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Anyone else also doesn't get the boost stated underneath? I think it's bugged. Also tested it with numorous cards... This card gains ATK equal to half the ATK of the Warrior-Type Fusion Material Monster used to Fusion Summon this card
What cards did you use to test them? If the other warrior monster original attack is 0 then you get nothing, if using like light hex sealed fusion, then it won't get anything, if you use 2 neos, then you also get nothing from it, since it's stated on the card text 'except "Elemental Hero Neos"', other than those cases, I see nothing out of ordinary, unless using grandmerge, nothing happens
<< Anonymous
It's pretty obvious they used Neos Fusion or Miracle Contact, neither of which Fusion Summons a monster.
<< Anonymous
Yeah that's it, had the same problem def bc using miracle fusion and neos fusion. Thank u
Same happened to me and I used neos fusion to fuse EH neos +BL soldier but didn't get any atk boost.
yeah, i got the same problem. i had tried several times and realized that it will not work if you use Neos Fusion, but you can use Fusion Gate, Fusion Substitute, Polymerization and Vision Fusion, instead. In addition, I love the combo: EH Neos + EH Captain Gold + Neo Space = EH Neos Knight ATK: 4050
<< Anonymous
Neos fusion is treated as special summon not fusion summon, so you won't get any attack boost since there's no fusion material.


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The good side about this deck is its high attack power boss monsters
Maybe the only monster the opponent had in their graveyard cannot be special summoned by such mea...
Was does my a s s hole f a ggot opponent always top deck this one of card?
And all this madness for a childrens card game. Hope you never have do deal with an actual proble...
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