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update 05/12/2018

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Can be used turn 5 and onward. Add all cards in your hand to your Deck and shuffle it. Then draw the same number of cards that you added to your Deck. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.



Anonymous 5days ago
On TURN 5 ONWARDS? You might as well play Last Gamble at this point because one of you is probably dead by this point and even if the duel is not over the amount of cards in hand will probably be small at this point
Anonymous 26days ago
Pretty much Restart on ebola.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
Restart is still better than this.

Never mind reaching turn 5 to swap your hand, if you get a bad hand since the start you won't even survive past turn 3.
Anonymous 25days ago
I think this is going to be their attempt to get rid of Restart. After all, being able to mulligan on your first turn is always going to be overpowered, since it lets you get to your setup should you not draw the right cards. By the fifth turn, however, most of your hand has already been played, so you're often just shuffling back one or two cards. That, and you're banking on IF your setup didn't get overrun by turn four.
Dinobot 27days ago
is this going to be some kinda of Reload card ?, are they going to turn a card into a skill :o
<< Anonymous(Dinobot)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Sounds like it. Though this has the added benefit of not clogging your deck and not making you go -1 card advantage.
<< Anonymous(Dinobot)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Holy Guard is like a Spirit Barrier on your turn
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
This. It's way better than Reload simply for the fact that you don't go -1.
Anonymous 27days ago
I can't help but imagine this backfiring splendidly. You return your hand to the deck, shuffle it, and then draw the SAME cards! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! WORTH!

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they arent really that optional D.d. Assailent is 1700 atk so get over destiny heroes and she ...
right.... they "like it"...
i use inzektor deck autoduel to win...easy
Pokemon? And you still playing it? What about ♡PUBG♡?
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