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update 29/09/2016

Elemental HERO Neos Knight

Elemental HERO Neos Knight
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeFusion / Effect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Continuous Effect


"Elemental HERO Neos" + 1 Warrior-Type monsterThis card cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon. This card gains ATK equal to half the ATK of the Warrior-Type Fusion Material Monster used to Fusion Summon this card, other than "Elemental HERO Neos". This card can attack twice during each Battle Phase. If this card attacks or is attacked, your opponent takes no Battle Damage.

How to Get / Rarity

PackBlades of Spirits [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Very good flexibility as it can use any Warrior-Type monster as Fusion material, alongside with 1 Elemental HERO Neos.
  • Gains additional ATK based on the Warrior-Type monster used as Fusion material.
  • Can attack twice during each Battle Phase.
  • Strong ATK stats.


  • Your opponent takes no battle damage if this card attacks or is being attacked.

Tips, Related Cards, Rulings

  • Since this card cannot damage opponent’s Life Points, it is only useful to destroy your opponent’s monsters to clear the path for a direct hit to your opponent’s Life Points. If your opponents have no monsters on the field, it is not advisable to Fusion summon this monster.

Fusion support

These cards help you draw out Polymerization faster.


These are the Warrior-Type monsters that are strong in ATK value that can be used to fuse with Elemental HERO Neos.

Combo Plays

Using BLS-Sacred Soldier as fusion material, you can get Elemental HERO Neos Knight out, attack your opponent’s monsters twice, use De-fusion to Special summon BLS-Sacred Soldier and Elemental HERO Neos to the field. At this moment, if you have a banished LIGHT or DARK monster, BLS-Sacred Soldier’s effect activates, unbanishing 1 of your LIGHT or DARK monster, and banish 1 card from your opponent’s field, then you can continue your attack using BLS-Sacred Soldier and Elemental HERO Neos.


The Beginning of Heaven and Earth can mill out BLS-Sacred Soldier and 1 or 2 other Warrior-Type monsters for an easier card draw, and O-Oversoul is able to bring back Elemental HERO Neos from the graveyard to the field. Hero Barrier is a very good card to protect your Elemental Heroes.





Summoning categoriesNomi / 2 Fusion Materials
LPPrevents battle damage
Stat changesThis card gains ATK
Attack categoriesMultiple attacker


Hot New Top
Since your opponent takes no battle damage, then why do you get battle damage from attacking amazoness swordswoan?
HC Nut
Honestly I think Neos Wingman is better
<< Anonymous(HC Nut)
Anonymous Reply
There's no such thing as "Neos Wingman" though?
You know what? This card would fit perfectly into an Elemental HERO Deck that doesn't rely on Neo-Spacians.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's how I use him
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Even Spunky Jaden didn't use any Neospacian in his lv40 deck that uses this card.
Best card coming
<< Anonymous(Kka)
Anonymous Reply
he probably means best as in how it can be a high ATK monster, which really is all he is and also use to get over high ATK monsters plus can attack twice leaving the opponent clear for other monsters or giving more of a chance to deal damage with him. It ain't good but it ain't terrible but highly doubt people will switch to it
<< Anonymous
Some smuck Reply
Idk man, fuse a powerful warrior monster with neos, clear the field, defuse and you have a possible 1TKO.
<< Anonymous(Some smuck)
Anonymous Reply
Just tried, can not defuse due to unspecified fusion material monster. It just sends noes knight to the extra deck and no cards are summoned from the graveyard
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
did you use poly or contact fusion
I once won a duel because my opponent forgot this card cannot deal any damage, giving me one turn to make a comeback.
best counter to e-con tho
Current Neos Knight x Thunder Giant Deck. Thoughts?
This could be really useful in farm decks. You can get card destruction points without fear of your foe being in attack position.
<< Anonymous(Wooster)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Wooster)
Anonymous Reply
can also fusion with swamp king/ versago instead in a dark paladin farm
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
perfect for paladin deck.
Somehow managed to beat a Cyber Angels deck with this card.
Used it to clear the Dakinis from the field then in the next turn summoned Tera Firma and used Fusion Recovery to add ocean back to my hand and summon it too, cleared the way with Neos Knight again and attacked with my remaining HEROS for the victory.
This card is R, not SR. Great in a Neos (not Neo Spacian) deck. Woth Blazeman, and UFO, why not?
In the offical site it says this guy is R, not SR.
Lmao. Lower defense than it's fusion material, means die to econ more than regular neos. And it doesn't inflict damage at all
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Purpose of it isn't to deal damage, its to clear the field. If this card could deal damage, it would be broken
<< Anonymous
Fusiom Reply
You use this to clear the monster slots than finish it off with De-Fusion.
<< Anonymous
Fusiom Reply
You use this to clear the monster slots than finish it off with De-Fusion.

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