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update 28/09/2017
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Anonymous 10days ago
I find it just rude that the Bingo Mission is unavailable for older players. Sure I understand I cannot unlock Mokuba again, but with other events; if you already had the character you would get an UR orb or 2 SR orbs. But even apart from that, I would also want just as much the extra gems and R-orbs gained from this.
<< Anonymous(weird)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
This isn't the first time the Mokuba event is here - thise that have already unlocked him in a previous event cannot even participate in this event, making us lose out on Gems and other nifty rewards. Feelsbadman.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
I don't think this is a NEW Mokuba event. Pretty sure it just never actually left. (Obviously, once you finish it, you can't really keep track of whether it's still in the game or not.)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
This. The bingo is a permanent event.
<< Anonymous
Just an idea 10days ago Reply
To be honest bruh ! Since mokuba's Bingo missions give you like 500 free gems if you complete both sheets, I believe they are going to disable the bingo to avoid players creating new accounts each month to get everything for free.
Anthony 12days ago
How do you reach stage 15, reach stage 15 in what ??
<< Anonymous(Anthony)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
Stage 15 ur mom
Anonymous 12days ago
And well, oh wel,,, they should give us those 50 gems for leveling this fella to lvl 10 :-) !
I am pretty peeved that you have to do Ranked Duels in order to get him. Like how about NO, I don't want to deal with meta decks, especially with I can't get cards to help me stand up to them.
<< Anonymous(nightshroud96)
Anonymous Reply
Winning 3 isn't even challenging. At Bronze, there's a lot of people that don't know what they're doing. (It's not super-rare to see Starter Decks with a few cards added.) Also, realistically, the number of people with Fur Hire decks, etc. that late in the season at that low a rank would be miniscule.
<< Anonymous(nightshroud96)
Anonymous Reply
are you serious? If you play bronze you're most likely not going to see meta decks. There might be a few newbies with meta in there but it's mostly unga bunga
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
focktard why are you even replying to them, if a comment has no TIMESTAMP (Ex: 14 days ago, latest, etc) then it has been months or years since it was last commented.
holy shit what a bunch of idiots here...
Hola disculpen por preguntar algo tan tonto... pero como puedo ver uno de los mejores duelos para el desbloqueo de mokuba
Como puedo ver uno de los mejores duelos o a qué se refiere, solo me falta esa para desbloquear a Mokuba
Come posso guardare i replay dei migliori per ottenere Mokuba
<< Anonymous(A.D.)
Anonymous Reply
Hai ragione . Non ci avevo pensato. Grazie
<< Anonymous(Francesco)
Anonymous Reply
Diventiamo amici sul gioco ??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
quale finestra
<< Anonymous
Mattia Reply
Quell icona della tv..m molto chiari a quanto vedo.... ma dai ho visto 300 replay inutilmente
Lol this page is still full of retarded foreigners
<< Anonymous
Meep Reply
Me doesn't know don't how watch street duel replay how do?????????
Como veo uno de los mejores duelos?
Como hacer la misión de al calcansa la fase 15 DM
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Haces sucko on big cocko
<< Anonymous
Cluthien Reply
Jaden Yugi
Dm is

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