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Sartorius was once a simple fortune teller until he was possessed by the Light of Destruction. He then became a powerful duelist bent on destroying the world through any means necessary, using his powers as a fortune teller to predict his opponent's moves. He was returned to normal after being defeated by the combined efforts of Jaden and Aster, and later helped them later in the series.

Sartorius Kumar's skills

Leaked Skills

[Skill] descriptionHow to get
Path of the Fool
After starting hands are dealt, 1 Arcana Force 0 - The Fool is added to your opponent’s Deck. While Arcana Force 0 - The Fool is face-up on your opponent’s side of the field, your coin tosses land on heads.
Ruler of Light / Ruler of Dark
Choose 1 of the following: - Select 1 Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler in your hand. It becomes Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler. - Select 1 Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler in your hand. It becomes Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler. This Skill can only be used once per turn.

Exclusive skills

[Skill] descriptionHow to get
Reversal of Fate
Select 1 "Arcana Force" monster you control. That monster's effect is now treated as the opposite coin toss result. This Skill can only be used twice per Duel.
Lvl 4
Draw Sense: Light
Can be used each time your Life Points decrase by 1500. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random Light attribute monster.
Lvl 13
Light Barrier
Set the Field Spell "Light Barrier" at the beginning of your first Turn.
Lvl 20
Right Side Up!
When you toss a coin for an "Arcana Force" monsters' effect, the result will always be heads.
Master of Destiny
When you toss a coin, the results will always be heads for the first 3 coin tosses. This Skill can only activate if you begin the duel with a deck that has 5 or more cards with different names that require coin tosses.
Arcana Swap
At the beginning of the Duel, shuffle any number of "Arcana Force" monsters from your hand into the Deck. Then, draw that same number of cards.
Three Lord Pillars
If your Deck contains "The Spiritual Lord" and "The Sky Lord," you will start the Duel with "The Material Lord" Set on the side of your field. "The Spiritual Lord" and "The Sky Lord" will be placed at the bottom of your Deck.
Event Reward

Common drop skills

Level-Up Rewards

What are Level Rewards?

Level reward is what you can obtain by leveling up characters, including gems, cards, skills, extra deck slots.

2Gem x10
3Reversal of FateReversal of Fate
4Skill: Reversal of Fate
5Deck Slot (Sartorius Kumar)
6Gem x15
7Arcana Force IV - The EmperorArcana Force IV - The Emperor
8Deck Slot (Sartorius Kumar)
9Gem x25
10Light BarrierLight Barrier
11Arcana Force IV - The EmperorArcana Force IV - The Emperor
12Gem x35
13Skill: Draw Sense: Light
14Arcana CallArcana Call
15Gem x50
16Reversal of FateReversal of Fate
17Gem x60
18Arcana CallArcana Call
19Gem x75
20Skill: Light Barrier
21Light BarrierLight Barrier
22Gem x100
23Arcana Force VII - The ChariotArcana Force VII - The Chariot
24Gem x120
25Arcana CallArcana Call
26Gem x150
27Deck Slot (Sartorius Kumar)
28Gem x200
29Gem x250
30Reversal of FateReversal of Fate
31Gold x100,000
32Gem x200
33Arcana Force IV - The EmperorArcana Force IV - The Emperor
34Gem x250
35Arcana Force VII - The ChariotArcana Force VII - The Chariot
36UR Jewel x1
37Gem x200
38Light BarrierLight Barrier
39Gem x250
40Arcana Force VII - The ChariotArcana Force VII - The Chariot
41Deck Slot (Sartorius Kumar)
42gems x100
43gems x200
44gems x250
45Fiend ComedianFiend Comedian

Duel Rewards

What are Duel Rewards?

Reward cards are card that You can get as reward for gaining a victory over Legendary Duelists.

Sartorius Kumar's Exclusive Duel Rewards [July 2019]

Sartorius Kumar's Exclusive Duel Rewards [March 2019]

Starter Deck

What is a Starter Deck?

A starter deck is the default set of cards of a certain character which you will automatically get once you obtain that character.

Sartorius Kumar's Starter Deck

Arcana Force EX - The Light RulerLunar Queen ElzaimLunar Queen ElzaimLunar Queen ElzaimThe Judgement HandThe Judgement Hand
Dokuroizo the Grim ReaperDokuroizo the Grim ReaperDokuroizo the Grim ReaperEmbryonic BeastEmbryonic BeastEmbryonic Beast
Candle of FateCandle of FateCandle of FateHappy LoverHappy LoverHappy Lover
Cup of AceCup of Ace----


Sartorius uses an Arkana Force deck based on tarot cards, gaining effects depending on which side the coin lands with one positive and one negative. His ace monstersare Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler and Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler, very powerful monsters with positive effects regardless of whether you flip heads or tails.


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CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO OBTAIN "Tour of Doom" it's not in the card catalog but level 60 satorious has it.
<< Anonymous(Ace)
Anonymous Reply
Go to a TCG shop and buy it.
Or wait for the next Sartorius event, and hope it's a drop.
<< Anonymous(Ace)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah get used to that, Ko-money always gives the event exclusive characters event exclusive cards that the player can't use yet, that way the next event they can incrementally release more, or just out in a box to sell you.
<< Anonymous(Ace)
Anonymous Reply
It will probably be many months before they are making it available to players.
OK But Za Warudo when though? Come on Konami... give me my Dio Card
<< Anonymous(BurastaDaku)
Killer Queen Reply
That'll be the day I switch to Japanese audio.
<< Anonymous(Killer Queen)
Anonymous Reply
Why wouldn't you use Japanese audio already, anyway? Many of the Japanese voices are just better.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Why would you use audio in a language you can't understand?

Personal preference is personal preference. That being said, Japanese audio is the less logical of the two. (Also, the human brain is stupid. A large part of why you think it sounds better is probably DUE to the fact you can't understand it.)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wait until you hear Yuma Tsukumo's english dub voice lmao
sadly arcana force cards are all terrible except rulers and fool and I doubt they will release fool so.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
“Better effect than Obelisk” you’re kidding right? Obelisk can’t be hit by Floodgate, Canadia, Survival’s End, E-con and including Dimensional Prison. Protection from effects during Summon and targeting effects are amazing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^ Also exactly that. Plus if you want to you can use Obelisk's effect to wipe the opponents monsters out on top of being immune to targeting.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you use darklord cards, you can negate obelisk’s effect, and hit him with a Paleozoic canadia.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, Hangman and Temperance proved to be not so terrible.
Does anyone know when Sartorius Kumar's event ends? I need to farm for Chazz's Armor Dragon.
<< Anonymous(Zontany)
Anonymous Reply
What are you talking about? He's already permanently added to gate so you can duel him anytime you want
Yu-Gi-Oh!GX Season 4 Sartorios Kumar(Takuma Saiou)appeared With The face of a Noble knight.
Hope his event come backs again.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I believe there is an upcoming even for Sartorius. I thought it was end September but it seems to have been replace with the new DSOD area. Hopefully the Sartorius event has only been moved back to October because I really want Arcana and MoD.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No more event, because Sartorius will be added to the gate soon, you can easily unlock him by completing the unlock mission
Como liberar a habilidade mestre do destino?
Apparently somebody says that they already have the Ruler of Light/Ruler of Dark skill
Farm sartorius kumar lvl40
Hard facts about the game gets deleted all the time but discussions about 🔥, drugs and racism get to stay for more than a month. Love them mods.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the bed-hopping thot stories too
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because who pay the mods here is Komoney, not the United Nations Human Rights Committee

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
As a 🔥 who does drugs and owns slaves I say Amen mods
Can we still get rewards by dueling with him like arcana cards by bearing legendary duelist
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Are you on drugs?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Prescription drugs my dear sir

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You likely need to unlock him first. You need to win 50 duels, each with 3 or less cards left ...
Well, they buffed that Red-Eyes Fusion skill now, and now it's really good apparently.
Even worse, sometimes the cards they choose to reprint are the garbage ones.
Good news, with the current Banlist a lot of top tier deck are nerfed but shiras are not touched ...
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