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update 10/04/2017

Rose Lover

Rose Lover
Monster TypePlant
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect / Condition


You can banish this card from the Graveyard; Special Summon 1 Plant-Type monster from your hand, and if you do, it is unaffected by your opponent's Trap effects this turn. You can only use this effect of "Rose Lover" once per turn.

How to get / rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader
(Trader item)
  • SR Jewel x5
  • Stone of Earth x55
  • 38,000 Gold




  • Can special summon high-leveled plant monsters from your hand.
  • Special summoned monster becomes immune to opponent's trap cards for this turn.


  • Low stats overall.
  • Needs to be in the graveyard to activate effect.
  • Can only special summon from your hand.


Send to the graveyard

Sent this Rose Lover to the graveyard where it can use it's effect. Dust Knight sends a EARTH-attribute monster to the graveyard when he is flipped face-up.

Deck Search

Many cards can help you discard monsters to the graveyard, so searching Rose Lover to your hand might be a good idea.

Special summon high-leveled monsters

You can use Rose Lover to special summon any Plant-type monster from your hand, so special summon a high leveled one to give you field presence, better if it also has a good effect.





Mr. Deepsense 1days ago
Is Rose still available from Card trader?
Anonymous 2days ago
This bitch is good
Cananga 8days ago
Plant is my favorite type so this ia my first attempt in laddering.
But I am stuck between platinum 2-4.
Should I keep using this deck and keep trying or should I change some of the cards? Any suggestion is appreciated.
<< Anonymous(Cananga)
Scarecrow 6days ago Reply
Ive had some of my best and most exciting victories with Raging Mad Plants.
<< Anonymous(Scarecrow)
Cananga 6days ago Reply
OH yeah. They also fill plant counter
Anonymous 7days ago
Rose Lover works best with Tribute to The Doomed and Last Gamble skill
Anonymous 11days ago
bye bye money wall
<< Anonymous(Ulle)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
yeah opponent´s ,so? whats your point
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
and? its for that turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
wow. so many money wall users defending it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Defending what? Mirror Wall is still usable even with this card being a thing.
Anonymous 11days ago
Oh another shitty card having 800 atk and def. Nothing new here.
<< Anonymous
Guigeek 11days ago Reply
Since when good cards have always good ATK and DEF?
<< Anonymous
Moody 8days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Is this bait or is this guy actually retarded?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
I'd go with both options.
Kaiba seto 11days ago

This has potential!
<< Anonymous(Kaiba seto)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
Hmmmm it feels like my Plant Big Wave Small Wave have better speed
<< Anonymous(Kaiba seto)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
As for me I prefer to send Rose Lover to graveyard using Fragrance Storm to draw at least 1 card
<< Anonymous
Moody 8days ago Reply
Dust Knight, in a way, gives better "draw power" Not from the deck to hand But from the deck to the grave Similar to Insight Reason why Fragrance Storm with Rose Lover isn't consistent is because you'd need both in the hand, what are the chances? Dust Knight throws it from the deck to the grave instead of making you use your Normal Summon and use a seperate card for it to get into the grave
<< Anonymous(Moody)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Depend on your type of deck actually. I use The World Tree so I opt to use pure plant type. With Marina on the field you can use Fragrance Storm to get flower counter AND destroy enemy's card. I use 3 Fragrance Storm with 3 Seed of Flame, 3 Botanical Girl, and 3 Rose Lover, all of which work wonderfully with Fragrance Storm. The result is actually quite a consistent deck.
Anonymous 11days ago
Lol. This card is essentially "Kidmodo dragon" for plants. You can summon a 2.8k beater instantly. How's this card not good?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
Yeah but yet not strong plant monster in current game now
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
except it's slower. needs to be in graveyard first then you banish her.
<< Anonymous
Realm 10days ago Reply
Except you can attack during the same turn, meaning faster. Kidmodo summon from being destroy, so more defensively,
<< Anonymous
Moody 8days ago Reply
It's not slower at all, pair that shit with Dust Knight, and you're good Also, the second effect makes it so it isn't affected by traps for the rest of the turn, meaning you can go balls deep into their defenses What's the difference between a Talya and a Tyrant Dragon summoned by Kidmodo/this plant? Tyrant Dragon can't be targeted, but it can be hit by Windstorm and Mirror Wall
Medikando 9days ago
Anonymous 10days ago
I remember using this card on tcg, i feel happy on having the opportunity to play this card again and maybe one day to reproduce my old deck.
Realm 11days ago
Useless irl, op here. :p
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
nope,still useless
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
this is a super OP card , youl see
Anonymous 11days ago
Not really tho, you still bae

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