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update 10/02/2017

Ojama King

Ojama King
Monster TypeBeast
Card typeFusion / Effect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


"Ojama Green" + "Ojama Yellow" + "Ojama Black"
Select up to 3 of your opponent's Monster Card Zones. The selected zones cannot be used.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstChazz Princeton
Card trader--




  • Lock opponent's monster zones.
  • High defense.
  • Can be summoned through other methods except fusion.


  • 0 attack.
  • Needs 3 specific monsters to fusion summon.


Ojama Delta Hurricane!!

Clear your opponent's field before summoning Ojama King so that you can lock every monster card zone he has, and you practically win from there.

Summoner of Illusions

Summon Ojama King without his required materials using Summoner of Illusions. Then revive him with Ojama Country when he is destroyed.

Attack Boost

In addition to using Ojama Country to switch the attack and defense of all monsters, you can use these cards to boost the attack of Ojama King:

  • Ojamuscle boosts his attack by up to 1000 for every Ojama monster on the field that will be destroyed.
  • Fusion Weapon adds 1500 attack and defense to the equipped monster.





Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesRestricts Monster Zones
Summoning categories3 Fusion Materials


Hot New Top
what if it's summoned on the 1st turn
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
Anonymous Reply
You can use card to flip it face down to free the zones but careful cuz when flip back up, the owner can select zones to lockdown again. Soul exchange work because it will be removed form the field 1st and free the zones to let you summon a tribute monster.
<< Anonymous
DM Deck Lover Reply
this just happened to me!
my opponent played cyber-stein and paid 5k life in order to summon ojama king on 1st turn (the guy had mai's LP boost) and lock my 3 zones

luckily i had a wall of disruption on my initial hand so i could set it up and make all his 3 creatures atks turn to 0

i won this duel cuz i run 23 cards in my deck and my opponent only ran 20 so he concedes b4 deck over
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the possibility is small but I wouldn't call it almost impossible. If you bring 3 copies of Polymer, 3 copies Ojama Green Yellow Black.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Cyber stein with 5k lp then another summon with life cost 0. It is possible to get OTKed unless you have wall of disruption, a monster already on the field, or a Drowning mirror force.
Can someone please post a deck
<< Anonymous(Tackrad )
Anonymous Reply
So u can copy and paste?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
why else would he want a decklist buddy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thats very low dude. He can't make his own deck?
<< Anonymous
Tackrad Reply
Just wanted to what u guys came up with
its true
does this card drop easily? i got 2 from a duel with 4000pts on the first try.
Or does it took all my luck for this year?
Ironically, under MR4 this thing gets trolled by another Fusion deck, since Ojama King only blocks Main Monster Zone - the opponent is still able to Poly monsters from hand to fusion summon into the Extra Monster Zone.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, because Fusion Summons are totally more common than monster removal, right? ;p
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The problem with that is yugioh duel links is a 2nd gen based half duel system, so that defense isnt too valid
TTH and chalice counter this card, and those two are the most played card right now
Dragon deck can simply add in Dragon gunfire to counter this deck easily
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dragon's gunfire lets you destroy a card with 800 defense or less. If Ojama King's attack and defense are switched, he would have zero defense making it susceptible to dragon's gunfire
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Please tell me how are you going to activate Gunfire with no Dragon-Type on your field because all 3 zones are locked
They would have to tweak this card's effect otherwise if this card is fusioned right off the bat, or before the other person could summon a monster, then it's an automatic win
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Do you realize that you would need 3 different Ojamas in your hand plus a poly for this to even work? This wouldn't happen on a real duel.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^Don't worry, they'll give us a meta skill that will let us fusion summon this card easily. :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol so many ways to cheat this out turn 1
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just happened to me. First turn he got, increased his life points by couple thousand, paid 5kp as Cyber-Steins effect to special summon this. Didn't even have a chance lmao..
Gonna try this baby out. Stupid meta followers already ruined cyber angels for me
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
DONT do it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cyber angels were tier 0 and broke the format
Horrible! Some players use such dirty trick to summon this first turn! Cyber Stein + Ojama King first turn = GG! Even if you do have Tribute to the Doomed in your deck, it's largely a miss that you will get it as your starting hand! It's hell!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Don't worry the next box will have Forbidden Chalice to counter that for a turn lol.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It’s called playing the game and strategy
I've seen some comments about the weakness of this Deck. I've just built a deck whit the ojamas and now I'm Platinum 4 after 2 days of using it. Sure, at the beginit was easy, because the enemies didn't know how to counter ojama country. After some wins i had to rebuid the deck, because the players become stronger and stronger.. Now, many games after this, i'm looking forward to legendary. Gonna upload the deck recipe soon, if someone asks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
plz post recipe
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you know in real life TCG, you can't ask what kind of deck your opponent run with. don't know if it against the rule to ask opponent his/her deck. in duel links, its the same except you can see his deck after you win or loss. but next time you duel you will never know who will run ojama deck 🔥 again.
When you play a real yugioh game you got 5 monster zone and this card block 3 its ok but not if you got 3monster zone
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
agree!! this is 🔥 & should be bann, unless konami change it only lock 2 slot that wouuld be okay
Using summoner of illusion to get omaja king/knight in graveyard for ojama country summon DOES NOT WORK. I tried already,I'm taking it off my deck

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