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This + Enemy Controller + Tribute Summoning = RIP
How exactly? !
<< Anonymous(Mosha)
-Use SE on an opponent's monster
-Activate the second effect of e-con, taking control of your opponents second monster by tributing their first (which you just hit with SE).
-Perform a tribute summon using your opponents second monster.

You now have a 5* or higher monster on the field and in the process destroyed 2 of theirs.
<< Anonymous
Wow very creative.
Hazy Flame, Ninja and Horus = RIP exchange soul and e-con.
<< Anonymous
no you cant,
1. I did SE 1 of my opponent monster
2. I activate my e-con (effect no 2)
3. I couldn't tribute my opponent monster which I already hit by SE. The game only have option to tribute my own monster instead of the SE'ed monster

weird, can someone help me?
<< Anonymous
You have done it the wrong must first use your econ (effect2) then use SE because in SE text it has written that if you need to tribute a monster you MUST tribute that monster
<< Anonymous
You mean chain them together? Then that makes sense
<< Anonymous
Yes chain them or use econ first


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There's a DSOD design Dark Magician playmat for 100 summons, that's the only one I know...
You cannot use Mahad as a cost
Girag 13
Will we get Ice Hand & Fire Hand or only the trash cards?
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