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update 19/05/2017

Soul Exchange

Soul Exchange
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect / Condition


Target 1 monster your opponent controls; this turn, if you Tribute a monster, you must Tribute that monster, as if you controlled it. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this card.

How to get / Rarity

PackValkyrie's Rage [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Makes 1 or 2 tribute monster much easier to do, while also destroying your opponent's monster as well.
  • Allows you to use opponent's monster without any type, level, element or any kind of restriction.


  • Essentially a dead card if you don't have a monster to tribute summon in your hand.
  • Can't attack the turn you use this card.


Legion the Fiend Jester can take advantage of this card, allowing you to destroy your opponent's monster, tribute summon a high level spellcaster monster in a turn, and it will also activate it's ability to get another card from your deck.

Use monsters that can be summoned with only 1 tribute so you don't have to sacrifice your own monster. Cards like Angel 07 and Teva can be very powerful and build quite an advantage.



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Hot New Top
Markocr7 1days ago
Iam notscared of this crap Riryoku field screws it every time
Emil J. (Mille91) 9days ago
This card leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Even the top meta cards has a minor catch no matter how small they are. As for this card... : you get rid of a opponent monster and summon a stronger monster in exchange. Yes, the supposed "catch" is you cannot conduct your battle phase the same turn, but the damage is already done once tributed. A practicly guaranteed kill. I would never consider using this card for this reason.

The problem is not that it cannot be countered if the opponent happen to have the right counter at the right time, but its too strong on its own and gives a too big adventage without further combinations, except the 5+ star monster card.

I do hope this reaches the banned list if any. On the topic of extremely benefital cards I for one wish to see a expanded Limited list in a fiture, sooner than later. This one may get all the bans tho.
<< Anonymous(Emil J. (Mille91))
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Emil J. (Mille91))
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
theres only like 2 decks in the game that run this card tho, and those aren't that great in the meta. soul exchange is good but its way too slow of a card to be limited
<< Anonymous(Emil J. (Mille91))
LUL 8days ago Reply
u wot m8? This card is pretty much a dead card if you don't have anything to tribute and also can cause you to brick. Like the guy above said it's not even auto-included in every deck so why they need to limit this?
This card too op and there are so many who abuses this card. Esp those who have 3 se at their gk deck. Taking opponent card for sacrifice is already bad enough, shouldn't it be limited to affecting faceup card only?

Card should also be limited to 1 per deck.
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Anoymous 25days ago Reply
Yes yugioh is a children game because of all these cards. They are not thinking hard when they create these.
<< Anonymous
Realm 25days ago Reply
It's just powercreep, SE is too low and easy to counter + no one use tribute summon anymore. So they made it and tribute Summon became META for awhile,
It's a scary card, but that loss of a battle turn is the sole reason I personally prefer Limit Impulse.

Too many times I've watched someone Soul Exchange my monster, pass the turn, and then I Limit Impulse a bigger monster onto the field and destroy their monster, also, with Limit Impulse you do not need an opponent to have a monster on the field, you are 100% in control with Limit Impulse.
<< Anonymous(Slyphur)
Anoymous Reply
I feel like Limit Impulse costs too much for it's effect. A total of 4 cards for it to be useful seems pretty bad compared to Soul Exchange requiring only 2 doubling as a removal as well.
<< Anonymous
Slyphur Reply
Think of it in terms of cards that apply to the situation: If on my opponents turn, they get a larger ATK monster, any lower ATK monster, any magic/trap cards that will not overpower are useless, thus allowing you to use them for Limit Impulse's cost. Then you're free to destroy their monster and keep your momentum instead of giving them a free turn to overpower or block damage.
<< Anonymous(Slyphur)
Realm 25days ago Reply
Then they flip an e-con/otc/wind storm... You: no hand, rage quit.
Anoymous 25days ago
should i change my de spell with this card
Anoymous 27days ago
I can't summon a 2 tribute monster even when i have a monster already on the field -bewd-
Can't find the card
Fucking love this card. Nothing like tributing something my opponent workedhard to summon
This + Enemy Controller + Tribute Summoning = RIP
Can we use it for ritual summon ?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
I don't think so
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
I mean during the Bakura event he was able to use it to activate ectoplasmer, so I don't see why it wouldn't work for ritual monsters. Feels like it would be stupid if it didn't.
<< Anonymous
bakura Reply
yes it is. soul exchange can be used for ritual summon. i usually use it for Paladin White Dragon
the sole reason I carry a riryoku field
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
waste of your deck space
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Shhh let him take it lol

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