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Yami Yugi's Lvl 45 reward is Dark Magic Inheritance!
update 04/09/2016

Amazoness Trainee

Amazoness Trainee
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect / Trigger Effect


Monsters destroyed by battle with this card are returned to the bottom of the Deck instead of going to the Graveyard. If this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle: It gains 200 ATK.

Tips, related cards, skills

Level-up rewardMai Valentine Lv 38 [SR]
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • The attack gained from destroying a monster is permanent.
  • It gradually gains attack.
  • It can prevent monster effects that activates upon getting destroyed by battle and then sent to the Graveyard.


  • Initial attack and defense is pretty low which makes it an easy target.
  • Having a low initial attack makes it hard to destroy a monster in battle in order to increase its attack.


  • Most level 4 monsters have higher than 1500 attack, making it difficult for Trainee to be able to destroy anything, but there are a lot of monsters with lower than 100 defense. Use position switching cards like Security Orb, or Enemy Controller to protect your monster so Trainee can destroy them without activating their "sent to graveyard" effects.

Amazoness Tiger

Using Tiger can protect your Trainee from attacks, as well as providing support, since it has decent attack if you have at least another amazoness than Tiger, on the field.

Amazoness will Power

If your Trainee gets destroyed, you can use this card to special summon it back to the field, only recommended if you can use it to take down your opponent's monster.




ActionsReturns from your opponent's field to your opponent's Deck
Stat changesThis card gains ATK


Matthew 18days ago
Don't understand the hate. This + econs/mirror walls etc and you see it quickly get up to 2000+ ATK
Doe not exist outside of mai using it in her deck against you. The card is unobtainable
<< Anonymous(Tj)
Anonymous Reply
You get it from Mai level up idiot
I don't get the hate for this card tho. This card is great because it can be a threat for those who runs Blue Dragon Summoner (Last Gamble decks), Yomi Ship, Gravekeeper's Recruiter (need a booster like A.Forces to overpower the 1500 def.). I know that the stats are not great either.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
that's brilliant
worst reward ever
<< Anonymous
Mistyc Goku Reply
Amazoness Village would be much better and would make Amazoness Deck totally viable on current meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What its a good one ur just and idiot who doesnt know how to use it.
Pretty shitting reward :/
Mai reward card

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