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update 01/10/2016

Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCondition / Card effect / Cost


Activate 1 of these effects.● Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; change that target's battle position.● Tribute 1 monster, then target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; take control of that target until the End Phase.

How to Get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstKaiba Lvl 30 or above [SR]
Card trader--


Rating10 / 10


  • Can be activated during enemy turn.
  • Can be used to defend an attack or take control of them, 2 effects in one card which makes it versatile.


Difficult to obtain.

Tips, related cards, skills


Since it is a quick-play spell, you can activate it with Storm to be able to destroy a spell/trap card that your opponent owns.

Gravekeeper's Recruiter

1Tribute the Gravekeeper's Recruiter to activate one of the effects of Enemy Controller.
2Now you take a control of a monster your opponent controls, and have a greavekeeper's monster to your hand from the deck for the Recruiter's effect.
3Tribute the opponent's monster to summon Gravekeeper's Chief.
4Special summon a Gravekeeper's monster from the graveyard for the Chief's effect.


  • Soul Exchange can be used to tribute a monster your opponent controls to use the 2nd effect of Enemy Controller.


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Lowratedduelist69 7days ago
This card needs to lose the 2nd effect of taking control of your opponents monster. I have literally lost all my rated duels to this unfair card and I’m using CA. You opponent should not be able to win with 2 cards by stealing your monster. You can play around it if it’s set on the field but there is not much you can do if your opponent draws into it and plays it from hand.
If I use forbidden dress on my monster at the start of my battle phase, then the opponent cannot target my monster with enemy controller until after my turn ends, correct? Any help appreciated thanks!
<< Anonymous(Question )
Anonymous Reply
it would be better if you waited to chain your forbidden dress to their enemy controller because of the way chains work backwards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
forbidden dress makes your monster untargettable by card effects, but if you chain it to econ, then econ already targetted your monster and forbidden dress wont stop it
Yugibro 19days ago
This card either needs to be limited to 1 or change to where it’s only effect is changing monster positions. This card cost me way too many duels by my opponent killing me with my own monster, there are too many people running around with this dumb card.
<< Anonymous(Yugibro)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Then learn to play around with it. There are many ways for it. It's not a broken card.
Anonymous 20days ago
Need to limit it to 1 copy.
<< Anonymous
RITO NERF IRELIA 20days ago Reply
If they want to make this game have diverse decks, that are not just cookie cutter edits and for them to actually use support cards. All they have to do is this.

UR restricted to 1 copy per deck
SR restricted to 2 copy per deck
R/N 3 copy as normal.

Then you can balance around shifting cards into U/S/R/N as needed. Which additionally, makes the game less P2W as people like to complain.
<< Anonymous(RITO NERF IRELIA)
RITO NERF IRELIA 20days ago Reply
By doing that, you only need to buy out a box, once to have enough copies of a card to make a deck. This also shifts the balance of what is a good card if there are limits to how many in a deck, for both players.
<< Anonymous(RITO NERF IRELIA)
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
Totally agree!
<< Anonymous(RITO NERF IRELIA)
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
And directly cut down komoney's profit by more than 70%.

Think with your brain. Is it possible?

The monst unfun card in the game. You can't go wrong running 3 of these, that's why every single deck uses them.
There shouldn't be a card which fits into EVERY SINGLE deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Post your deck and I'll list out all your cards that fit in other decks too.

Unless you build your deck like a 3 YO
Im losing count of how many duelos i lose to this thing
<< Anonymous(DarkMaster)
DarkMaster Reply
Oh. I mean duels
<< Anonymous(DarkMaster)
Anonymous Reply
git gud
E-con is pretty BALANCED. No need to be nerfed.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nerf gladeator beasts
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
git gud
I experienced a bug with Econ.. when I have cyber angel dakini on my field, my opponent take control of it with econ, but after he ends his turn, instead of back to my field dakini goes to graveyard.. how can this happen??
<< Anonymous(Plotterpott)
Anonymous Reply
Chain is so unfair since the first effect will be the last resolved it has no logic in it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah Im pretty sure they did that low key to nerf dakini because theres no logical explanation for it to work that way. They actually did a bunch of balancing in yesterdays update. I dont mind them balancing but it sucks that they dont give updates on what theyre nerfing because it sucks finding out in the middle of a duel that stuff doesnt work the same way anymore.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There was no nerf; this is how it's always worked. You're just bad at resolving chains.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
>chains work the way it works since 1997

There is still noob that compalin at this card even today? I barely see people that run 3 copies of this card on legend+. Too much versatile cards these days.
Enema Controller
Cons: difficult to obtain

Hmm..seriously? you can't find any cons can you
This card most boring card ever,every opponent always use it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They should really limit this to 1 max.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Limit econ, limit mirror wall, limit WoD... You whiners should limit your complain. There are counter trap cards in the game ok?

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