NephthysFire King Avatar YakshaFire King Avatar YakshaFire King Avatar Yaksha
Fire King Avatar BarongThe CalculatorPlanet PathfinderPlanet PathfinderFire King IslandFire King Island
Fire King IslandTreacherous Trap Hole----

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
My Name is Yubel
Once per turn, shuffle "Yubel - Terror Incarnate" or "Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare" from your hand into deck, and add 1 "Yubel" from your deck to your hand.


  • Destroy Yubel in your hand using Fire King Island or Fire King Avatar Yaksha's effect to special summon Yubel - Terror Incarnate.
  • Use Planet Pathfinder to search out Fire King Island.
  • Fire King Avatar Barong can be used as a beater and also search a Fire King card when he is destroyed via card effect.
  • Yubel - Terror Incarnate will destroy every monster on the field during your End Phase. It can even destroy the God cards.
  • If your Yubel - Terror Incarnate leaves the field you can special summon Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare. Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare can attack into Yugi's monsters to destroy them via card effect and inflict damage to Yugi equal to the destroyed monster's attack.
  • If Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare attacking Obelisk the Tomentor goes through, you immediately win the duel by inflicting 4000 burn damage.
  • With any Yubel form on the field you can summon The Calculator to use as a big beater.
  • Use Treacherous Trap Hole to get rid of Yugi's strong monsters but do not use on Obelisk the Tormentor.
  • You can special summon Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys with Fire King Island's second effect, or destroy it via card effect like how you would destroy Yubel so that it will revive itself and clear all Spell/Traps from the field. Be careful when destroying Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys via card effect because it would destroy Fire King Island which in turn clears your monster Zone.

Yugi Muto Lvl 50 Deck

Divine Beast Advent (Skill): At the beginning of turn 5 and onward, Yugi Muto will play "Slifer the Sky Dragon," on his side of the field. The Skill can only be used once per Duel.

King of Games: Lvl 50


Hot New Top
Dont they give a week to be able to use the coins after the event ends? Why can’t i access the event?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yep, they give you a few days. But I think the last possible date to do this was yesterday.

There’s something that bothers me about Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, it’s the fact Google shows GameA as the first website when you search the words “duel links.” GameA is a “fan” domain that was created to sabotage the game, Google supports it because they are in favor of huge multinational corporations. In this web, there’s always a mentally sick person writing “This game is a cash grab”, “you can’t win without paying”, “Konami should die”, “Konami is almost dead” and he does it 24/7, he even posts pictures related to pornography, pedophilia and zoophilia from time to time or even posts some weird spam about “love & witchery” while hiding himself behind names of women from the USA; it’s pretty much his job to do so. What does it look like? I call it organized crime and extortion. Google supports extortion against foreign companies in the western market. He is from the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland, isn’t that strange? He’s always spamming against Duel Links in this FAKE WEBSITE and then replies to himself while pretending to be someone else. I’ve heard he is the moderator and also the owner of this domain.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
could be right as anything else. how you "Heard" 'bout these things? and where
<< Anonymous
It's a copypasta Reply
Surprised so many people are struggling to beat Yugi. My Neo-Spacian deck consistently beats him on Auto-Duel, lol.
this mf brat cheats so badly even worse than kalin he just pulls a slifer with 4k - 5k attack out of his 🔥 wtf?
Srry yugi kun :v
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
farming poor yugi-kun... smh
Armades is great man
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It gets walled by Celtic Guardian
Any other suggestions other than the vampire deck or take too long for me to assemble and I know the money to buy the card to do so
<< Anonymous(Lm)
Anonymous Reply
six sam. one shien is enough.
<< Anonymous(Lm)
Anonymous Reply
I just use Subterrors. Once you put Uma on the field, its over. Also, Warrior's effect is a quick effect so you can chain it off Slifer's auto kill.
"king of cheat" frfr. Has so many cards unavailable, and can summon slifer with no tributes. Wtf? Only way I beat him is through a deck out
<< Anonymous(YaboiEli)
Anonymous Reply
Chalice on Slifer... gg
<< Anonymous(YaboiEli)
Anonymous Reply
Wall of Disruption and/or Super Rush Headlong.
Im new, dude.
I have been using armades+power of the guardian on him, seens fine, biggest problems has been that magical dimension and dm attack.

I was trying this on any random decks i was using, played 8 games, beated him 6 times.

im almost finishing an furhire deck, maybe wiz, donpa and dyna can hold his deck, i guess the worst thing would be an 3k/4k slifer or an mirror wall with no furhire on hand...
<< Anonymous(Im new, dude.)
Anonymous Reply
just use the new six sam. very high win rate
amazoness deck is good against him?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dark Magic Attack
And your Onslaught is Bye2
I am guessing this page is re-using the previous chronicles' event? He's only using Slifer on this event.
Someone should beat him with Slifer to prove who's the real King of Games.

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