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update 01/10/2016

Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCondition / Card effect / Cost


Activate 1 of these effects.● Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; change that target's battle position.● Tribute 1 monster, then target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; take control of that target until the End Phase.

How to Get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstKaiba Lvl 30 or above [SR]
Card trader--




  • Can be activated during enemy turn.
  • Can be used to defend an attack or take control of them, 2 effects in one card which makes it versatile.


Difficult to obtain.

Tips, related cards, skills


Since it is a quick-play spell, you can activate it with Storm to be able to destroy a spell/trap card that your opponent owns.

Gravekeeper's Recruiter

1Tribute the Gravekeeper's Recruiter to activate one of the effects of Enemy Controller.
2Now you take a control of a monster your opponent controls, and have a greavekeeper's monster to your hand from the deck for the Recruiter's effect.
3Tribute the opponent's monster to summon Gravekeeper's Chief.
4Special summon a Gravekeeper's monster from the graveyard for the Chief's effect.


  • Soul Exchange can be used to tribute a monster your opponent controls to use the 2nd effect of Enemy Controller.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 17days ago
2 Econs is very Pro.
Trunade is played mostly by noobs, however some really op builds have 1 econ and 1 trunade.

- Just what I've seen.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
I dont think you are really experienced.
You are just unlucky, that would be more fitting.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Well there is no wrong to replace a card if it don't fit into your deck. I do agree that econ is a dead card in some situation.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
overrated card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
overrated comment
Anonymous 12days ago
The most cancerous card in the whole game
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Kaiba would disagree
Anonymous 30days ago
Not really useful now. Most people prefer trunade.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
It is a quick-play spell though, and you can use it if it gets targeted by a spell/trap card. Hey trunade! can only be used during a turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
i just realized that you will always draw this card during the wrongest time when you don't need it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Question what do u do when ur opponent uses hey trunade then goes for the otk. The answer is nothing
"Enter the code! ← → AB!" !
<< Anonymous(KAIBA !)
Anonymous Reply
:D !!!!
<< Anonymous(KAIBA !)
Anonymous Reply
Hidari migi e bi
Since SM was introduced this card sucks Vs SM spellbook decks. But useful overall
This card needs to be limited. It's out of control(no pun intended) because of Vampire and now BEWD decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the skill is the only thing they can hit, but i dont think blue eyes is a problem right now
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I can see dsow getting put on the list but I doubt cosmic is going there too. They are way more problematic cards that cosmic cyclone.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah the skill is the thing that makes this deck super consistent
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well i dont think dsow is getting hit because of the backrow we have in duel links
Still a good card..
It mystifies why people use the second effect during my turn, and don’t even do anything with the monster. “Yeah, I’m gonna go -2 to stall for precisely one turn. This is a good strategy.”
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Depends on the circumstance. Against a deck like Amazoness or Fur Hire, that is absolutely the right move a lot of time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If done at the right moment on the right monster, it also forces you to stop attacking, as otherwise you'll just gonna destroy one or more of your own monster in battle.

Then if the econ player draws a good card on the next turn, it could change the tide of the duel.
Sooo with this, it hasn't been activating after my mate plays Hey, Trunade on my traps, Econ is in my hand, and then he Cyber Steins in a BEUD then equips Axe of Despair. OTK imminant.
Econ doesn't prompt to stop it. Am I missing an effect or something?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
You can only play Quick-Play Spell during opponent's turn if they are Set, not in your hand.

If a Quick-Play Spell is in your hand, you can only play it during your own turn.
Lol people who think this card is broken need to get good. We dont need whiny little ass that doesnt even know what is the meaning of "broken"
<< Anonymous(TheOtherAtem)
xerat Reply
There will always be some cards that are better than others thats basically whats called "meta". However Yugioh has a big rng factor, because of that many decks are considered viable and thats what balances the game. Good decks are decks that minimize the rng factor,but they are not unbeatable. A Tier 4 Deck can still win against a Tier 1 deck.You can reach KOG with many decks, not just 2.
<< Anonymous(TheOtherAtem)
Anonymous Reply
Really man. U have just lost all creditablity with just this comment. There will always be a meta. When the old meta dies a new one always rise up. Like how fur hire took over the place of sylvans. We duelist will always find ways to use card to put us in an advantage.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Anonymous Reply
Also to ECON was really just a overpowered staple card but I would not say broken. Staple cards in terms that TheOtherAtem can understand are good generic cards that can be used in any deck.
<< Anonymous(Newb)
Anonymous Reply
everything is broken 4 a damn loser
Why the hell does the Auto-Duel ai use this card to tribute my Vorse raider for a Viser Des of 500 attack and no effect to take advantage of, only to lose both a significant amount of damage potential and be down a monster next turn rather than do the simpler thing and not use this card like that....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Also I would like to clarify that the auto AI does it straight away and when Viser Des is in atk position
did they nerf enemy controller? i cant seem to be able to activate it on the opponents turn
<< Anonymous(jnstreturen'd )
Anonymous Reply
is your toggle off? if so, turn it to auto/on

or maybe u tried to activate it from ur hand?
You cant activate enemy controller from your hand during your opponent's turn, it has to be set in your spell/trap zone.

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Has to be targeted by a card effect to use it's effect. Most players who can read won'...
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