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update 07/01/2017

Millennium Scorpion

Millennium Scorpion
Monster TypeInsect
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect


Each time this card destroys 1 monster on your opponent's side of the field by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, this card gains 500 ATK.

How to Get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstOdion level 30 or more [SR]
Card trader--


Rating8.0 / 10


  • Its ATK can go really high.
  • Useful in High Score PVE decks.
  • Requires only one Tribute.


  • Increases attack pretty slowly even in high score PVE deck.

Tips, related cards, skills

Insect Imitation

Can be special summoned very easily with Insect Imitation when you use level 4 monsters.


Stat changesThis card gains ATK

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2 of every SR card, except this one, why?
<< Anonymous(TKSainto)
Yami Yugi Reply
Because you don't believe in the heart of the cards, friend.
<< Anonymous(Yami Yugi)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(TKSainto)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah I have the same problem but I have at least 3 of every other card.
HEY! be carefoul with Riryoku! The opponent can transfer the middle attack accumulated that your Millenium Scorpion have and, if you save it from that attack, in the next turn, the attack of your Millenium Scorpion GO BACK TO 2000!!!! So, RIRYOKU CAN FUCK THIS CARD, EVEN IF YOU BLOCK THE OPPONENT'S ATTACK AND THIS CARD SURVIVE!
Be carefoul
<< Anonymous
Subliminal Conscious Reply
Hey, this sounds like something important, but I'm having trouble understanding what you wrote. Can someone take us through step-by-step? Was Scorpio the one getting boosted or getting halved? Did it lose its accumulated ATK bonus after the turn Riryoku was used?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Magic Jammer will negate riryoku's effect, making it useless
<< Anonymous(Subliminal Conscious)
Anonymous Reply
what he means is when u have M. scorpion, u gain 500 atk per kill but when they use riryoku on you it will reset to 2000 base atk even if somehow you survive the attack (e.g. by kuriboh or e.controller)
<< Anonymous(Subliminal Conscious)
Jackal Reply
Actually what he experienced happens with any effect that increases or decreases a monster's attack points from it's original value without it being done so by an equip card. Let's say you have a Golden Apples out with 3,000 attack cuz a Blue Eyes attacked you, and then your opponent decides to be devious and plays Reinforcementson your Golden Apples. Guess what happens when that turn ends? 0 ATK
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what's your average assessment point? I got 7000-8000 every time by using my kaibaman beatdown deck and I only wasted around 1000 keys to get 2 scorpions and 3 gravekeeper's recruiter.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
7000-8000, ive gotten every other SR like 4x or more except this
Mr. Mime
This card is my numero uno reason for farming.. but I've been reading online that it's better to farm lvl30 legendaries but is that true? Doesn't lvl40's have a higher drop rate for SR's?
<< Anonymous(Mr. Mime)
Anonymous Reply
Lvl 40 is always better unless if you cant get 7k-8k every duel
i got this card for the first time prismatic when i beat odion's ass with a mystical beat of serket.... good times ~(˘▾˘~)(~˘▾˘)~
why dis card is so hard to getttttt
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I already have 3
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i guess sr drops are jus random.. i beat odion level 40 countless times 4000-6000 with no sr..last night i lost to him and got 1200 da and got this card as the reward..smh
<< Anonymous
Regiultima Reply
I got a prismatic one first try. It's all RNG.
<< Anonymous
Junior Reply
Which character you used against him ?
Tiko Tako
Whenever my scorpion kills a monster it gains the 500 attack but on my next turn it loses the gained attack. Anyone else experienced this/ know why it happens?
<< Anonymous(Tiko Tako)
Anonymous Reply
Using yami to farm ive gotten destiny draw balance and life point boost y and no millennium scorpion yet
<< Anonymous
Aaron Reply
same here
I got 2 millennium scorpion but I can't put both in any deck. Anyone know why?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You are so dumb
I swear I've seen this card from card trader. Or I'm just mistaking it with another card?
<< Anonymous
Dredrick Reply
There is a spell card at the card trader that has 3 Scorpion's on it. Most likely what you're remembering.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Me too
<< Anonymous
Nikolay Reply
Or, it was Gemini Scorpion
Play a duel at lvl 40 and win with almost 1000 LP. Odion gave me this card
<< Anonymous
GameA1 Reply
Correct. Level 30 or 40 Odion gives you this card as a reward for winning a duel against him.
<< Anonymous
cyberheron Reply
Wow, this game is reaaaaly old. 1970!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Your mom is older than my grandma
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
is that real to get this card ?

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I got lucky that he went first, so ra and a set creature were already out. I used White Tiger Sum...
summon 200 time just like the rest
No matter how many times you farm, it's hard to get that card.
Yes if u lucky he will drop it for u
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