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One of Yugi's classmates and closest friends. He has been with the main group throughout the series, although has only dueled once as himself. He was once briefly possessed by the Big Five to duel Yugi and Joey.

Tristan Event

Tristan has finally appeared in Duel Links first time on April 1st 2018!


While duelling as himself he uses a mixed deck with monsters displaying weapons or military-themed designs. His ace monster is Super Roboyarou which really doesnt do much and lacks power. Although he does have Sengenjin, which is a much better monster.

While possessed by the Big Five he used a deck which is a mix of cards used by the Big Five, with their combined ace monster Five-Headed Dragon


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Everyone wanting Tristan while I'm here like weres gozaburo kaiba
<< Anonymous(H.D.)
guest00x 30days ago Reply
Tristan, Duke, Blair, Big Five, Bakura Ryou (not yami), Marik Ishtar, Gozaburo, Noah, Serenity, Rebecca, Dartz, Alister, Valon, Rafael, Siegfried, Shadi, Johnny Steps, Chumley, Tyranno, etc.
There are many characters that a lot of people would love, but you know... It's too many....
<< Anonymous(guest00x)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
I want Blair from GX.....also, who the hell wants Johnny Steps lmao
<< Anonymous
Rex 18days ago Reply
I want any minor character XD so i oky with Johnny Steps also XD (More character more free gem)
Anonymous 31days ago
”Be amazed by Tristan’s dueling skills... and voice.” YAH A YUGOTAS REFRENCE
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Playing with the dub audio smh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
I'm playing with the Japanese audio
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
never ever eng VO, first thing to do is change the VO to Japanese. soooo much better now next is to change those damn stupid Americanize names. come on !! tristan ? Tea ? joey ?
thank god i watch clean original version instead of the f***ing 4kids one.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Rex 18days ago Reply
That was what real fans do.. respect...
ThatOneGuy 27days ago
I love how they reference the Cyber monkey card... and how Tristan's card play reaction when he plays the card.

That alone was worth the duel
<< Anonymous(ThatOneGuy)
Valencia 27days ago Reply
That and his reaction to Tea, when you consider what her skills can do in this game.
Kikaio 31days ago
Any idea of who is his Ace Card?
<< Anonymous(Kikaio)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
His UR drop is Panther Warrior, but not only he doesn't play the card, he also never use it in both anime and manga, or any other game.

Super Roboyarou on the other hand, was his Deck Master in the Virtual World arc of the anime.

But then there's also the strange case of Gagagigo being special for Tristan when again, he never use the card in both anime and manga, or any other game.....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
You're wrong on the Gagagigo point. It was the ONLY monster he ever used in the manga. (He never dueled in the manga, but he did use it as a spirit in the memory arc.)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
As for Panther Warrior... I'm not at all surprised Super Roboyarou wasn't Ultra. It's not an especially strong card, and the fact Super Robolady also exists made it far less likely. My guess is that his "signature card" will be Command Knight if he's ever available. As for Panther Warrior... Not too surprised he got a Joey card as a drop, but I do wonder why they chose Panther Warrior over Unity.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
To be fair, I forgot anyone else besides Joey used a spirit in the memory arc XD

All I remember was Joey using REBD, which is notable because the physical card is most likely still with Yugi at that time, as there's no way Joey can win that duel against Yugi.
Anonymous 30days ago
What's his signature card?
Anonymous 30days ago
My voice gives me super strenght!
Anonymous 31days ago
His amazing voice is from ABRIGED series voice, not from the actual series voice. Tbh WITHOUT abriged series, nobody would care about Tristan.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Abridged series is literally the cancer of Yugioh, though.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
no its just the fans tbh
Neia4Waifu 31days ago
Trystan Deck LV 40... I use Destiny Draw with Kiseitai.
lol, someone in reddit suggested the idea that one of his drops should have been "Tristan, Knight of the Underworld", because of his name.

.....Except not only we already knew he doesn't drop it, but also, Tristan is only his dubbed name.....his original name is Hiroto Honda
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"Wait is that a Honda? No that's Tristan."
There should be a mod to give them YGOTAS voices and quotes. "It wasn't a meteor that killed the dinosours it was Triston Timothy Taylor." "My voice gives me super strength".
Something tells me one of his cards will be Stuffed Animal.
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
Or maybe Acrobat Monkey.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
It is one of his cards.
hope this guy got a skill exclusive: no skills duel which is negate enemy skill.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That would be very interesting. And definitely devastating to some decks.

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