Neos Fusion

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update 20/04/2019

Neos Fusion

Neos Fusion
TypeNormal Spell


Special Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck that lists exactly 2 monsters as material, including “Elemental HERO Neos”, by sending those monsters from your hand, Deck, or field, ignoring its Summoning conditions. For the rest of this turn after this card resolves, you cannot Special Summon monsters. If a Fusion Monster(s) you control that lists “Elemental HERO Neos” as material would be destroyed by battle or card effect, or shuffled into the Extra Deck by its own effect, you can banish this card from your GY instead.

How to Get

PackNeos Fusion [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can fusion summon using monsters from your hand, field, and deck as materials.
  • Acts as protection from destruction effects for Neos fusion monsters.
  • Prevents Neos contact fusions from returning to the extra deck.


  • Can only summon Neos fusion monsters with 2 materials.


  • This card only prevents you from Special Summoning for “the rest of the turn”. You can still Special Summon during the turn just make sure you activate this card only after you are done Special Summoning.

Best Targets

These two are by far the best targets for Neos Fusion not just because of their good effects, but also because they lack the demerit of returning to the extra deck during the End Phase. Additionally, one of their fusion materials is non-specific so you can use this to pitch any eligible monster to the graveyard.

Other Fusion Monsters

Here are some of the other fusion monsters you can summon with Neos Fusion. These are the monsters that return to the extra deck during the End Phase so they are less desirable, but banishing Neos Fusion from your graveyard can provide a temporary solution.

Send to Graveyard

Here are some monsters that want to be sent to the graveyard so that they can use their effects. You can use Neos Fusion to pitch them directly from your deck to graveyard. The listed monsters are either low-leveled effect monsters or Warrior-type monsters to use when summoning Elemental HERO Brave Neos or Elemental HERO Neos Knight Respectively.

Low-Leveled Effect Monsters:

Warrior-type Monsters:


Hot New Top
I think this card and brave neos shouldn't be limited, just change brave neos summon requirements ("Neos + 1 elemental hero/neo spacial monster" instead of "Neos + 1 effect monster"), this is the only reason these two cards are ultra abused in the current meta. Konami released this structure deck with the purpose to add more supports to elemental hero and neo spacial archetypes, and not to see these cards used in all decks expect in a elemental hero deck. So this would be the perfect nerf for these cards, to make them work only with heroes and to stop the abuses of the current meta
<< Anonymous
Ho Lee Fuk Reply
Do you really honestly thinking that they will change an actual official tcg card just because a mobile game?...
<< Anonymous(Ho Lee Fuk)
Anonymous Reply
Holy xD
<< Anonymous(Ho Lee Fuk)
slasher00x 19days ago Reply
they did with emerald turtle and konami is releasing anime-only cards to duel links so i dont see the problem
<< Anonymous(slasher00x)
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
They have never made a functional change to a card, and they likely never will. Emerald Tortoise's change didn't change how the card works (we have no Main Phase 2, so there is no way to activate the effect they removed), and they obviously only did it because Emerald Tortoise was required for Rainbow Dragon to function.
Solid tier 2.
Last in the meta forever. A good card for those who don't like to grind / farm. You'll be competitive forever without moving a finger lol

It's not really broken, I find it very healthy and tolerable.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Glad I got my Gale Lizard in 2017
<< Anonymous
gale is Pog Reply
To think Gale lizard from he 3rd main box is still viable today, omg...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Agreed with OP
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
New character has a line for it.
stupid folks 29days ago
People who think this card is something difficult to defeat always make me giggle.

Damn, this one must be one of the most harmless cards ever.
the definition of pay to win
<< Anonymous(Fking p2w)
Anonymous Reply
yes, and now you have Desperado as another paytowin ON TOP of the paytowin. Basically a (paytowin)^2.
They also play direct damage, cyclone for backrow, maybe also econ cheese, and basically have 2 coin toss for mega nuke and OTP. Or guarateed nuke. LOL
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Agree that 3 Neos Fusion and 3 Desperado in a single deck is too broken. Used to block when I see people using a disgusting 2X P2W deck like that.
<< Anonymous
Falafel 31days ago Reply
lol. I am f2p player and i defeated Desperado and Neos fusion players many times using 6Sams
<< Anonymous(Falafel)
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
And so does every other f2p 6sam player,given good starting hand.
This card would've been fine without the protection part...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Too tired of this broken card. They pay to win, we will just block to win.
Duel Links equivalent to Brilliant Fusion, and every TCG player knows how long it took them to hit Brilliant Fusion...

Buckle up, cus this card isn’t going anywhere soon
Tier 2 deck, nothing to worry about
limit this card to 1! it ruins every fun of a deck its so generic every noob can summon a 2700 atk neos
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's a card you get by paying, so yeah. Not getting banned anytime soon.
I'm afraid to buy it because of possible bans
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It’s avoided the ban hammer quite a bit already, I don’t think they’ll be touching it anytime soon
True herpes
If you dump a lightsworn wulf, does it miss timing? I think so...but does not miss timing with revival golem right?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wulf is mandatory, so can't miss its timing. It also Special Summons a monster, however, which Neos Fusion prevents. So it'll activate, but resolve without effect since you can't actually Summon it.

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