Power of the Guardians

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update 12/05/2020

Power of the Guardians

Power of the Guardians
TypeEquipped Spell


If an attack is declared involving the equipped monster: Place 1 Spell Counter on this card. The equipped monster gains 500 ATK/DEF for each Spell Counter on this card. If the equipped monster would be destroyed by battle or card effect, you can remove 1 Spell Counter from your field, instead.

How to Get

PackDimension of the Wizards [N]
Master of Chaos [N]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




Hot New Top
solid meta
thanks konami, one of the best cards is 100% f2p and it will never be limited because it's not being used in most of decks and it's very susceptible to backrow removal.

forever king of games for free
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's good in 1 deck, and thats RESD deck. However I only use that deck for auto duels makes auto dueling a breeze.
<< Anonymous(solid meta)
Super Awesome Reply
Still unlimited
<< Anonymous(Super Awesome)
Anonymous Reply
Still overhyped
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
They aren’t perfect God hands always drawing all they have of both the traps that remove monsters and muh “CC”. They tend to start with one backrow removal and two traps. If your monster is immune to the traps and you also have backrow then if they use their backrow removal on this card they’re gonna eat your own backrow, while theirs remains useless as in the case of playing only immune mons.
goj 29days ago
Powerful card to beat high atk monsters like blue-eyes:
3 Power of the Guardian
3 Wall of Disruption
3 Aleister

GG nobody can stop you this is the absolute hole trinity of yugioh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's the absolute noobish trinity. meta decks will still destroy you.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Power of the guardians would only get a limit because how often it’s used in low rank. Not exactly because it’s THAT good
Equip Spell may be the worst kind of Spell, but this card still deserve a rating higher than B+, in my opinion.

Not A+, but probably A- or even A.

This one Equip Spell pretty much invalidates probably around 95% of all generic Equip Spells that ever existed in the franchise. The only other generic Equip Spell that's as good as this one would be Moon Mirror Shield, which is not in DL yet.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
We have Moon Mirror Shield in DL now, although still only as an NPC only card in Tag Duel event.

It probably will be released eventually.

And I agree, this card should be rated A, for the exact reason you said : it makes all the other equip spells irrelevant.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"Not A+, but probably A- or even A."
bad card.bricks a lot.had to remove it.also they just pop it.dont bother with this card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol no, equip spell is never a brick, unless you don't have any monster either, in which case the issue is more that you don't pull any monster, not 1 specific card in your hand.
This sounds like a great card, but those damn Canadias everywhere man.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Canadia probably shouldn't be limited just on the merit that it's basically Duel Link's equivalent to Ash Blossom: Annoying, for sure, but if it didn't exist, some decks would just run train against people.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The Limited 3 did come, but much later. Still, stall burn continues to play 3x mistakegate, 3x Canadia 3x WoD. It's much more of an issue than this card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Those 3, this card, and all the other strong backrow cards (example: Karma Cut, Ballista Squad) needs to be on limited 3, to be honest.

Yes it's a necessary evil like Ash Blossom, but the problem is when it is combined with other cards that are "plain evil".
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
only karma cut ballista and raegiki needs to be limited.canadia is ok.floodagate annyoing but lots player dont have 2-3 and 1 is ok.wall of d they just pop it or reduce 800 atk only.overrated card.also limit fiendish.
Wo bekomme ich die Karte lichtschwärter
<< Anonymous(Michi)
Anonymous Reply
Gibt es nicht in Duel Links
Dimensional prison wipes this card and the monster equipped to this easily but if its a ancient gear monster with this card you are virtually screwed
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, you are right. Unfortunately, none of all these cards you mention actually sees any play in high ranks.
Cool card, I bet 100% of duelist in the comments section has been beat at least once by this card. Don’t be salty guys. That’s like hating yugioh. Go back to fortnight! Fool!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Who said that this is a bad card? It is obviously a good card. And yes, many if us have lost from this card as well as from thousand other cards. However, in higher ranks this card is not that good. It is a good card, but, unfortunately it is an equip card, the worst type of spell cards.
guys we have a spell card that protect spell cards,any one know the name?
<< Anonymous(XziTeR)
Anonymous Reply
Cheapest way is Magic Reflector from card trader regular invetory.
A very good card, there is no reason not to get 3 copies of this. You know that you are in deep trouble when your opponent has a Shi En equipped with this card. Even Cosmic Cyclone can't save you.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
A good card until gold rank. Players of higher ranks can easily hundle them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You need to draw the right card to beat it. If it is equipped on Shi En then only monster effect will work.
Seems cheap to me.

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hi guys does anyone know when the new kite main box come out to DL im realy get hyped :3
We have chaos dragon now which is way better than this guy. Surprised they still haven't put...
The new selection box gives it
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