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Tristan Taylor
Tristan Taylor
Tristan event
Tristan event


One of Yugi's classmates and closest friends. He has been with the main group throughout the series, although has only dueled once as himself. He was once briefly possessed by the Big Five to duel Yugi and Joey.

Tristan Event

Tristan has finally appeared in Duel Links first time on April 1st 2018!


While duelling as himself he uses a mixed deck with monsters displaying weapons or military-themed designs. His ace monster is Super Roboyarou which really doesnt do much and lacks power. Although he does have Sengenjin, which is a much better monster.

While possessed by the Big Five he used a deck which is a mix of cards used by the Big Five, with their combined ace monster Five-Headed Dragon


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Vagabond 21days ago
OMG, I got Blue Eyes Chaos Max Dragon with ritual card after beating 69th Tristan!!!
<< Anonymous(Vagabond)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
how the heck you can duel him before him moan seductively after been clicked?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
sedctive, lmao
Jancok 21days ago
April Fools #jiancookkj
Anonymous 21days ago
Wins against Tristan, without a valid deck.
Anonymous 22days ago
They really need to nerf Tristan's deck. I can't seem to figure out a way to win. Isn't he supposed to be a total noob at Yugioh?
Anonymous 22days ago
Fun April Fool's event, but can we play the real Tristan soon? I'd like to be able to play as all of Yugi's friends.
Anonymous 22days ago
he is everywhere
Anonymous 23days ago
even the screen on the shop is tristan hahaha
<< Anonymous
Frustration 23days ago Reply
He's also on the food cart.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
on top of the fountain too
Tristan accesorios!! 22days ago
Anonymous 22days ago
Such a troll event
Sliferslacker 22days ago
The meme, the man, the legend.
Anonymous 22days ago
Uhmmm,so how can you lose against Tristan?
Note 22days ago
Amazing ^-^

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Good luck trying to survive till turn 5. Sylvans and Masked Heroes will have chopped you into pie...
Just got to 1 mil and he just showed up
Make a deck with nothing but card trader cards and rank up as high as you can. just for fun.
you dont just get KoG with buying the packs. you have to realize that actually playing the cards ...
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