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update 08/02/2017

Obnoxious Celtic Guard

Obnoxious Celtic Guard
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect
ArchetypesCeltic Guard


This card cannot be destroyed by battle with a monster that has 1900 or more ATK.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader
OtherNot confirmed yet


How to GetRarity
Card TraderSR


Since some low level monsters has ATK higher than that of this card and less than 1900, the effect does not work well.





Attack categoriesCannot be destroyed by battle

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If leotaur attack this card? Can kill?
<< Anonymous
Love thy burn Reply
<< Anonymous
The Everything Reply
Who need proof bruh? If Ob Celtic Guard can't be killed by monster over 1900 ORIGINAL atk, then any simple equip increasing atk can kill the guard, but it ISN'T. If the ATK of a monster increase to 1900 or more, Ob Celtic Guard can't be killed anymore.
<< Anonymous(The Everything)
Anonymous Reply
The op doesn't know how read or do math you're wasting your time
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
May be he just want to know will the card count the original attack or the increased attack. A math can't solve this one.
My boy is back. Yeah!
Is use this dude in my Statue Control deck for stalling against High ATK decks like Red-Eyes or even to block Lava Golem I summoned on my opponents field. Love it!
super rush head long is a thing.
Works real well with Blue Flameswordsman. Permanent 600 ATK boost anytime in the middle of battle. Also anti high beater decks like Red eyes. Real good card right now.
Doesn't anyone know when it will be rotated in?
Equip spell what give 500 ATK points ... anything? you got a card what cannot be destroyed by battle.
<< Anonymous(Yami)
Anonymous Reply
Order to Charge says hi.
Nothing in card trader
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Rotated out.
This card is bugged, for some reason it literally can't be destroyed by monster with ATK 1900 or less.

no matter if you put reinforcements or equips, or anything on then, i've just own a battle against a guy in Kaiba CUP, he was using 2 of those Guardians, they need to be fixed.

a card to destroy this one MUST BE 1950+ by her own, otherwise, no deal.

the guy was using Pegasus by the way.

(32 turns to win lol)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
32 turns..kinda impossible with only 30 cards once per turn
<< Anonymous
Joe Reply
60 total. Your deck and your opponent's deck. Each draw results in an addition of a turn.
I once won a duel in Ranked Duel because the opponent couldn't call on any monster with 'low' enough ATK to destroy it before I got my combo. Stalling accomplished!
In the portuguese translation the effect is written "1900 or less attack" can somebody do something about this?
<< Anonymous(Milton)
Anonymous Reply
Send to Konami support
I've been messing around with Celtic guardian. If you get sogen and metalmorph he will have 1900 and with a frontier wiseman on the field he will be immune to spell cards. Any suggestions.

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