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update 07/04/2017


Luck on Your Side is not a skill that's often used in the current meta game since it is not so reliable. If your opponents realize your plan, they can avoid leaving you with lower than 1000 LP and wait until they can take you down at once with a stronger attack, and it is not something difficult to do in Duel Links. On the other hand, if you manage to get there, your victory is almost guaranteed.


If your Life Points drop below 1000, your coin tosses always land on heads.



How to get

  • Reward for defeating Legendary Duelists when you play as Joey Wheeler.

Rating and explanation

Bandit Keith should definitely be farmed for decks using this skill to get Second Coin Toss. Twin-Barrel Dragon and Time Wizard can turn games around with their effect guaranteed.


Joey Wheeler skills list


Karma 9days ago
I have been griding legendary duelists for over 10 days now in hope of getting this skill. I got an E-Con, 2 GK Recruiter, 3 Supremacy Berry and other good stuff but I didn't get that skill...
Klondorian 25days ago
Very strong skill. Just got my rear handed to my mako deck by this deck
Unlucky Joe.. 26days ago
I really want this skill, cos I think it would be fun to try coin toss decks with it. Been grinding and trying for this skill..
Ironically, it seems that Luck ISN'T on my side, which is why I'm not getting it. =(
Noah 31days ago
My luck on your sude burn deck

1) Is this a good combo with Golden Apples? Meaning that can I dip below 1000 to activate Luck and immediately bring back my LP while still having the skill active?

2) Along those lines, does lifegain cancel Luck?
<< Anonymous(KuribohBro)
BaritoneSax Reply
That's actually a very smart question. Because the skill says, "If your Life Points drop below 1000, your coin tosses always land on heads." I would interpret this as 1)yes 2)no ;but I don't know for sure.
D2 Qi
Deck for Luck on Your Side
<< Anonymous(D2 Qi)
William Reply
what's the last card?
<< Anonymous(D2 Qi)
Beko Reply
Can u tell me at whst stage u get that spell which make u draw 2 cards or ur opponent do ?
<< Anonymous(D2 Qi)
john Reply
i'm on 43 stage and i get cup of ace from duelists
<< Anonymous(Beko)
Anoymous Reply
cup of ace

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Yes, he has. He can activate the destiny board skill if he's at 2000 LP or lower and you sen...
Maybe but they are very recommended in this deck. If you have one or two double summon then put t...
Because you starts 8000 LP in TCG. But you starts 4000 LP in Duel Links.
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