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update 08/09/2016

Champion's Vigilance

Champion's Vigilance
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


If you control a Level 7 or higher Normal Monster, when a monster would be Summoned OR a Spell/Trap Card is activated: Negate the Summon or activation, and if you do, destroy that card.

How to get/rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstKaiba Lvl 30 or above [SR]
Card trader--


Rating8.5 / 10

The effect negating the summon or activation is very powerful. You will use this card when your deck is specialized to special summon high level monsters.

Tips, related cards, skills

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

A good option to use Champion's Vigilance with. It has high attack and good defense, but it's also easy to use with BEWD because Kaibaman is available and you can obtain multiple copies without buying packs.

Phoenix Gearfried

Good in a gemini deck but a little trickier to use since summoning this using Blazewing Butterfly or with Superalloy Beast Raptinus on the field, this will become an effect monster.

Level 7 or higher normal monsters

Dark Magician
Dark Magician
Lvl 7/DARK/Spellcaster/
2500 ATK/2100 DEF
Cosmo Queen
Cosmo Queen
Lvl 8/DARK/Spellcaster/
2900 ATK/2450 DEF
Serpent Night Dragon
Serpent Night Dragon
Lvl 7/DARK/Dragon/
2350 ATK/2400 DEF
Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Lvl 7/DARK/Dragon/
2400 ATK/2000 DEF
Lvl 7/DARK/Fiend/
2600 ATK/1900 DEF
Gaia The Fierce Knight
Gaia The Fierce Knight
Lvl 7/EARTH/Warrior/
2300 ATK/2100 DEF
Darkstorm Dragon
Darkstorm Dragon
Lvl 8/DARK/Dragon/Gemini/
2700 ATK/2500 DEF


Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates Normal Summons / Negates Flip Summons / Negates Special Summons / Negates the activation of your opponent's Spell Cards / Negates the activation of your opponent's Trap Cards / Destroys your opponent's Monster Cards / Destroys your opponent's Spell Cards / Destroys your opponent's Trap Cards

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Ben 19hour ago
This trap doesn't work the turn it was set. Why is that?
<< Anonymous(Ben)
Otong 18hour ago Reply
Let me explain the rule. Every quick-play spell and trap card cant be activated the turn it was set unless you are having card like "Temple of the King" in ur field that allows you to activate 1 trap card the turn it was set. So if you wanna activate a trap card, make sure u set it first before you use it in the next turn.
<< Anonymous(Ben)
Otong 18hour ago Reply
For quick-play spell card like E-Con or Half Shut. You can activate it from ur hand. Otherwise, set it first, then you can use it anytime.
Prodigy 3days ago
OMG why is it so hard to get this card
farmed like 4k+ not a single drop of this..
gunsblazing 13days ago
Why doesn't this work with 'Normal' fusion monsters? Mitsizuri, mirror wall, rirokyu, ect.
<< Anonymous(gunsblazing)
Anoymous 13days ago Reply
I can't understand too
<< Anonymous(gunsblazing)
k 10days ago Reply
Because what makes a monster "Normal" is the color yellow and not the lack of effect.
<< Anonymous(k)
Anoymous 6days ago Reply
That's Not really true. Gemini monsters are normal monsters with an orange background bc they become effect monsters. If OTC works, so should this.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 5days ago Reply
he forgot to add, (unless stated otherwise in the effect)
Anoymous 16days ago
for some reason i cant activate this card on opponents michizure, windstorm even tho i have a face up dark magician and toggle set on O, WTF is going on pls someone help
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 16days ago Reply
*set on ON
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
Did the opponent use it the turn you set it?
Will this work with fusion or ritual monsters? i know order to charge works with fusion monsters
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
i tried several times with master of oz,, i dont think so
Leeven 19days ago
why i can't activate this card when opponent uses riyoukiu, bothers me many times, anyone knows?
<< Anonymous(Leeven)
Anoymous 19days ago Reply
what monster did you try to use it with? cuz it only works when you have a face up normal monster (lvl 7).
effthiscard 19days ago
This failed on me two separate games w/ BEWD. Maybe I don't understand this card but, it didn't work on mirror wall or rising energy.
<< Anonymous(effthiscard )
Anoymous 19days ago Reply
did you just set the card the turn your opponent used their trap? blue-eyes not in face up?
SilentMan 22days ago
I've got 6 copies of this card and 2 Econs. I'm not even playing BEWD deck. Not sure if I'm gonna buy Kaibaman.
Rebel 23days ago
Please tell me why i couldnt activate this card to destroy relinquised ???

Should i activate it when the spell was played ???

<< Anonymous(Rebel)
Anoymous 23days ago Reply
If relinquished was summoned using the djin that gives it protection from traps that is why. And yes safer to use it on the spell unless they have 2 spell in their hand.
<< Anonymous(Rebel)
Rebel 23days ago Reply
he used the other mofo , not that who protects from traps. So if i activate it on the spell, it cancels the ritual??
<< Anonymous(Rebel)
Anoymous 22days ago Reply
Yeah bc it negates. Maybe you missed timing on the relinquished himself
<< Anonymous
Rebel 22days ago Reply
maybe. thank you for your infromation
is it possible to get this card more then once in duel links ? is it possible to have it more then one of it in my deck?
<< Anonymous(question)
Pure Reply
You can have 3 copies of any card in your deck.
<< Anonymous(question)
Anoymous Reply
Not true. You can 3 copies of farmable cards in your deck. Cards like windstorm of etaqua and heart of the underdog are only available through character level ups and you can currently on get a limited amount of some of those cards.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 23days ago Reply
You can put 3 copies of windstorm in your deck but you can only aquire 1 copy. If you are going to nitpick at least get your facts straight.
Does this work vs Kuriboh?
<< Anonymous(Akemi)
Anoymous Reply
read the card man,no.
<< Anonymous(Akemi)
Anoymous 23days ago Reply
No but overwhelm will as long as the lvl 7 was tribute summoned and not special, fusion, or ritual summoned
Zero-X 24days ago
This don't work with BEWD special summoned by Kaibaman
<< Anonymous(Zero-X)
Anoymous 23days ago Reply
Is that true?But It work with BEWD special summoned by Master of D.
<< Anonymous(Zero-X)
Anoymous 23days ago Reply
Yes it does. You are thinking of overwhelm

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