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Yami Marik event part 2 is live now!
update 01/06/2017

What is Card Flipper Campaign?

Once a day during the campaign's duration, you will receive 1 gift that's randomly chosen out of a selection of items every day. Log in every day for the duration of the campaign to receive all the gifts!

Nov 23 - Nov 30

Nov 13 13:00 - Nov 20 22:59

November, 2017

October, 2017

August, 2017


June, 2017



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Anonymous 18days ago
Yeahh, another free gems!
nailah henderson 25days ago
what do you mean you get to trade cards from the card trader
old players now have 3 copies of
Flamvell Grunika [SR]
Only had two cards left to flip left, both containing the actual cards and I can't access it. I thought it went till the 18th? What the hell?
<< Anonymous(KingOfMist)
Anonymous Reply
Me too... now has only 1 card left and tommorow the event is over(before the next card flip)...what will do?
Every time I open the app and try to pick a reward for the card flipper it's always Power Injector then the game gives me an error and tells me to reboot. Restarting the phone and app hasn't fixed this. I literally cannot even play the app because the card flipper is always there when I start the app.
<< Anonymous(DankDaddy69)
Mandrake Reply
Yet another victim.
<< Anonymous(DankDaddy69)
geoff Reply
same thing happening to me dude nothing is being done about it either thanks alot konami once again fuck yall
<< Anonymous(DankDaddy69)
Anonymous Reply
Same thing here.Cant play nomore
<< Anonymous
DankDaddy69 Reply
I went to Konami official site and filed an inquiry about it. I just logged back on to the app and it is working as intended. So maybe do that.
Card Flipper issue fixed !!! YEAH !!
Same here i cant play anymore cuss of the dumb flip campaign keeps saying error
Boa noite meu yugioh duel links não eata funcionando
Ele reinicia quando vou virar a carta da campanha .
I always got the main sr card on the last flip, always, every single campaign, annoying af
I’d be happy with dw though it would run duel links if they added raven. Or any prime dw support
PLEASE PLEASE tell me this is a teaser for Fabled/Dark Worlds support coming to Duel Links. I used to play both archetypes in the TCG many years ago and used to love the interactivity and combos in the deck.
dark world with fabled decks??

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So we can get The Winged Dragon of Ra
I recently start the game anew and play almost all time on weekend. After some day i ended up wit...
Actually that's Killer Bee (Kira Bee) speaking
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