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update 14/10/2016

Fusion Sage

Fusion Sage
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect


Add 1 "Polymerization" card from your Deck to your hand. Then shuffle your Deck.

How to get / Rarity

PackChaotic Compliance [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Essentially increases the number of Polymerization you can add into your deck.
  • Shuffles your deck. This is mostly useful if you know what card is coming next and you don't want it.


  • If you get this card after your polymerization(s), then this will be a dead card.
  • More effective if you have more than 1 polymerization in your deck.


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ActionsAdds from Deck to hand

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Just run an extra copy of Polymerization! Not really useful for thinning either. What if you draw Polymerization first, then this cards is a dead card in your deck.
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg Reply
That's LITERALLY the nature of YuGiOh though & all other card game's: It was hereby decreed that ye shall have DEAD CARDS. Even with the best preparations, Dead Cards shant go away~
<< Anonymous
great card Reply
you should run multiple polymerization then to keep this card's use, great for last gamble ritual decks that run 3 storm, 3 poly, 2 fusion sage's, 3 thunder dragon's etc.
<< Anonymous
anon Reply
I suppose if you're really desperate you could set this card then shuffle any unwanted polys into your deck with reload
<< Anonymous(anon)
Anonymous Reply
That is one top 5 worst play ever candidate.
Will I regret not getting this if I reset the box at 126 packs after I have all the ur cards I want besides this. Do i need 3 of them
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, unless you're running fusion deck. 2 is clearly enough.
Useful for autoduel fusion decks.
This is the most useless UR dude like konami should be ashamed for putting this card in the game shit is worse than gandora
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Is your name Jon Snow? Cause you know nothing.
<< Anonymous
Yogyakarta Reply
This card is useful if you're running deck that purely focusing on fusion monster. I'm currently using KOG deck revolve around summoning Dark Paladin or buster dragon in the earliest turn as possible. With balance skill, you are almost guaranteed to have your starting hand contains 1 spell card in 20 deck cards, if your 20 card consists of at least 5 spell cards.
<< Anonymous
Yogyakarta Reply
(2) and with such condition, having only 3 polymerization is not enough to have consistency in those deck. To increase it, therefore other fusion supporting card is needed, like fusion sage, or fusion gate, hence making the spell card count to 5
lol, however this card still deserves UR status. if ritual based deck run UR sonic bird as the searcher for ritual spell card, then this one is pretty good for fusion based deck.
It's not thinning if it cost 1 deck slot to search for 1 card lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes it it, as long as your deck is the minimum amount of cards. If you use Fusion Sage, your deck loses 1 card, but your hand stays at the same amount.
I feel like this card does not increase the amount of "Polymerization" in your deck. If you have 3 from the start, you have 3. This does not fuse. Only helps you draw out Poly.
this thing is a UR? wtf
<< Anonymous(Exodia)
anon Reply
Poly isnt searchable in this game (duel links)as far as i know so it sorta makes sense although king of the swamp would have been a better choice
<< Anonymous(Exodia)
Daemon Blitzkrieg Reply
As an UR, definitely Swamp King would've been better as it plays 2 parts. Sage tho is still a necessity imo, but as a Rare or something. Seeing as Poly is a SR tho... I honestly think KONAMI don't think these things through too often tho.
For u who missed to get the second fusion gate for auto deck
great for thinning purposes, not fusion gate but it will do
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, people forget that it reduces your cards by 1 and by that increases your chance to draw the card you need next.

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