Cyberdark Neos Fusion: deck recipe [Dec 2019 Updated]

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update 16/12/2019


A rare instance of a powerful Fusion deck. This deck owes it's success to Neos Fusion's ability to send practically any monster in your deck to the graveyard, allowing you to take advantage of the monster sent. Cyberdark Edge is a good beater that can also attack directly, and with Cyberdark Cannon can also pitch monster to your graveyard.

Example Deck

Disciple Control Version

Lava GolemKeeper of Dragon MagicKeeper of Dragon MagicKeeper of Dragon MagicCyberdark EdgeCyberdark Edge
Cyberdark EdgeCyberdark CannonCyberdark CannonCyberdark CannonRa's DiscipleLeng Ling
Bacon SaverElemental HERO NeosElemental HERO NeosNeos FusionNeos FusionGive and Take
Give and TakeGive and Take--Elemental HERO Brave NeosElemental HERO Brave Neos

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Neo Space!
Begin the duel with the card "Neo Space" activated.
Jaden Yuki
Jaden Yuki

How to Use

Keeper of Dragon Magic

If Keeper of Dragon Magic is Normal or Special Summoned, you can add 1 “Polymerization” Normal Spell Card or “Fusion” Normal Spell Card from your Deck to your hand by discarding 1 card. Use the Keeper’s effect to search Neos Fusion.

During your Main Phase, by revealing 1 Fusion Monster in your Extra Deck, Keeper of Dragon Magic allows you to Special Summon 1 of the Fusion Materials from your GY, in face-down Defense Position. You can still use that face-down monster (Elemental HERO Neos) as Fusion Material.

Neos Fusion

Use Neos Fusion to Special Summon Elemental HERO Brave Neos from your Extra Deck by sending Elemental HERO Neos and a Level 4 or lower Effect Monster from your hand, field or Deck to the Graveyard.

  • If you have the Trap Card Give and Take and you are on the play, send Ra’s Disciple to the Graveyard and Special Summon it to your opponent’s side of the field.

Ra’s Disciple will basically prevent your opponent from Special Summoning any monster and, since it cannot be Tributed, except for the Tribute Summon of Slifer the Sky Dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor, or The Winged Dragon of Ra, getting rid of it will be quite difficult.

  • If you don’t have Give and Take, then you can send Bacon Saver or Leng Ling to the Graveyard.

After Neos Fusion resolves, you cannot Special Summon monsters for the rest of the turn, so make sure you Special Summon Lava Golem before Neos Fusion.

You can banish Neos Fusion from your Graveyard to prevent Elemental HERO Brave Neos from being destroyed by battle or card effect.

Elemental HERO Brave Neos

Elemental HERO Brave Neos gains 100 ATK for each “Neo-Spacian” and “HERO” monster in your Graveyard, meaning it will usually have 3100 ATK on Summon.

When Elemental HERO Brave Neos destroys an opponent's monster by battle, it allows you to add 1 Spell/Trap from your Deck to your hand that specifically lists the card “Elemental HERO Neos” in its text. You can use Elemental HERO Brave Neos’s effect to search Neos Fusion or even Miracle Contact.

Send to Graveyard

Bacon Saver's effect can be triggered anytime while he is in the graveyard, so choose him as fusion material if you don't need any Tackle Crusader's effects at the moment. Banish Bacon Saver from your graveyard when your opponent declares an attack to negate it.


You can discard Cyberdark Cannon to search out Cyberdark Edge. Summon Cyberdark Edge and equip the Cyberdark Cannon you discarded. This gives you an easily Normal Summonable beater. Cyberdark Edge is able to attack your opponent directly even when they control monsters. Even with his attack halved, it is still a significant 1200 damage.

Cyberdark Cannon lets you pitch a monster to the graveyard everytime the equipped Cyberdark Edge battles. This works well with Cyberdark Edge more than other Cyberdark monsters because Cyberdark Edge will always be able to battle. If your opponent controls stronger monsters, Cyberdark Edge can simply attack directly.

Leng Ling

Leng Ling is another monster you should pitch to the graveyard with the effect of Neos Fusion or Cyberdark Cannon, to act as an alternative equip card for Cyberdark Edge.

Leng Ling's effects will still apply even when equipped with the effect of Cyberdark Edge. Combined with Cyberdark Edge's effect, gives him a total attack of 2500. But the best part is being able to attack twice which offsets Cyberdark Edge's halved attack when attacking directly. Or you can simply hit 2 of your opponent's monsters.

Lava Golem

Lava Golem is used to remove problematic monsters from the board, it can be Special Summoned in Defense Position and then destroyed by Elemental HERO Brave Neos to search another Neos Fusion, and it can even finish off your opponent by itself with its effect.

Additional Notes


[Skill] descriptionUser
Neo Space!
Begin the duel with the card "Neo Space" activated.
Jaden Yuki
Jaden Yuki

Beatdown is not viable anymore, Elemental HERO Brave Neos still needs some extra ATK in order to get over common threats.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1000. Return 1 card in your hand to your Deck and draw another. This skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.
Bandit Keith
Bandit Keith

Use Switcheroo in combination with Cosmic Cyclone to shuffle Elemental HERO Neos, Bacon Saver, and Ra’s Disciple back into your Deck.


  • If your opponent is going 1st, then they have an entire turn to do whatever they want: they can Special Summon Invoked Cocytus, and they can get rid of your Field Spell, significantly lowering the ATK of your main monster.

  • Elemental HERO Neos, Bacon Saver, Ra’s Disciple and Leng Ling are all cards that you usually don’t want to see in your opening hand, but they are quite a lot. This can lead to some consistency issues.

  • Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror can negate the effects of Keeper of Dragon Magic, preventing you from searching Neos Fusion, Cyberdark Edge, and even Bacon Saver.


So basically, the deck is now "Neos Disciple Lock feat. Cyberdark"
A great control deck idea!
This deck doesn't have a solution when go against heavy-trap-stall decks though, since we have no space for backrow removal.
I got a 2nd Brave Neos with a dream ticket and replaced Neos fusion with miracle contact
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What waste
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not bad, because they might be giving SR dream ticket someday in the future
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
As soon as you get 3 copies of brave neos and neos fusion each, it won't be competitive anymore.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Unless you pay right now, that is.

3 Desperado
3 Blast Spider
3 Cyberdark Edge
3 Cyberdark Cannon
1 Bacon Saver
2 Neos
3 Neos Fusion

Extra deck
3 Brave Neos
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cool, thanks.
Now good with Desperado Barrel Dragon too.
<< Anonymous(Mut)
Anonymous Reply
Broken p2w deck with Desperado.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
this is a card battle online game ffs. Of course konami will sell strong cards for profit, how else they can make money. If you want a free online game, play online chess. Oops, I'm sorry. Your tiny brain cant understand LOGIC.
<< Anonymous(Mut)
Anonymous Reply
Barrel Dragon is OP bro.
this deck does well against six samurai , but struggles against the 🔥 stall decks
too much brick
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not brick if you get Cyberdark Cannon or Neos Fusion in your starting hand
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
High ATK monsters, combined with repeated direct pokes with Cyberdark Edge. (Who can potentially deal 2500 damage a turn if you equip Leng Ling.) Stuff like Tackle Crusader and Bacon Saver gives you a few extra tools via Cannon/Neos Fusion.
<< Anonymous
Jake Reply
Not about high attack monsters as much as it is about attacking directly. The Neos fusion cards, I assume, help you get Cannon, Leng Ling and Bacon Saver into the GY for you use (Bacon Saver) or equip to Cyberdark Edge.

Once equipped, Edge can attack directly for half it's ATK value.
<< Anonymous(Jake)
Anonymous Reply
I play this with Glow Moss so that if your opponent has a face-up spell card (This was real easy in the Six Sam meta now it's ehhh, but still happens) you can attack directly with the 2500 (3000 w/ neo space) ATk neos as well as the Cyberdarks for easy facekills
just hit KOG with this in special duels, but put double cyclone instead because once you use neos fusion it can activate and doesn't cost you life points. very fun
add more Bacon :3
<< Anonymous(Kalo)
Anonymous Reply
love me some bacon

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Right! That's why Konami released stupid solemn scolding, because they know that players are...
Can earn this card from a R-Card Ticket from ranked duels. Discovered 1/28/2020
As GameA suggested, Smoke Grenade is good too, but we only have 1 from Keith lvlup.
If you are question this cards rarity, Konami almost always put at least 1 worthless UR in a box....
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