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update 06/09/2016


Plant type has got the highest attack points low level monster in the game currently, "Jerry Beans Man" can be a helpful friend when you need strong damage, a total aggressive monster, once his defense points is absolutely 0, but there are some plant monsters which can be aggressive with high attack and defensive at the same time: "Naturia Strawberry" and "Naturia Guardian" get stronger the turn your opponent summons a monster. The new field spell "Forest" (Weevil Underwood duel reward) support these cards.

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I agree if they had added chaos archfiend and a way to get 2 red dragons i would be fine
*her A lovely hole like that can only be a woman
this is not old card art for widespread ruin. it's just the japanese version
you can negate yubel's effect with the Aromage Synchro.
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