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update 13/12/2016

Limit Impulse

Limit Impulse
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeCost / Card effect / Condition


Send 2 cards from your hand to the Graveyard. Special Summon 2 "Soul Tokens" (Fiend-Type/DARK/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0). These Tokens cannot be Tributed except for a Tribute Summon.

How to get / Rarity

PackValkyrie's Rage [N]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Very quick setup for a 2-tribute summon.


  • It can only be activated next turn as it is a trap card.
  • It requires a heavy price of 2 discards to resolve its effect.


This card and Sinister Seeds can both be used to make tribute summoning much more viable.



ActionsSends from your hand to your Graveyard for cost
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons Tokens

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I'm finding this guy to be very versatile in an Archfiend deck.You can either:

A) Tribute the tokens.
B) Combine it with Archfiend Palabyrinth to Special Summon since the tokens are Fiend type.
C) Combine with Call of the Archfiend, send high-level Archfiends to the Graveyard as the cost just to Special Summon them right back.
D) Combine it with Archfiend Emperor to fuel its destruction effect with the Archfiend cards you discarded.

OR A, B, C,and D. All at once.
ez dump for 2 Dashers
This for me is a poor mans stray lambs. If you weren't able to pull that card than this is the next best thing
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's good in its own way because of how Stray Lambs only allow you to set a monster on the turn it is used where as you could use Limit Impulse at the end of your opponents turn and you can do a normal tribute summon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tokens are tokens. Get a dictionary if you don't understand. And the game does everything for you anyways.
<< Anonymous
Slyphur Reply
Stray Lambs will not let you summon the turn you use this, as well, you cannot use it during your opponents battle phase.

I have turned games around by using Soul Impulse as a shield and using the other token as tribute for a bigger monster.

I also regularly will end games by getting a 7-Star or higher monster out in one turn and finishing the match.

You can't ever do that with Stray Lambs.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Instead of being a dick, you could explain it like a decent human being. Get down from your high horse.
very useful. i use it in almost all my decks

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This is definitely still kog worthy. My deck is centered around countering AG hence the skull mei...
This game is a biggest cash grabber in history
You were right, thanks.
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