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Inglorius Bastion Lvl 40!
update 28/09/2017


Fields of the Warriors is one of the exclusive skills of Joey Wheeler. Added this September 28, it opens a path for Warrior and Beast-Warrior themed decks. This skill is definitely viable since Warrior and Beast-Warrior monsters have decent stats and effects.


Begin Duel with the Field Spell "Sogen" activated.



How to get

Acquired from the Bingo Mission once you unlocked Joey Wheeler.

Rating and explanation

It provides Warrior and Beast-Warrior type monsters an early advantage because of the ATK and DEF boost at the beginning of the duel. Warrior and Beast-Warrior monsters with 1800 ATK becomes more deadly. Blue Flame Swordsman and Gearfried the Iron Knight are great examples that would benefit from this skill. Besides from having a high attack, the opponent will have a hard time on destroying them by battle even if they're switched to defense position because of their high defense.



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I'm gonna help a lot of you out. You can still get this ability. If you already have Joey you can go into the Legendary Warriors structure deck and click the info button. It gave me the ability even though I didn't even create the account when the event happened.
<< Anonymous
Koba Reply
Thank you so much
Why is people talking as if it's impossible to get this skill anymore? I started to play on steam, and when I leveled up Joey to 3, I unlocked the skill.
<< Anonymous(Wut)
Anonymous Reply
yea. i got the skill too.
i get this skill when first time i play yu gi oh duel link and it helps me a lot when i using legendary warriors deck
I don't got field of the warriors. How to trigger bingo mission for joey
<< Anonymous(Jaydizz209)
Anonymous Reply
It was a special event, can't trigger it.
<< Anonymous(Jaydizz209)
Anonymous Reply
This skill is now impossible to aquire. It was for a special even
D.D. Warrior gonna change the META!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope same as destroyer dragon or yomi...not that great
what were konami thinking when they made fusion time skill and master of fusion skill?? 0_o
master of fusion: draw poly when you lose 1800LP
fusion time: draw poly when you lose 1500LP
<< Anonymous(lawreencee)
Anonymous Reply
Haha for real! I think the better one is exclusive to Jaden "main character bias"
still waiting for Forest for Weevil
Amazoness deck. definitely
Wanted this since day 1. btw works well with "The A Forces" spell
Some guy
Not bad. Hopefully Weevil gets a similar skill with forest field spell.
Finally. Finally! FINALLYYYYYYYY!!!!!!
Alread planning on a Warrior Deck

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It does for the attacked card however it then becomes a trap again so beast stops working
No as they are not treated as trap cards on the field, this card specifies that they must
Level 3 non-tuner (fishborg is lvl 2)
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