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update 24/03/2020

Gateway to Chaos

Gateway to Chaos
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect / Continuous-like Effect / Ignition-like Effect / Condition


When this card is activated: Add 1 "Black Luster Soldier" Ritual Monster or 1 "Gaia The Fierce Knight" monster from your Deck to your hand. Each time a Monster Card(s) is sent from the hand or field to the Graveyard, place 1 Spell Counter on this card for each of those cards (max. 6). Once per turn: You can remove 3 Spell Counters from this card; add 1 Ritual Spell Card from your Deck to your hand. You can only activate 1 "Gateway to Chaos" per turn.

How to get / Rarity

PackChaotic Compliance [SR]
Master of Chaos [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Able to get the mentioned cards from deck to hand.
  • Spell counters are added whenever your monster and your opponent's monster is sent to the graveyard, making it stack very quickly and only 3 are needed to get 1 ritual spell.


Tips, related cards, skills

  • Sending 3 monsters from hand or field to the graveyard will let you activate it to get a ritual spell right away.
  • Cards like Order to Charge, Michizure, or Domino Effect can add counters quickly.
  • Use Enemy Controller to tribute your monster and take control of your opponents monster to add a counter and use that monster as sacrifice for ritual summon.

Gaia's and Black Luster Soldier

These cards can be easily fetched by activating the field spell card Gateway to Chaos. Monsters with a balanced ATK and DEF, once on the field with right support cards it won't be easily countered.

Sonic Bird and Senju

Gateway to Chaos can fetch Black Luster Soldier from your deck, alternatively Thousand Hands serves the same purpose. Sonic Bird Can fetch ritual spells, this field spell card can also fetch ritual spells with right amount of spell counter on it.

Skilled Red Magician

Once on the Graveyard this card can be activated and easily add spell counter on your Gateway.



ActionsAdds from Deck to hand


Still interesting and consistent after so much time
This card wont activate on the first turn why?
Still useful with Blackluster + POTG, too bad you need to summon the soldier with a Djinn though
Just like i commented on the monster's page, use this Card with Arcanite Magician for guaranteed spell counters, trust me
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How does this work ? I understand this card gives you spell counter But AM only gains strength from getting spell counter on the card itself not on the field ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So what if the counters not on the AM? They are a fuel to pop cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What's the decklist? Wat if you don't draw the girls spell immediately?
Is there an alternative to this card?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No? You need it to summon BLS.
Do you think a BLS deck is better with 2 or 3 gateway to chaos. I have 3 BLS but only 2 gateway. And I'm basically out of free gems. Do u think 3 gateway will flood the deck to much with dead cards. I'm not having much trouble getting dispelled. And restart is seems to be working quite well.
How do you activate this card? Can't activate at all.
<< Anonymous(Jay)
Anonymous Reply
You need to have at least 1 BLS or Gaia in your deck in order to activate.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's really annoying cuz if I have all my draw cards then I can't take advantage of the ritual spell draw effect.
How many gateway to chaos are recommended in a BLS deck. I can't imagine taking 3. They would be dead cards as soon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
As u had one in your field spell zone. I'm thinking 2 is perfect. Not flooded but an extra to replace 1 if it gets destroyed
I can't pull this card from the box no matter how much packs i open :( I am down to 50 cards and only these 2 cards and a gemini fusion monster are left that are SR/UR. Should i keep buying them or reset the box so i can also get other UR and SR?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Reset. Your probabilities to get an Ur or a Sr are 6%.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But if you really need that card keep buying. Cuz if you reset the box your probabilities will be lower.
Does this work with Swift Gaia also?
<< Anonymous(Adam)
Anonymous Reply
Of course
<< Anonymous(Adam)
Anonymous Reply
Of course
OP it should be ur but is sr because black luster is ur and you need 2-3 black luster to make this card super usefull

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