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update 26/12/2016

Red-Eyes B. Dragon

Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Monster TypeDragon
Card typeNormal


A ferocious dragon with a deadly attack.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderTradable [SR]
[Required trader items]
  • 50,000 Gold
  • UR Jewel x1
  • Stone of Darkness x20



2400 ATK is not high enough as a high level monster. Players may use support cards to use the monster。

Tips, related cards, skills

Red-Eyes B. Chick

A great card to fast summon your Red-Eyes B. Dragon.

Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon

If you're planning to add Metalmorph to your deck, equipping it to your Red-Eyes B. Dragon can special summon this card.

Red-Eyes Spirit

A great addition to support your Red-Eyes B. Dragon in case it was destroyed or sent to the graveyard.

Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact

It's a slow card with a great effect to support your Red-Eyes B. Dragon. (Requires a tribute and must be normal summoned the next turn to activate its effect).


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Hot New Top
This portrait is looking stupid. I prefer this one. CLASSIC!
<< Anonymous
nightshroud96 Reply
Why the heck won't they reprint it in that first artwork irl? I don't think I recall it ever got a reprint for that eventually. Heck, in the Legendary deck thing, BE and DM got reprinted in their OG artwork but RE was reprinted in its 2nd artwork. What?
<< Anonymous(nightshroud96)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
...Two of Red-Eyes' last 3 TCG prints have been the LOB art, though.
Still no original artwork, jeez...
<< Anonymous(Badger)
DaSwifta Reply
I know! I call shenanigans! We didn't get this one prismatic either when they gave away prismatic DM and Blue-Eyes. Red-Eyes is always left out and is so underappreciated.
<< Anonymous(DaSwifta)
Anonymous Reply
Not to mention making Red-Eyes deck always tends to be much more difficult despite having more cards in DL compared to BEWD and DM.

It's because they make the Red-Eyes related cards hard to obtain for no reason...Insight & Spirit are both from Ranked SR ticket, Red-Eyes Saber and Red-Eyes Wyvern are both UR, Red-Eyes Zombie is an SR that needs a field spell we currently only have 1 of...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Red-Eyes Zombie is actually playable without that field spell, but yeah, Red-Eyes cards in general are too hard to obtain....

The one time there's a Red-Eyes related card that's not hard to obtain (that meteor gemini), it ends up to be a bad card nobody bother using.
Killer Queen
Can we have Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon yet?
<< Anonymous(Killer Queen)
Anonymous Reply
Not yet. Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon isn't even that good anyway, what you will want to have is Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.
This shit should be taken from CT and made a Joey drop. Apophis needs a similar treatment
<< Anonymous
Dark Rebellion Reply
REBD is one of the cheapest UR card trader cards out there. Literally just one UR gem to get. Hardly a problem at all.

Apophis I kinda agree, but it's such a crappy card anyway, not worth spending UR gems on, not worth farming (pretending that it becomes an Odion drop).
<< Anonymous(Dark Rebellion)
Anonymous Reply
The real problem is not the cost, the real problem is that both Yugi and Kaiba has their signature card as drop, but Joey is stuck with a Gilford instead.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ALL characters should have their signature card as a drop. The fact some arbitrarily don't have a UR as a drop at all is dumb. Why are Insect Queen and Harpie Lady Sisters level-up only? Apophis was probably justified originally, but now it should be a drop. Rex would need a non-REBD Ultra, though. Or at least LOB Red-Eyes or something.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ALL characters should have drop monster reborn. Everyone using that in the show.
We call it immortal dragon
<< Anonymous
DaSwifta Reply
Badass name. Also a good deck name. "Red-Eyes Immortal Dragon"
I miss this card with 3 vigilance
They gotta stop wasting their time adding more and more support cards for this garbage card. He can't even defeat summoned skull who is a level 6. You will never be a champion with a red eyes deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
summoned skull can't ressurect like redeyes lol
<< Anonymous
Red Eyes B. Reply
Not unless you have Branch! :D
<< Anonymous
SUCH an ignorant statement, them releasing the support cards is WHY red eyes is good. I got to platinum SUPER fast using red eyes zombie. Good luck with all those summoned skull support cards... noob
I need to get passed stage 56, is red eyes coming back to trader soon ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pretty sure everyone's ctrader is different.
I had it like 3 days ago.
And then yesterday again.
Where's my original artwork
Where is my Red eyes darkness dragon, common world
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
come on
<< Anonymous
Red Eyes B. Reply
Those filthy "commoners" x'D
<< Anonymous(Red Eyes B.)
Anonymous Reply
common world, he says
Anti red eyes?
Any decks around that counter these red eyes spirit champ vigil decks?
Miles and miles support just keeps coming for this card. They're trying insanely hard to make this card good. But it's just to damn weak. I couldn't imagine an actual good card like blue eyes, relinquished or barrel dragon getting support like this. The only good card that give him a chance is champions vigilance.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
red eyes is one of the best archetypes in the game right now tho
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's really good if your opponent isn't based around high attack monsters.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Red eyes spirit and insight along with wyvern made Red Eyes a top archetype, and with Kaiba's Beatdown skill it can get past beat sticks with more attack

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