Grit (skill)

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update 07/04/2017


One of Joey's exclusive skill. Can provide an extra turn and useful against OTK decks.


The skill is activated randomly when your turn starts. Your Life Points does not get decreased to less than 1 until your opponent's next turn ends.



How to get

  • Joey reaches Lvl 13.

Rating and Explanation

A very interesting skill, it can stop almost all OTK combo decks. However, since it is based on luck, this skill becomes more unreliable.

Joey Wheeler skills list


Anonymous 4days ago
I just faced someone and it activated twice so he survived a turn but I won on the next round.
gonchi13 10days ago
best skill ever
I got this skill for Jaden Yuki
<< Anonymous(branwu13)
Anonymous Reply
I did too
Anyone know how it really work? Like, I know it randomly activates at the beginning of your turn, but for how many time? Once? or you got a chance every turn? And will it pop an activation to let you know that?
Does anyone know how high the chance of this ability is (in %)?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe 50% base on my recent battles with Bonz?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It seems to be based upon how much life points you have at the start of your turn, like 4000 is almost a guarantee, and 1 is impossible
Bonz have Grit. Pls add
This skill really needs to tell you at the start of your turn if it activates or not. As it is right now it's useless.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
yeah keep whining kid
<< Anonymous
Daddy-Kins Reply
I'm guessing you use last gamble, Mr."Keep whining"
Jaden also knows Grit.
It says probability so wouldnt that mean the chance that it activates is based on the chance of you being beaten in your opponents next turn?
There bug Grit doenst work !!FIX!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It does work, it's only a chance that it will activate, though
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Also looks glitched to me: I've once tried it out and lost duels purposely, and in none of those 10 duels did it save me a turn.
They didn't something to other skills but fix this grit! Can't tell when it happens and it rarely happens!
<< Anonymous(Sigh)
Sigh Reply
Did* not didn't
They really need to fix this ability to not be random or at least show when it is activated. It blows in its current state.

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