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update 28/02/2017

Angel O7 / Angel 07

Angel O7
Monster TypeFairy
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


When this card is Tribute Summoned, it gains the following effect: ● The effects of Effect Monsters cannot be activated.

How to get / Rarity

PackValkyrie's Rage [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--





  • Costs 2 tributes to summon.
  • Low defense.


It requires a lot of effort to summon a monster that requires 2 tributes, and it can still be destroyed easily through meta cards like Michizure, Mirror Wall or Riryoku.

To make it easier to summon him, use cards like Kaiser Sea Horse, Soul Exchange, Limit Impulse, Bubonic Vermin.

Alternatively, Celestial Transformation can be used for a turn but it is risky to do.


  • The effect of "Angel 07" does not start a Chain. It is applied immediately after "Angel 07" is successfully Tribute Summoned.

  • "Angel 07" only prevents effects which activate from activating. It does not stop the Summoning of "Cyber Dragon" or "Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight", because these do not activate.

  • Effects cannot be activated from any Zone. The effect of "Sangan" will not activate. The effect of "Thunder Dragon"/"Kuriboh"/etc cannot be activated.

  • Continuous Effects do not activate, so "Angel 07" will not prevent them from being applied.


Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesPrevents activation of Effect Monsters

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Hot New Top
Anoymous 7days ago
This + Anti Magic Arrows = total lockdown. No, nothing can be activated.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
If only we get more tribute-based support than Soul Exchange...
Great for a Spirit Deck. If this card is one the field, your Susa Soldiers, Asura Priests, etc do not return to the hand!
<< Anonymous(Nikolay)
Dolla. 7days ago Reply
Really. I don't need the mirror of yada. With this card
<< Anonymous(Nikolay)
Dolla. 7days ago Reply
Really. I don't need the mirror of yada. With this card
<< Anonymous(Nikolay)
Daemon Blitzkrieg 7days ago Reply
Really? ...huh, while that makes sense & unless you going full beatdown, you'll kill their other effects as well except Susa's half damage effect. So not *completely* worth the 2 Tribute Summon over say IMD or Mirror/Yada + Tailor/Fickle combo.
Anoymous 19days ago
Could this card be used to avoid the effect of Man-Eater Bug (from Bakura lvl 40)?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 19days ago Reply
Yes. But gl getting a Tribute Summon for it on the 1st turn tho.
Also: It must be tribute summoned to have its effect work, so summoning this using Court of Justice would be pointless.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 25days ago Reply
Will effect work if Tribute Doll is used?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 25days ago Reply
Nope. It's Special Summoned in that case.
Does this mean that it can stop toon monsters from attacking life points directly?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
should be
<< Anonymous
Realm Reply
Nope. Toon monster is continuous effect.
Can someone confirm if it affects gaia soul and unfriendly amazon?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Amazon no, Gaia yes.
Does he prevent Sphere Kuriboh's effect from activating from hand?
<< Anonymous
Curious Person Reply
Yeah, does it stop it? I think it should.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
It says it in ruling Effects cannot be activated from any Zone. The effect of "Sangan" will not activate. The effect of "Thunder Dragon"/"Kuriboh"/etc cannot be activated.
<< Anonymous
Nikolay Reply
Yes, it prevents Kuriboh's effect from activating, for both you and your opponent.
Doesn't work on Harpie#3. Don't understand why.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Her effect is continuous, that's why. The same happens with Gravekeeper's Visionary
FYI: What it means by "monsters cannot activate their effects" is that, if you must confirm "yes" or "no" to activate a monster's effect, or give any input at all to start the effect like that, Angel 07 being on the field will prevent that from being possible.
Sunmoning this with Kaiser Seahorse was very useful against Ishizu Lvl 40.
If u use court of justice can u still summon it or do u need the 2 tributes
For all who are wondering why certain monsters aren't affected, the effect of Angel 07 only applies to stuff that activates. Cards like Tyrant Dragon, Flash Assailant, etc have effects that don't activate and therefore will still apply.

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After the disappointing Mokuba/2nd Super Joey event with zero SR cards, I exceptionally like this...
You can get it by farming Yami Marik, but its an Ultra Rare so good luck
Ice Barrier+Frog? Good combo.
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