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update 01/10/2016

Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCondition / Card effect / Cost


Activate 1 of these effects.● Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; change that target's battle position.● Tribute 1 monster, then target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; take control of that target until the End Phase.

How to Get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstKaiba Lvl 30 or above [SR]
Card trader--


Rating10 / 10


  • Can be activated during enemy turn.
  • Can be used to defend an attack or take control of them, 2 effects in one card which makes it versatile.


Difficult to obtain.

Tips, related cards, skills


Since it is a quick-play spell, you can activate it with Storm to be able to destroy a spell/trap card that your opponent owns.

Gravekeeper's Recruiter

1Tribute the Gravekeeper's Recruiter to activate one of the effects of Enemy Controller.
2Now you take a control of a monster your opponent controls, and have a greavekeeper's monster to your hand from the deck for the Recruiter's effect.
3Tribute the opponent's monster to summon Gravekeeper's Chief.
4Special summon a Gravekeeper's monster from the graveyard for the Chief's effect.


  • Soul Exchange can be used to tribute a monster your opponent controls to use the 2nd effect of Enemy Controller.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 10days ago
It’s nice that they semi limited it, but furies can still use 2 since no cards in their deck is limited. They need to be exterminated next.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Just semi limit all cards for deck diversity. That's what everyone wants right?
<< Anonymous
Mah boi 10days ago Reply
Yes. Why would you enable only Fur Hire meta decks to use Enemy Controller, while other meta decks aren't allowed to do so?
KAIBA ! 12days ago
"Enter the code! ← → AB!" !
Anonymous 14days ago
a classic
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Luffy 12days ago
Limited to 2 seems nice to me, because you could steal your opponent monsters in order to fusion summon your Trinity
Anonymous 24days ago
Gamushara wrecks this card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
:D ikr
Anonymous 12days ago
According the pvp popular card list, this is the number 1 card used by all players, go figure. To many noobs/f2p runnings around with it.
<< Anonymous(Yugiknowz)
Anonymous Reply
stop being stupid
Nick 18days ago
They have limited this card for a right reason. I approve.

They haven't limited not "Wall of Disruption" for the same reason.

Ask yourself why not.
<< Anonymous(Nick)
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
E-con is a drop card.
Wall of D is a mini box SR.

There's your answer.
This card is just so brokenly overpowered, it has no negative effects such as costing LP to use, and it's not limited or even semi-limited, which I find ridiculous. Other cards that are not overpowered, such as Pot of Greed, which only allows you to draw 2 cards is banned, because reasons. Drawing 2 cards doesn't guarantee you a win, at all, while either taking control of a monster, or just flipping them, does.

Honestly, how this card slipped past the banhammer baffles me
<< Anonymous(TheOtherAtem)
Lol Reply
Shit I just seen this we've all been trolled gg man
<< Anonymous(TheOtherAtem)
anonymous Reply
The reason why pot is ban is that it is a +1 and also a deck thinning card that allows you to go through your deck faster to get the cards you need. ECON is a -1 for first effect and -2 for second eff. If u want overpower then go player the TCG than where it is basically you are not allow to play if you do not run there cards.
<< Anonymous(TheOtherAtem)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Well, it's semi-limited now XD
Anonymous 30days ago
Finally got hit but why at 2 ??
I want it at 0 no econ take !!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Stfu pussy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hahaha triggerred braindead econ player hahaha
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Waaaaaah waaaaaaaah make 0 make 0!!!!!!!!
What if we remove enemy controller that will hit every deck because its sucha popular card and change it with book of moon. The idea is that otking is becoming a problem and maybe by getting rid of the n1 otk support card it gives people a chance to play more control.
<< Anonymous(Whatifman)
anonymous Reply
the problem is that enemy controller is like the only counter to aromage and also my decks does not run any ECON

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