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update 10/02/2017

Ojama Delta Hurricane!!

Ojama Delta Hurricane!!
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


You can only activate this card while "Ojama Green", "Ojama Yellow" and "Ojama Black" are face-up on your side of the field. Destroy all cards on your opponent's side of the field.

How to Get

Level-up rewardChazz Princeton Lvl 33
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Destroys all cards your opponent controls.
  • No activation cost.


  • Very difficult activation condition.
  • "Destroys" cards, might trigger some of your opponent's effects.


Diamond Dude

The effect of Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude can bypass the activation condition of Ojama Delta Hurricane!!, allowing you to activate it without the required monsters on the field.

Summoning Ojamas

Ojama King

Use De-Fusion on Ojama King to special summon Ojama Black, Ojama Green and Ojama Yellow to your field, then activate Ojama Delta Hurricane!!. You can then fuse all 3 together again to summon Ojama King and lock all your opponent's monster zones.


Use Tri-Wight to special summon 3 level 2 or lower Normal monsters from your graveyard (i.e. Ojama monsters)





Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys your opponent's Monster Cards / Destroys your opponent's Spell Cards / Destroys your opponent's Trap Cards


Cry havoc, among many other cards can get all three on the field, I remember a spell card that special summons 3 beast monsters from the deck to the field as well
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Obedience schooled probably
What a Joke this stupid card i spend more than 3k keys and i even converted before once the dublicates..Luck hates me.
Ps: add friend me im active 343-693-093
Ojama Delta Bugged
My ojama delta hurricane got canceled out when my opponent use the skill of sea stealth attack trap card. I understand it will banish one monster but did not state will cancel the sequence of ojama delta hurricane to destroy all cards in the enemy side of the field. The Umi card and sea stealth attack trap card survived (banished card during end of turn i get that) but those 2 cards. What the heck.
<< Anonymous(Ojama Delta Bugged)
Anonymous Reply
ssa's first effect: banish 1 water monster, until end of this turn, all face-up trap and spell cards you control cant be destroyed.

no its not bugged.
Death Tyrant
Experimental deck
2 enchanting fitting room
3 white elephants gift
3 ojamas each (ygo)
1 delta hurricane
1 polymerization
2 ojama country
1 tri-wight
Ojama fusions

Just keep drawing with fitting room and white elephant till you have hurricane, polymerization, country and tri-wight. You will likely have three types in the graveyard or field. Use Country or tri-wight to summon the three, wipe the field and summon king.
<< Anonymous(Death Tyrant)
Typo Reply
(Yellow green black)
Blue Eyed Dragon
Fusion Summon Ojama King,activate defusion,activate this,fusion Ojama king again
<< Anonymous(Blue Eyed Dragon)
Anonymous Reply
no thats retarded just summon all 3 of them its not hard to do with an ojama deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Like how the hell can u summon all three in a single turn?
<< Anonymous
JooXie Reply
ties of the brethren, tri-wright. .. . i guess
<< Anonymous(JooXie)
Anonymous Reply
Ties of the brethren works, but you can't fusion summon Ojama King right after you used it.
I dont realize if this dude is formidable.
<< Anonymous(Surrender?)
Death Tyrant Reply
I typically run with changing room, a 3 polyps, and tri-wight to get all 3 types out fast and in the grave in case things go awry so my hurricane can be used with tri-wight
Death Tyrant
I've got a combo that usually works for me.
1. Gather Ojama Country and hurricane with blue
2. If you still have an required ojama on the field, just get the hurricane and whatever your lacking.
3. When you have all three, summon 1 normally, 1 with country, play another country, and summon the last

While this may seem impractical, it's not that hard to pull off. Just keep summoning blue to get anything you need. Don't expect this to help you in platinum though
<< Anonymous(Death Tyrant)
Death Tyrant Reply
Also, you might be able to deal 3000 damage from attacking or summon king if you have polymerization which is a game changer
Yeah Anonymous is right, speed is essential in playing ojama deck, you don't beat the opponent with a bunch of 1000-or-less atk funny weird minions, you beat them with controlling and swarming
ojama will be meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No it will not.
<< Anonymous
Ahlix Reply
It will
<< Anonymous(Ahlix)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
no the same guy Reply
Can be pulled of with that Enchanted Fitting Room spell card...with luck.
Just a Guy
Activate this, then Fusion Summon Ojama King.

Hello new meta.
<< Anonymous(Just a Guy)
Anonymous Reply
Not that simple as you need to have them all three on the field for it to work whereas OJ king can be simply summoned from the hand

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