How to beat/farm Chazz Princeton Lvl 40

How to beat Chazz Princeton Lvl 40, Chazz Princeton's Deck, Decks to farm Chazz Princeton, Rewards.
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update 21/07/2018
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How to beat/farm Lvl 40

Here are some decks to farm Chazz Princeton Lvl 40. In-depth guides for those decks will be added as well.

Dark Paladin

Score7,000- 8,000
Essential cardsDark Paladin

Example deck

King of the SwampBlue Dragon SummonerBuster BladerBuster BladerBuster BladerGravekeeper's Vassal
Beastking of the SwampsBeastking of the SwampsDark MagicianDark MagicianDark MagicianFusion Gate
Fusion SageUnion AttackUnion AttackPolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerization
Emblem of Dragon DestroyerSecret Pass to the Treasures--Dark PaladinDark Flare Knight


Labyrinth Builder

A guide to this deck will be added soon!

Score7,000- 8,000
SkillLabyrinth Builder
Essential cards

Example deck

Caligo Claw CrowGravekeeper's VassalA Cat of Ill OmenA Cat of Ill OmenShard of GreedShard of Greed
Shard of GreedUnion AttackUnion AttackMagical MalletMagical MalletMagical Mallet
Enemy ControllerReloadSecret Pass to the TreasuresDimension GateDimension GateDimension Gate
Curse of Royal----

Lvl 40 Chazz's deck

Cards Chazz Lvl 40 drops

Other GX Duelists Lvl 40


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Red Eyes deck works well too. Don't attack Manjoume monsters. If RESD is destroyed by lightning vortex, spec. Summ. It by RE Spirit.
Arkbrave Dragon x1
Paladin of Felgrand x3
Dragon Knight of Creation x1
A/D changer x1
Prime Material Dragon x1
RE wyvern x1
RE Retro Dragon x1
RE fusion x1
RE Insight x3
RE Spirit x2
Claw of hermos x2
The most broken, 🔥 and 🔥 unfarmable 40 CPU ever. Look at what this son of a b.itch did: he had an Arm Dragon lv5 on the field against my weaker monster, while I had full LP (so no chance of ending the duel that turn), and his only Arm Dragon lv7 in hand. Instead of attacking to destroy my monster wanting to spec summon his lv7 (only to get a WoD in his face) HE DISCARDS IT for the 🔥 destruction effect. WHY. WHY THE HELL.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. Reply
Nothing "🔥" about it moron. Stop overusing that word. Morons like yourself refer to anything that's too difficult for your stupid brain to understand or solve as "🔥".
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fur Hire detected.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous Reply
Lots of explanation on how his deck isn’t 🔥 detected.
Done right, this deck is ironically easier to beat then the lvl 20 Ojama deck, which can throw off tempo super hard. Just some tips if your struggling:
I suggest using cards that have direct removal. Other then regretful rebirth, Chazz has no way to stop his dragons dying.

When you see a Masked Dragon on the field, leave it alone. Unless you can guarantee 🔥 whatever it summons out, then don't hit it. Otherwise, if it summons out a lvl 3 AD and you have nothing left to swing with, its gonna evolve next turn and start causing problems.

The biggest problem with this deck is AD special ability. Remember that Chazz has to discard something with higher attack then your monster to 🔥 it. If you can get huge creatures out fast, like synchro stuff, you can negate AD ability.

Personally I always use Crystal beasts for this: the creature can be somewhat throwaway, with Crystal Raigeki being phenomenal at keeping the board free of scary stuff
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"[...] When you see a Masked Dragon on the field, leave it alone. Unless you can guarantee 🔥 whatever it summons out, then don't hit it. Otherwise, if it summons out a lvl 3 AD and you have nothing left to swing with, its gonna evolve next turn and start causing problems. [...]" I don't know why but I felt highly entertained reading this part. Had to laugh my 🔥 off for some reason xD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Who cares?
What about this?
como destravar chazz lv 40 alguem pode me ajudar
Can anyone explain the reason dark flare Knight is in the farming deck? I genuinely don't understand what his use is (other than for the union atk) surely any 2200+atk unit can replace him if that's his only use?
<< Anonymous(Wilson)
Anonymous Reply
It's less expensive than 2 Paladins, and also has Dark Magician as a fusion material (as to not mess with the deck's balance and consistency).
stray niko
Buster Blader, Dark Paladin, Red Eyes Slash there easy farm THREE FUSION
I don't like his voice in english, I prefer in spanish
One of the drops I’ve ever had: 3 rainbow packs, including 2 prismatics, and 15 gems! Hell yeah!
<< Anonymous
Touwmats Reply
Can you show me your deck list?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
omg bruh, what if making 9k points was what made the trick?
Majoume SAN DAA !!
The Dark Paladin deck isn't reliable (or im just unlucky as hell)I have bricked 6 times in a row.
<< Anonymous(Maverick)
Anonymous Reply
i brick so many times in farming....just feel they rigged it...ita komoney anyway
Farmed chazz with the example deck dark paladin deck that is listed.

I used a fusion subtitute monster instead of fusion sage since the card can be very difficult/expensive to get.

The rest of the deck is exactly the same.

I farmed him 13 times and failed once by getting unlucky. This deck is not 100% but it is very efficient

The deck can't be 100%, there is always a chance you get unlucky, but it is really low, low enough to make it worthwhile farming him with the deck regardless.

2 notes: In my 13 fights I had no use for dark flare knight, he also dies to the (new?) armed dragon in chazz's deck, so you have to summon him at the very end or you risk losing him, summoning him at the end is also tricky because you have 4 cards you can't discard, and need 3 for the fusion.

If you can summon dark paladin on turn one, it is not always the best play - Chazz can lightning vortex you on turn one, meaning that if the only card you have left after summoning your dark paladin is one of the key damage cards, you can't get the damage bonus. If you have only key cards left in your hand after summoning dark paladin, I see no reason not to take damage on turn one(dont summon dark paladin) to avoid a possible lighting vortex on key card...while you don't lose duel assessment points, this does open up a chance for him to use megamorph, should you not be able to discard a card to cancel it, then dark flare knight would actually be useful. There's obviously a very low chance of the duel playing out like this, but its a possibility. Wether you want to spend gems on getting dark flare knight or not is up to you.
<< Anonymous(Zilas)
Anonymous Reply
If you have a fusion recycling plant, when you fuse him and end your turn, you can get one of the materials and discard that when he uses lightning vortex
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. Reply
He's talking about turn 1 idiot.
If you add fusion recycling plant into the mix, then that means turn 1 you will need 2 monster cards, poly, fusion recycling plant. You think all 4 of those cards will conveniently be in your starting hand turn 1?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous Reply
Fusion Recycling Plant doesn't really hurt anything. It just requires you have 1 expendable card in your hand instead of Polymerization. (Which is easier if you're running a card like Pot of Benevolence.) The upside's mostly just deck thinning potentially multiple times, though, given the recycled material just replaces Recycling Plant itself as far as fodder's concerned.

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