Neos Fusion

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update 20/04/2019

Neos Fusion

Neos Fusion
TypeNormal Spell


Special Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck that lists exactly 2 monsters as material, including “Elemental HERO Neos”, by sending those monsters from your hand, Deck, or field, ignoring its Summoning conditions. For the rest of this turn after this card resolves, you cannot Special Summon monsters. If a Fusion Monster(s) you control that lists “Elemental HERO Neos” as material would be destroyed by battle or card effect, or shuffled into the Extra Deck by its own effect, you can banish this card from your GY instead.

How to Get

PackNeos Fusion [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can fusion summon using monsters from your hand, field, and deck as materials.
  • Acts as protection from destruction effects for Neos fusion monsters.
  • Prevents Neos contact fusions from returning to the extra deck.


  • Can only summon Neos fusion monsters with 2 materials.


  • This card only prevents you from Special Summoning for “the rest of the turn”. You can still Special Summon during the turn just make sure you activate this card only after you are done Special Summoning.

Best Targets

These two are by far the best targets for Neos Fusion not just because of their good effects, but also because they lack the demerit of returning to the extra deck during the End Phase. Additionally, one of their fusion materials is non-specific so you can use this to pitch any eligible monster to the graveyard.

Other Fusion Monsters

Here are some of the other fusion monsters you can summon with Neos Fusion. These are the monsters that return to the extra deck during the End Phase so they are less desirable, but banishing Neos Fusion from your graveyard can provide a temporary solution.

Send to Graveyard

Here are some monsters that want to be sent to the graveyard so that they can use their effects. You can use Neos Fusion to pitch them directly from your deck to graveyard. The listed monsters are either low-leveled effect monsters or Warrior-type monsters to use when summoning Elemental HERO Brave Neos or Elemental HERO Neos Knight Respectively.

Low-Leveled Effect Monsters:

Warrior-type Monsters:


Hot New Top
Anonymous 17days ago
Solid tier 2.
Last in the meta forever. A good card for those who don't like to grind / farm. You'll be competitive forever without moving a finger lol

It's not really broken, I find it very healthy and tolerable.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
When I hear "competitive forever", I tend to think more about decks like Noble Knights or MEtaphys. Not one of the Tier 1-2 decks, but one that still shows up in KoG and tournaments pretty consistently, even if it's a small number. I feel like Neos fits that as well. Certain Neos builds might get nerfed over time, but I'm expecting the core to remain viable for a long time.

Not the OP, FYI.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
If this deck has a few bad match ups in the championship, it doesn't make it any less broken, because there are a lot more good match ups for it.
It has insane survivability, thinning and search options and the ability to come back.
They can easily spam a field with special summons for OTK and stall with lava golem, when nothing else works
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
Yesterday, one guy with a dolphin discarded half of my hand before I even made my first turn and put two 3000+ monsters on his side of the field after this. This solitaire took about five minutes.
I am glad to know that this is only Tier 3 deck.
FTK for memes lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Neos + koaki is a solid tier 2 tho.
Anonymous 6days ago
I'm afraid to buy it because of possible bans
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
It’s avoided the ban hammer quite a bit already, I don’t think they’ll be touching it anytime soon
I think this card and brave neos shouldn't be limited, just change brave neos summon requirements ("Neos + 1 elemental hero/neo spacial monster" instead of "Neos + 1 effect monster"), this is the only reason these two cards are ultra abused in the current meta. Konami released this structure deck with the purpose to add more supports to elemental hero and neo spacial archetypes, and not to see these cards used in all decks expect in a elemental hero deck. So this would be the perfect nerf for these cards, to make them work only with heroes and to stop the abuses of the current meta
<< Anonymous
Arya Reply
I wish they would just give us prisma and stratos already. When I said I wanted more e-hero support, I never meant some neos thing that just gets shoved into almost everything that is not e-hero.
<< Anonymous
Ho Lee Fuk 29days ago Reply
Do you really honestly thinking that they will change an actual official tcg card just because a mobile game?...
<< Anonymous(Ho Lee Fuk)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Holy xD
Anonymous 19days ago
True herpes
Anonymous 30days ago
If you dump a lightsworn wulf, does it miss timing? I think so...but does not miss timing with revival golem right?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Wulf is mandatory, so can't miss its timing. It also Special Summons a monster, however, which Neos Fusion prevents. So it'll activate, but resolve without effect since you can't actually Summon it.
So...just looked at the recent KOG tier decklists posted by the pros. Literally 99% of their comments list this as OP. Like more of them mentioned this then Shi En or Subterror. Does that mean its ever going to get nerfed, or is Konami just going to pretend they cant hear our complaints?

If I had to nerf this, change it so you have to banish a Neo Spacian (Not Neos) from your graveyard as well, so people who wanna run this in every deck possible also have to run at least 2-3 Neo Spacians if they wanna trigger the banish. Takes up space and can cause dead hands, so less likely to appear. That or just make it so it has to be a Neo Spacian monster as the second fusion. Just change something please.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They are not changing how this card works
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
this lad really thought konami can just change a card's effect lol.

dont even come to me with ''WELL, THEY CHANGED CRYSTAL BEAST TORTOISE'', we dont have main phase 2, so thats a good reason.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

To add to this statement; by right Konami probably wont even add any card that mentioned MP2 in their card text, except the fact that Tortoise is crucial card for Jesse in order to bring out his Ace. So it had to be done either way.

What I'm saying is that, cards like Leo, The Keeper of the Sacred Tree wont be added to DL
Shi En is tier 1. This is not. Shi En has access to a trap card that can remove any two monster cards on the opponents side from the field. This is in addition to his magic/trap protection, and the fact that Shi En has almost zero chance of bricking, as well as the fact that he generates enough Draw Power with Shien Dojo to consistently find the cards he wants. This makes it almost impossible to either beat over him or trap him.

But *Brave Neos* doesn't stop spells/traps. He doesn't remove TWO monsters with one trap (that he can have 3 of). He only has protection from ONE destruction effect, and he only has a measly 2700 attack points. This is besides the fact that there is no way to search for Neos Fusion on turn one, making it far more prone to bricking.

Shi En is a brutal, unfair force of nature. Neos is just good. Not great, just good. Several decks can wipe Neos backrow and summon enough beaters to wipe him out in one turn.
<< Anonymous(Wereanon)
Dank Magician Reply
Haha ok. Dual Wield is played around by literally everyone so it cannot be activated, shien has low attack that can be beat over and neos has an answer to most problems.

I would go on but I think you're just trolling.
After who knows how many matches, I have to say this card feels up there with Shi En in terms of how Unfun it is. Instant Fusion + Guarenteed Protection + summon a good creature + draw, plus since the requirements for Brave Neos aren't so strict, everyone runs it. They didn't release a sucessful Neo Spacian Deck with the new release, all they did was give Trap Hell and Deck out decks a beater creature other then Amazon Swordswoman.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
+ deck thinning

it has insane consistency with Galaxy Cyclone and Bandit Keith skill in Koaki Neos decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cosmic cyclone*
Limit this card or release Macro Cosmos to counter it
<< Anonymous
ZX Reply
No need that, what we need is thunder king rai oh, but that would've make some decks be too good...
<< Anonymous(ZX)
Anonymous Reply
Or maybe Kristya .
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
marco cosmos probably will be a skill for amneal /banner
Wait till they add Rainbow Neos
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Too powerful, so very unlikely to happen.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
LOL, as if Neos Fusion is not too powerful
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Neos Fusion is simply an enabler to summon a boss. A powerful enabler, sure, but still not a boss monster.

Rainbow Neos is a 4000 ATK boss monster that can be protected by Neos Fusion itself.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dont worry. They will limit neos fusion by the times it came.
just here to say you need to be beyond retarded to want this card limited. I mean, your iQ must be so low, so damn low that you barely can tell the difference between food and your poop if you you struggle against a simple layer of protection that triggers in the graveyard.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
U must be some kind of noob who cant play with only one neos fusion (many f2p can even go into at least legend with only one neos fusion). I believe i see something like this on six samurai thread as well before konami semi limit the card
They have got to nerf this thing. Its too easy to get Brave Neos on the field, and then keep it there. I could see it being more balanced if you had to have a Neo-Spacian other then Neos in your GY to activate the banish effect, but good luck getting Konami to actually nerf anything in this game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
deck thinning + searching + monster summon + protection
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Plus hand destruction and heavy storm

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