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This page notes what duel reward is, duel reward tier, and the list of all duel reward cards.
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update 08/05/2017

Duel reward tier list

What is duel reward card?

Duel reward card is one of rewards, including drop skills, stones, and jewels, for winning a duel. What card you can get is different by which legend duelist you win a victory over.

1. Enemy Controller

Considered to be one of the best card obtainable in the game. Since it's a quick-play spell, it can be used offensively during your turn, or defensively by switching your opponent monster's position.

2. Champion's Vigilance

A very strong card that can give you some control over your opponent's action. You need a high level monster to use this, which can be a problem unless you can special summon them easily through cards like Kaibaman.

3. Amazoness Sage

This card has the ability to keep destroying your opponent's spell/trap card as long as it survives the attack. Its main problem is the low attack and defense, but it can definitely be put to really good use if you have some support cards.

4. Millenium Scorpion

A monster card that can keep increasing its attack indefinitely. Very useful in farming decks to get high damage bonus scores, and easier to use compared to some others.

5. Gravekeeper's Recruiter

Very important in a gravekeeper's deck, which is considered to be a solid deck once you manage to get some other gravekeeper's cards like Gravekeeper's Oracle or Gravekeeper's Priestess.

6. Metalmorph

One of the better attack increasing cards obtainable in the game, and since it's a farmable card, it's easier to get multiple copies instead of having to roll some packs.

7. Time Wizard

50/50 chance to destroy all monster your opponent controls, it can turn the duel around if you can guess it right. It's best used with Joey's skill Luck on Your Side to get a 100% chance of calling the coin toss right.

8. Supremacy Berry

A more controlled healing card that has high heal value or damage. As long as your LP is lower, it can be used to recover 2000 LP, but it's also useful to lower your LP if yours is higher so you can get low LP bonuses. Often for farming decks to manage your LP by increasing or lowering it.

9. Cocoon of Evolution

Very high defense and easily summonable card due to its low level. It can make sure that you survive at least 1 attack if you set it down, but it has a weakness of 0 attack, if switched to attack position, you will surely take a lot of damage.

10. Union Attack

This card makes it more easier to farm most LDs since you can use it in most farm decks, as long as it has high attack monsters and Gravekeeper's Vassal for high damage bonus, as well as effect damage only bonus.

Other notable Cards


Can be effective in clearing your opponent's backrow. It works well with other cards that can activate when destroyed like Wild Tornado.

Dark Magician Girl

A good addition in a spellcaster deck since it's only 1 tribute and has synergy with other spellcaster supports. Strong when used together with Legion the Fiend Jester and Sage's Stone.

Insect Imitation

Has the ability to special summon insect monsters from your deck. Will still work well with future card additions.

Barrel Dragon

One of the better high level monster with good attack and defense. It also has the ability to destroy a monster card through coin toss every turn, whether they are face-up or down.


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Anyone wanna duel
dark necrofear, darkflare dragon
The cards you get as rewards, can they be bought in the shop or with the Card Trader?
<< Anonymous(Juni)
Anonymous Reply
no,only drops from LD
<< Anonymous(Juni)
GunzBlazing Reply
Juni has tourettes
There is a mistake in the description for S-rank Joey Wheeler. Metalmorph is also obtained by leveling Bandit Keith, not Joey.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The section is about Duel Rewards, not Level Rewards.
<< Anonymous
Moses Reply
yea it says you get metalmorph from leveling up joey, but its bandit keith lV 25
<< Anonymous(Moses)
Common sense Reply
Moses you are just as asleep as the Anonymous who said there is a mistake just read what the guy above you wrote before just writing. This is not about leveling up but dueling LD and the rewards they give :P
Yet another useless artical
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just shut your phone down and sleep dude.. This page may usefull for new player so they know what is the best card to get
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what's an artical? lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I have three Amazonees Sage and none Amazoness Swordswoman WTF how i get her im soooo tired of never get it :(
<< Anonymous
Saylor Stackhouse Reply
It's the complete opposite for me :(
one does not simply,

Get 3 copies of Enemy Controller, Gravekeepers Chief and Union Attack.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, i have 3 of each those card :P
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
like this?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
haha i also got 3 copies of all those cards, but yeah i think for some players, those cards it's kinda hard to get. just keep grinding bro ! :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I burnt 2000 keys on kaiba and not one drop
I can only get the cards that everyone drops I never get the cards that each individual gives out, do I just have bad luck or is there something I'm not doing
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You have to face the LD's at level 40 to get their specific cards everytime
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I bet hands down my luck is worse. I farmed the crap out of kaiba (easily 2000 white keys) and got practically nothing! No super rares besides familiar knight and that was all done during bonus point campaigns!
Joey wheeler
Time wizard >>>>>rest
Doesn't help because the drop rate on most of the cards listed are so low
Have every card in these list but CV :[
"Those two Gravekeeper's cards are necessary to build Gravekeeper's deck, but that deck is not very powerful."

This stuff needs updating hahahahah

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