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update 01/10/2016

Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCondition / Card effect / Cost


Activate 1 of these effects.● Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; change that target's battle position.● Tribute 1 monster, then target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; take control of that target until the End Phase.

How to Get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstKaiba Lvl 30 or above [SR]
Card trader--




  • Can be activated during enemy turn.
  • Can be used to defend an attack or take control of them, 2 effects in one card which makes it versatile.


Difficult to obtain.

Tips, related cards, skills


Since it is a quick-play spell, you can activate it with Storm to be able to destroy a spell/trap card that your opponent owns.

Gravekeeper's Recruiter

1Tribute the Gravekeeper's Recruiter to activate one of the effects of Enemy Controller.
2Now you take a control of a monster your opponent controls, and have a greavekeeper's monster to your hand from the deck for the Recruiter's effect.
3Tribute the opponent's monster to summon Gravekeeper's Chief.
4Special summon a Gravekeeper's monster from the graveyard for the Chief's effect.


  • Soul Exchange can be used to tribute a monster your opponent controls to use the 2nd effect of Enemy Controller.


Hot New Top
Lowkey been broken since release...
<< Anonymous(Kaiba)
Anonymous Reply
Enemy Controller - providing cheap OTK wins since the beginning
need ban hammer to forbiden
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
nah, Treacherous Trap Hole is the one that needs to be Forbidden.
need banned since staple on every deck since 2017
only giving up a card. um, what?? you give up life points every turn using archfiend cards but 800/1000 life point cost was too much for a powerful spell card like enemy controller? but you have to pay 1000 life points just to "look" at someone else's cards (seal of the ancients)?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's cause lp dont not affect card advantage. Look at brain control it was banned in 2010 in tcg until 2016 all it has to pay 800 to take. Econ is a minus 1 in card advantage while brain control is a 0. Giving up a card is a steeper cost then lp
Never gets old
what a classic
You know, I lose to this card pretty often. I summon a powerful monster, then my opponent take control of it and beat me with my own monster. (Maybe special summoning another monster using Rose Lover or something for an OTK.) But when that happens, it is usually because I only have that 1 monster defending me and no defensive cards. If I had Windstorm of Etaqua or Enemy Controller of my own, I could weather that turn, and on the next turn, my opponent will be at a severe disadvantage. So if you often lose to E-Con in way I described... then you're probably too reliant on just a single monster and not having enough defensive cards. YGO is all about anticipating your opponent and counter play, so go and formulate a counter strategy!
<< Anonymous(Aquablast)
Aquablast Reply
That said, there is this once I defended myself using Etaqua... but then my opponent played Ultimate Providence to counter my trap, and proceed to beat me using my monster plus his own Carrot. That kind of stuff happens.
<< Anonymous(Aquablast)
TheOtherAtem Reply
The problem with enemy controller is that it's a true "Get out of jail free" card, which should never exist in any game. It gives everyone a free win for no effort, which takes all the fun out of the game.
<< Anonymous(TheOtherAtem)
Aquablast Reply
I wouldn't go that far. E-Con will only result in your loss if you only have exactly one powerful monster on your side, and don't have any defensive cards. What E-Con really does is punish people for having only one (face-up) monster or not having enough defensive cards. I hate E-Con too, but it is definitely possible to play around it... which is what I'm training to do now.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Anonymous Reply
Lol Thanks Without you I would never know that..

..E-Con is punish people for going first with a 🔥ty hand in this game

Never go first, draw correct answers and you will not lose
I have 36 copies of this card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Too bad that you're only able to use two of them XD
Still a good card..
<< Anonymous
Hayden2000 Reply
Yeah still good for Kaiba
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It slaps m8!
2 Econs is very Pro.
Trunade is played mostly by noobs, however some really op builds have 1 econ and 1 trunade.

- Just what I've seen.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
overrated comment
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There must be some reason why this card is top 1 in popularity.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its free, kaiba used it, has 2 different effects, its a quick play spell, troll/meme card etc ...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Econ over trunade will be always better in my opinion. Econ can save your life points if you go second or if your field is weak, trunade cannot.
Sometimes when my opponent uses this card during my main phase I can still change my monster to attack position and sometimes I can't. I don't get it...
<< Anonymous
dummy Reply
if they use on a monster that was summoned this turn , u cant change back to atk however if u summoned the monster last turn u still can change its battle position
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If your monster was just summoned, or already changed position that turn, it can’t change again after controller goes off
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ahh I see, makes sense. Thanks
forbidden list please
<< Anonymous
French Salad Reply
I am getting sick of seeing every player run this. You think Konami would've banned by now so they can make more cash but I guess not.
<< Anonymous(French Salad)
Anonymous Reply
Not deadly?
I watched the replay of one player’s match on reddit yesterday and he almost lost the game against Subterrors, then he used this card to take the opponent’s monster under his control and 🔥 him in one turn.

All tier 1 decks use this while they can.
And most nerfs were just so that they could not use it anymore (E-con in Vampire decks for example).
<< Anonymous(French Salad)
Anonymous Reply
I hear ya man. It does get pretty annoying once you realise almost everyone runs this card. It's a overrated card that has shined for too long.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This card works best in decks that easily swarm the field.

It also good on turn 1, you can temporarily take the opponent’s monster to your side to prevent activation of various effects, then proceed to OTK.

If you think this card is overrated, you are using it incorrectly.

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