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update 02/07/2017

Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition


If this is the only card in your hand, you can Normal Summon it without Tributing.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up rewardYami Yugi level 35 [SR]
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • It can be searched from the deck by Gateway to Chaos.
  • You can normal summon this card without any tributes.
  • Very strong stats when summoned without tributes.


  • Can only be normal summoned when this is the only card in your hand.
  • Weak stats for a 2 tribute monster.


Removing cards from hand

Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight has a great synergy with Wonder Balloons. Send cards from your hand to the Graveyard until Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight is left. By doing this, you can reduce your opponent's monsters attack and you can use Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight's effect which is you can normal summon it without any tributes.

Handless Synergy

Flash Assailant is a good monster to be partnered with Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight, since it can obtain its maximum attack and defense by having no cards in hand.

Searching from deck

Currently, we can only obtain 1 copy of Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight which makes it hard to draw. By using Gateway to Chaos, you can easily search it from your deck and add it to your hand.

Recommended Skill


[Skill] descriptionUsers
Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck.
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Anoymous 10days ago
Can we get a couple more copies of this card. I'd like them for my black luster soldier deck for searchable tributes. I don't think this card is to op to give more then 1.
Some guy
This is by far one of the best rewards you can get for levelling up a character.
<< Anonymous(Some guy)
Anoymous Reply
Id say best level 35 reward. Windstorms of etaqua is top 5 cards in the game. Hard to top that.
<< Anonymous
I used to think like that 5 years ago when I first plyed the game
Having just lost a pvp duel to this card I can confirm this is RETARDEDLY overpowered. Whoever designed this card deserves a slow, embarrassing death.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Card was designed in real yugi for a tin released back in '05 lol
<< Anonymous
Lol Reply
What an idiot, you actually think this is op lol. Learn the game.
Too bad this card can't be used for the fusion monster Gaia The Dragon Champion :(
<< Anonymous(PK)
NimbusSpark Reply
That is where you are wrong, it actually can!
Poor man's fiend megacyber? Lol definitely not. Megacyber requires your opponent to have at least 2 or more monsters. This doesn't. Also megacyber has low def, weak to EC (which everyone should be getting now from KC cup rewards) and sphere kuriboh.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. Reply
" Anoymous 1/1/1970 Poor man's fiend megacyber? Lol definitely not." --- Nobody said it was a poor man's megacyber except for you. Anyone who knows anything about the game wouldn't even compare it to megacyber. This card's effect is similar and better than guardian axe grarl because you don't need a damn specific equip card to special summon it.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous. Reply
"Nobody said it was a poor man's megacyber except for you." -- Ahh my apologies. Those older posts/replies at the bottom didn't show up when I was replying to you. Didn't mean to wrongly attack your comment. Nevertheless, the people comparing it to fiend megacyber are morons. It's effect is more comparable to guardian axe grarl except without needing that stupid requirement of it's equip card.
I've been upgrading yugi for days to finally get my hands on it AAAND.. I must say that I'm a bit disappointed with this card. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it sucks.. just isn't near good as I thought it would be. The reason is that I misinterpreted it's description. You see, it says that if this is the only card in your hand you can then NORMAL summon it, not SPECIAL summon it. And that's where 75% of its magic goes away.
I was already portraiting me into a situation where the enemy puts two monsters and wipes my monster field (a pretty common situation, must I say) leaving me with 3 specific cards on my hands:
1) playing Fiend Megacyber
2) normal summoning a lvl 4 monster
3) SPECIAL summoning the Swift Gaia dude.

yes, that would be awesome.
I guess this is indeed a "Poor man's fiend megacyber" as someone stated before me.
<< Anonymous(MarcusRC)
Anoymous Reply
The upcoming buff to Reinforcements could help. If you only have one monster in your hand, you could swap it for Gaia, which makes summoning him without tributes a lot easier.
Good card for a handless deck. This is basically a poor man's fiend megacyber
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Great in conjunction with wonder balloons and other cards that require discarding for a cost

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