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update 16/10/2017

Wall of Disruption

Wall of Disruption
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


When an opponent's monster declares an attack: All Attack Position monsters your opponent controls lose 800 ATK for each monster they control.

How to Get

PackServant of Kings [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Decreases attack points of all attack position monsters your opponent controls.
  • debuff increases with every monster your opponent controls.


  • Can only be used when opponent declares an attack.
  • Debuff might not be enough.



When your opponent attacks an Amazoness monster you control, preferably Amazoness Trainee for attack gain, use Amazoness Archers then this card to destroy their entire field presense.


Combo this card with other cards that increase your attack or decrease your opponent's to maximize damage.





Stat changesYour opponent's monsters lose ATK

7th Mini Box: Servant of Kings


Hot New Top
This thing should be limited to one card. It renders all out traps to uselessness as it is permanent instead of end of the turn compare to other traps. Nothing negative about this trap. Everyone is spamming this in their decks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
There is a negative to this trap. It has a timing activation so if you don’t trigger that condition, they can’t use it.
Anonymous 6days ago
When I use an ancient gear deck, I don’t face enemies with this card. But when I use a scrub 1800+ monster deck I keep seeing this card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Only because they can’t activate WoD against Ancient gears because their effect prevents them from doing so. That’s why you don’t see them play it against Ancient Gears
People Say wall of disruption needs to be limited or banned but you trash p2w players thrived with mirror wall while we had nothing before wall of disruption
players without mirror wall were fucked against certain decks. If you ran mirror wall soon as you use it to kill a monsters with high atk your opponent would rage quit now you get taste of how it feels nigga. if this get limited or banned ok, but mirror wall gets banned or limited first. The first time us f2p players get a good card that's like mirror wall oh its time to get banned. No My Guy HOW DO YOU THINK WE FELT WHEN YOU WOULD MIRROR WALL OUR BEST MONSTERS.. Exactly this fair besides you p2w players still have 2 sphere kuriboh because you pay stop complaining it's desperate asf.And come at me cussing me out idc THAT ONLY PROVES IM RIGHT, Yall love MIRROR wall + 2 sphere kuriboh those cards are enough to get you to gold alone. Like No wall of d is fine ban sphere kuriboh, ban mirror wall OR DO YALL FORGET HOW YOU POP MIRROR WALL AND IT SAVES YALL ASS FROM LOSING
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I am F2P and i got 2 Mirror walls.
WoD is broken in my opinon. There needs to be a cost like Mirror wall has. 2000 LP to keep the enemy damage down or something.
<< Anonymous
rage 13days ago Reply
Wall of disruption is OP. you attack with 2m v 2m. bang 1600 drop. then they hit you back. OTK
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
you need to pay life points for that card to stay on the field, it isn't permanent, and at its best it couldn't take away 2400 attack points from 3 attacking monsters making them useless. Mirror wall is not even remotely comparable to wall of disruption, despite the fact that it is UR
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Exactly, at least Mirror wall is a risk/reward kind of card that has consequences if used wrong. But WoD is like a middle finger times 800
Anonymous 6days ago
Any idea how to chain WOD? I attacked and this guy activated not one but two WOD one after the other. When I have two WOD down they don't even give me the option to chain the second what gives ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
turn the toggles to on
... 15days ago
WTF? Nerf or remove this card...
<< Anonymous(...)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Stfu noob
fix this card ffs
<< Anonymous(Veizuh)
Anonymous Reply
This card is at 3 copies in the real life card game, and it does nothing in the real life meta right now.

It won't be fixed just for DL.
<< Anonymous(Veizuh)
Nick Reply
In the real life, you have 8000 LP and the MP2 in order to limit the next opponent attack.
In Duel Links you have 4000 LP and 3 monsters helpless in attack position, so the next turn of your opponent, you have lost the duel 2/3.
This card changes the fate of the duel too easily.
Put 3 of this cards and 3 enemy controller inside a deck of 20's card and you have the TROLL MODE active.
<< Anonymous(Nick)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
i remember i smash down 2 WoD but the third brought me down. some one really does admire your idea
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
I don't necessarily agree with limiting WoD, but saying "It's at 3 in real life" is a bad argument. So are CV, RE Spirit, MAR, Dakini, etc., but they're still "fixed" in DL for good reason.
duelist1234 12days ago
this is crazy card. it gives you thougth to why use other card if this one already enough. dont be surprise when you get boring soon cuz this is the card you and most of your enemies have.
A 13days ago
smh a card that punishes you for completing one of the main goals of a duels (getting more monsters on the field) this makes me wonder if having only 1 monster on the field is the oroper way to play
<< Anonymous(A)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
If the anime is anything to go by, the answer to that is Yes
2 card in one deck tooo opp fk
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^ you also need english remidial class.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
no, speak Martian language instead please
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
I think he means "a remedial English class" smh
Rahun 26days ago
Vagabond used Wall of Disruption against me, but it only affected one of my two attack position monsters. Can someone tell me why?

I had a (special summoned by "Rose Lover") "Marina, Princess of Sunflowers" attacking, on which Vagabond used the Wall of Disruption, but it Marina's attack did not decrease. I had an Aromage Jasmine in defense, and an Aromage Bergamot in attack, the latter got the 2400 atk reduction. I also had an activated aroma garden on the field.
I don't see anywhere what would block the atk reduce on Marina, does someone know?
<< Anonymous
Rahun 26days ago Reply
Ah, right, thank you, I knew I missed something. ><
<< Anonymous(Rahun)
Rose Lover 13days ago Reply
Rose Lover makes your special summoned monster (Marina) unaffected by opponent's trap effects. That's why she didn't get a damage reduction
Amen 18days ago
Ah, you have been by my side all along... My shining moonlight and my most trusted guide: Wall of Disruption.
<< Anonymous(Amen)
Indeed 15days ago Reply
I see that you are a man of culture as well.
Anonymous 21days ago
This card is the only reason I’ve lost duels

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