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Once every 2 of your turns, at the beginning of the turn, add 1 to your Hand 1 of the following cards (in the order listed below) from outside of your deck.

2nd turn: H - Heated Heart
4th turn: E - Emergency Call
6th turn: R - Righteous Justice
8th turn: O - Oversoul
10th turn: Hero Flash!!

The Skill will only activate if you Duel using a Deck that has 4 or more "HERO" Normal Monsters in your Deck.

CharacterHow to Get
Jaden YukiEvent Reward

How to Get



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no longer obtainable afaik
I knew that HERO Flash spell card is an UR card for sure
<< Anonymous(Hayden2000)
Anonymous Reply
It'll probably be N if it ever appears in a box, it is not even close to a good card.
<< Anonymous
Red Reply
If I was a N thatd boost the hell out of grandmerge decks
If only there wasn't a "4 normal hero" requirement. Would've abused this so hard with Naturia Landoise.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's worse, it's 4 normal heroes with different names.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Abusing a skill in unintended ways is exactly why Konami slapped the restriction on the skill lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its a very logical requirement. Activating hero flash at 10th turn lets you summon a normal hero from your deck. It would be nice if there still were normal hero monsters in your deck at that moment. Very easy requirement to meet.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pot of Benevolence
I wonder when are we going to get an actual copy of Emergency Call.....
Wat007 brought me here
Cool, but kinda messy haha; I've seen it in a YT video by wat007 lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
is sad that i lost it
Pretty oddball skill and mostly just a gimmick, it does add cards for free but also requires running 4 DIFFERENTLY NAMEd normal E Heroes. Best used alongside some copies of Neos together with Grandmerge.
<< Anonymous(Mania)
Ventom Reply
But the skill states that it's 4 hero normal monster (not 4 different name hero normal monster)
<< Anonymous(Ventom)
Ho Lee Fuk Reply
It's another mistranslation .. i can assure you the japanese description says 4 different named .. so yeah .. konami screw up again. .
Don't underestimate this skill. That guaranteed Heat Heart early duel makes Vision Hero Trinity deadly.
The skill doesnt even work
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
U need 4 normal hero monsters with different names for it to work
I just obtained this from Defeating king of games in duel academy event.

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