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update 05/12/2018

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Can be used if you control a "Cyber Commander". The ATK/DEF of Warrior-Type and Machine-Type monsters you control increase by 300.



Anonymous 1hour ago
The 300 boost is really weak and flimsy for a monster that has such low stats. Maybe this would be good in some kind of low-level cheese deck but as it stands there ain't no way I'm bothering with this.
Anonymous 4days ago
Wow, does this mean we might actually get Noah or Gozaburo?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I would hope. I would also like to get lumis and umbra.
Mr X 15days ago
...Great as if Furs weren't impossible to deal with using "Ties That Bind" as is...
<< Anonymous(Mr X)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
deck master means this is an event only skill. refers to yugioh filler arc mechanic
<< Anonymous(Mr X)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Fur hires arent machines, this ability only works on warriors and machines if u have cyber commander. You somehow read it purely as all monsters you control gain 300 attack.
Anonymous 15days ago
I'm assuming this is like Yusei's Lvl 2 Atk Booster and is just a passive thing, as opposed to a "once per turn" effect.
Dr.Agon 16days ago
This is actually nuts lol. Hope we get more skills like this to make meme monsters playable.

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