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update 09/10/2016

Five-Headed Dragon

Five-Headed Dragon
Monster TypeDragon
Card typeFusion / Effect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Continuous Effect
Anti-supportsDARK / EARTH / WATER / FIRE / WIND


5 Dragon-Type monstersMust be Fusion Summoned, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. Cannot be destroyed by battle with a DARK, EARTH, WATER, FIRE, or WIND monster.

How to get / rarity

PackGeneration Next [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Very high stats.
  • It cannot be destroyed by DARK, EARTH, WATER, FIRE, or WIND monster.


  • It can only be Special Summoned by Fusion Summon at it requires 5 Dragon-Type monsters which is very costly and hard to pull off.
  • Still susceptible to card effects despite of its summoning condition.


Monsters used for Fusion

Speed up the process of getting 5 Dragon-Type monsters to be used for the Fusion Summon of Five-Headed Dragon by using Poki Draco. You can get another copy of it from your deck by summoning it. You can set Totem Dragon at the beginning of the duel to defend from attacks. Special Summon it from your Graveyard on your next turn then use it for the Fusion Summon if you have enough Dragon-Type monsters to perform it.

Lord of D.

By having Lord of D. on the field, Five-Headed Dragon could not be targeted by card effects. Take note that it's still susceptible to effects that doesn't target like Order to Charge.

Swarming the field & Modify monster type

Swarm your field with monsters by using Multiply on your Kuriboh on the field or by flipping face-up Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat. You can then change the monster type of monsters in the field to Dragon by using D. Tribe or DNA Surgery. This will make you have 3 Dragon-Type monsters on your field and you can Fusion Summon Five-Headed Dragon if you have 2 Dragon-Type monster in your hand.




Summoning categoriesNomi / 5 Fusion Materials
Attack categoriesCannot be destroyed by battle


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Superior Than You
Lifeless fuckers playing this pathetic card games. Kill yourselves for the sake of humanity
<< Anonymous
sjp91 Reply
I didn't mean it literally lol I was mocking the op
<< Anonymous(Superior Than You)
Above superior Reply
Lifeless troll fucker. Kill yourself for the sake of humanity.
<< Anonymous(Superior Than You)
Grammer Reply
“This card games.” Well it needs to be pointed out. It would be either of the following; 1. These card games.
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Placing this and games together makes no sense, also please insert a period at the end of your sentence. Go back to school, thank you!
<< Anonymous(Superior Than You)
Ya mamma Reply
Is this were u wanna be when Jesus comes back
If srh banned this card worth to summon
<< Anonymous
Fyudo Yuusei Reply
SRH, Hane-Hane, Man-Eater Bug, Floodgate, Yomi Ship, Exploder Dragon, Michizure... You can get rid of this card so easily, it's a glass cannon, high status but heavy summoning condition and easy to get off the board.
Even if this card isn’t really that great I’ll still use it because I think it’s a cool card. But I’ll probably stick in ranked
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*stick to BEUD in ranked
Im not sure how to feel about this card I will never use
<< Anonymous
Anonyboy Reply
And then, Future Fusion was added, catapulting this and Worm Zero to tier 1.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sorry kiddo, but starting sentences with "sorry kiddo" is douchey and condescending
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
sorry kiddo but isnt that the point?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Congrats on Prismatic lol, you can still use this card for farming purposes and get prismatic card assessment points.
Babi aer
Now if only we had Dragon's Mirror...
Do Dragon Lord Token being able to be its fusion material?
<< Anonymous(nooB)
Anonymous Reply
it should work
18 nromal dragans 1x heart of the underdog and 1x fusion gate with the skill draw sense spell/trap.
I managed to summun it against a Standard Duellist. That was funny. Then I removed it from my deck. End of the story...
Why is is everyone bashing this card? It's a better BEUD for farming decks. 2x Union Attack and your Vassal is over 10K damage.
<< Anonymous(Ulle)
Anonymous Reply
Read the Card-Text again and you will know your mistake...
Hint: "Must be Fusion Summoned, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways"
<< Anonymous
Ulle Reply
wow okay...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
because 5 head dragon is way more annoying to summon and if you're farming there is literally no difference between using blue eyes ultimate and 5 head dragon lol. this card is literally complete ass in every single way, even if you say you love it so much, it's still going to be bad
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Please, they're not the same at all. I can summon BEUD on the 2nd turn because its materials are both searchable and can be replaced with fusion subs. 5HD is an absolute nightmare to summon in comparison
Watapon+SRH is more op beater than this card.
Was hoping for Arcana when I saw the purple card, got this instead. Oh well, at least now I can try to play around with it to see if I can get some use out of it.

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