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update 19/09/2016

Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude

Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect / Condition


Once per turn: You can reveal the top card of your Deck, and if it is a Normal Spell Card, send it to the Graveyard, otherwise place it on the bottom of your Deck. During the Main Phase of your next turn, you can activate the effect of that Spell Card in your Graveyard (even if you no longer control this face-up card).

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstAster Phoenix
Card trader--




  • Allows you to activate normal spell cards without the cost.
  • The activated spell from the graveyard is considered effect only instead of card activation. This means that it can't be negated by cards like Champion's Vigilance.
  • You can still activate the discarded spell card next turn after activating Diamond Dude's effect, even if Diamond Dude is no longer on the field.


  • Low attack and defense.
  • Only affects normal spell cards.
  • If the top card is not a normal spell card, it will be sent to the bottom of your deck.
  • The normal spell card can only be activated on your next main phase.


Clearing the board

All 3 of these can be used using Diamond Dude's effect without having to use the needed cost. These cards are quite strong since they can clear your opponent's entire field, or even the entire board if you are using final destiny, essentially resetting everything. This can give you a huge advantage since you can do a direct attack right away.

Special summoning difficult monsters

Removing the cost, you can use Diamond Dude's effect to summon monsters like Water Dragon, or Gearfried the Swordmaster without having to bring the pre requisite monsters. This can help with being able to summon monsters like Water Dragon much easier, or Gearfried faster. It works best when you use ways to know what the top card of your deck is, through skills like Aroma Strategy, or other card effects.





ActionsPick up a card / Changes Deck order / Sends from your Deck to your Graveyard / Activates cards from your Graveyard


Anonymous 3days ago
Still waiting for diamond dude turbo....Without d hero dominance or even plaguespreader zombie, it is quite hard to get the timing
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
.....D-Hero what? There's no D-Hero with that name, I think....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Dominance, he was just released in dark neostorm
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Does that mean that we can get him soon with how Konami seems to like bringing new TCG stuff to duel links?
Hey why it not working ''Supremacy Berry'' and ''Soul Exchange''.
İt's so meanless.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Supremacy Berry makes it clear why. It checks your LP when the card is activated. Diamond Dude doesn't activate the card, so has no point of reference. I believe Soul Exchange is worded that way in Japan also, though its TCG text doesn't reflect it.
Wait.. If you send polymerization does it mean you can do fusion summon without material?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, using Fusion Materials is not a costs, and the only effects this card negates are costs.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Correction, it also ignores activation requirements, but that doesn't change what I said
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It also removes card conditions. An example that comes to mind is Pot of Dichotomy, which prevents you from being able to enter battle phase that turn. When milled with Diamond Dude, you can still enter battle phase.
Lol. I just realize this guy can activate magic card without any cost. Pretty sick.
Please bann this card i hate someone run this
Hey, tribute to the doomed from graveyard. cool
Brokennnn musttt BAN
Seems insane he ignores the conditions of the spell but ok lets do this
Des Croaking
Ojama Magic
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Time to make diamond dude turbo deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
success Des Croaking in rank once, fun enough lol
Not a very creative name
My favorite card is here! Nice time to whip some butt with the Diamond Dude!!!

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fabled, any light deck, use your imagination...
I got it pretty early in the box, pulled about 2 UR every 10 packs too.
konami are killing the game off on purpose, they wanna start from scratch and have people buy all...
7 is easier to get to summon than 9 though this guy is good if you need a destroyer rather than ...
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