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Remember when everyone wanted this limited? lol. Now it doesn't see play above silver.
Fetih 1453
I still see some in gold
<< Anonymous(Fetih 1453)
Really? wow I stopped seeing it a while ago
I didn't even saw it back when I came back to rookie 3 months ago
Now it will see play again with Trunade getting banned :p
<< Anonymous
As long as they can utilize their combo, many player prefer facing battle trap over disruption :p
<< Anonymous
I will let you see 3 WoD turn 1. Trunade? No sorry.
<< Anonymous
Yeah bro wall of d. was garbage just because trunade existed yeah it's not like battle traps became obsolete or something like that
<< Anonymous
battle traps were obsolete BECAUSE of trunade you mango
<< Anonymous(pangolindark)
yes dude it's not like monsters that can destroy cards ever arrived to the game I mean how do someone gets rid of backrow before battle phase? A monster capable of that would be broken and konami would never release broken cards since they care about us
Triamid: the field spell
Dragunity: divine lance or use harpie variant
Vendread: battlelord or hound horde as material
BW: Raikiri
Hero: stratos, blast
Aromage: Cananga

And more, and more. Lets not mention top tier meta since its obvious


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How much gem we will get? 200 or 500
D/D/D OKA Ragnarok is a right f**king pain in the a**. I dont believe theres a single farming dec...
^^^ Really wish idiots like this would stop typing anonymously so we can tell who's who, it&...
Simple deck. Wanna try someday
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