Yami Marik event : Unleash the Egyptian God Card! [Apr 2018]

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update 20/04/2018
Yami Marik Returns II: Unleash the Egyptioan God Card

Event guide
Arkana Lvl 40
Arkana Lvl 40

Yami Marik Lvl 40

Yami Marik Lvl 50
PeriodApr 19 - Apr 26


How to play

  1. Earn Map Fragments by defeating Duelists in Duel World!
  2. When you collect enough Map Fragments, you will be able to locate Rare Hunters!
  3. Defeat the Rare Hunters to find Yami Marik!
  4. By proceeding through the event, you can Duel against the Rare Hunters at the Gate! Collect Event Points to progress!

Required Map Fragments and Acquired Points

Yami Marik's
Required Map Fragments (QTY)Acquired Points
105DA x1
2010DA x3
3020DA x7
4040DA x18
500DA x20
Note: DA = Duel Assessment

Event Progress Conditions

Challenge 1: Collect 20 or more Map Fragments
Challenge 2: Collect 40 or more Map Fragments
Challenge 3: Collect 60 or more Map Fragments
Challenge 4: Complete Challenge 3
Challenge 5: Complete Challenge 4 + Collect 200,000 Event Points or more
Challenge 6: After Apr 23 13:00 + Complete Challenge 5 + Collect 1,000,000 Event Points or more

New Rewards


WATER Reptile ★4
ATK 1900 / DEF 700
Yami Marik Unlock Event [SR]
When this monster is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned, increase your Life Points by 1000 points. When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you take 2000 points of damage.

Humanoid Slime

Humanoid Slime
Humanoid Slime
WATER Aqua ★4
ATK 800 / DEF 2000
Yami Marik Unlock Event [SR]
This slime apparently has some human genes in its genetic makeup.

Humanoid Worm Drake

Humanoid Worm Drake
Humanoid Worm Drake
WATER Aqua ★7
ATK 2200 / DEF 2000
Yami Marik Unlock Event [R]
"Worm Drake" + "Humanoid Slime"

Yami Marik's New Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Power of the Tributed
When you sucessfully Tributed Summon "The Winged of Ra", its ATK will becomes the sum of the ATK of the Tirbuted Monsters, and its DEF will becomes the sum of the Tributed Monsters.
Yami Marik
Yami Marik

Exclusive Rewards

The Winged Dragon of Ra

By defeating Marik Lvl.50 who will start appearing from Apr 23 13:00, you can obtain the Egyptian God Card, "The Winged Dragon of Ra"! Face the overwhelming power of Yami Marik Lvl.50!

Cannot be Special Summoned. Requires 3 Tributes to Normal Summon (cannot be Normal Set). This card's Normal Summon cannot be negated. When Normal Summoned, other cards and effects cannot be activated. When this card is Normal Summoned: You can pay Life Points so that you only have 100 left; this card gains ATK and DEF equal to the amount of Life Points paid. You can pay 1000 Life Points, then target 1 monster on the field; destroy that target.
  • Players who have already received the Winged Dragon of Ra from previous events will receive a UR jewel instead.

Exclusive Skill

A new skill for Yami Marik, "Power of the Tributed", can be obtained by defeating Yami Marik Lvl 50. A skill that gives The Winged Dragon of Ra the combined Attack points and combined Defense points of the monsters used to tribute summon it.

Drop rewards

Cumulative Points Rewards

80,000Humanoid SlimeHumanoid Slime
180,000Yami Marik New Players
280,000Card Sleeves Attack of the Rare Hunters
460,000Lava GolemLava Golem
750,000Ra's DiscipleRa's Disciple
1,100,000Game Mat Attack of the Rare Hunters
3,000,000Game Icon Attack of the Rare Hunters

Missions and Rewards

Gems can be obtained from event mission rewards (event), and farming Yami Marik.

Win 1 Duel(s) against Yami Marik at Level 10 in Duel World.Gems
Gems x5
Win 1 Duel(s) against Yami Marik at Level 20 in Duel World.Gems
Gems x10
Win 1 Duel(s) against Yami Marik at Level 30 in Duel World.Gems
Gems x15
Win 1 Duel(s) against Yami Marik at Level 40 in Duel World.Gems
Gems x20
Win 20 Duel(s) against Yami Marik in Duel World.Gems
Gems x25
Win 40 Duel(s) against Yami Marik in Duel World.Gems
Gems x25
Play 30 Duel(s) against Yami Marik in Duel World.Gems
Gems x50
Play 60 Duel(s) against Yami Marik in Duel World.Gems
Gems x25

Rare Hunter Lvl 20

Arkana's deck Lvl 40

During this event Arkana will also be available at the gate with his Lvl 10, 20, 30 and 40 decks. He will also be dropping a seperate set of reward cards from Yami Marik. Some of these cards were previously only obtainable through the Arkana roaming event, so this is a chance to farm them from him.

Arkana's deck Lvl 20

Arkana only shows up at the gate as a lvl 20, but he drops some SR and UR cards, including Anti-Magic Arrows which is a very useful card for both farming and pvp. Chances of obtaining the rare cards can be low, but it can be a good way to get them early if you don't want to wait until the return of Arkana's next event.

Yami Marik's Lvl30 deck

Credit goes to Veselin


Hot New Top
Anonymous 10days ago
Anyone know if they are going to release another way to obtain the card (as it is after the event)?
Ll 20days ago
Hey can Simeone Tell me how often Is this event?
<< Anonymous(Ll)
Infra 20days ago Reply
I want to know too, it ended too fast ): and i lost my oportunity to get Rá
<< Anonymous(Infra)
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
Once a year
Anonymous 31days ago
I been playin Duel Links a year and this are things Duel Links need to work on update:

- Legendary Duelist level capacity
- Legendary Duelist new rewards on gate
- More Stages, specially for Gx
- Make possible to make glossy or prismatic any card, with the useless stones or something not only the card trader cards.
- Less spawn events more unlock events (and new and better cards if the event get repeat is just boring doin the event all over again for lame cards)
- New ways to get gems, the fountain and trash is just lame (I don't know something like in the duel school, or challenges, able to do every day)
- Where is the tag duel idea?
-Complete old archetypes (grave keepers, gem knights, harpies) so many of them just get left in oblivion.

<< Anonymous
Jake 31days ago Reply
Konami should really hire you! Bought up so many good points there!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
I'm on Jake's side. Great points. And that's what me and my friends want (especially the Tag Duels)
Only have 2 Ra's disciples and Marik wont drop me the third -_-
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same, but at least I have an army of humanoid slime.. in case.. meta?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol thx guys. im farming hard for treasure maps. at least its given me an excuse to win PvP games and go for KoG. at legend 2 right now. i just want the third disciple
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
Try fight marik LV 50 I lose Vs marik LV 50 n he drop my final ra disciple don,t give up
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
You can use an SR/UR ticket to get it I believe
Anonymous 29days ago
No Ra Disciple drop at all from this event, good thing I already got 14 copies of it from last event.
Anonymous 29days ago
Got a good amount of everything from him.....except Des Gardius.

Only 1 copy and even then, I only got it when I lost once against him, lmao
Anonymous 30days ago
He ain't dropping Granadora
Ryan 30days ago
When will this end? On my game, it said April 25 2018 21:00? Does it us my time zone?
<< Anonymous(Ryan)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
Yes. My me, it ends on 4/26/18 at 1:00, for example.
Seriously?! Today's Event missions are insane. How the hell can I summon Ra against Sylvans, SSA and E-con?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I had better luck in casual. You can also summon in friend duel and it will count(it counted for rainbow dragon so I think it does for Ra too)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Anyway, you can actually achieve the mission in friendly duel. I just tried it a minute ago.
<< Anonymous
CheetoCrumbs 31days ago Reply
I just used Enemy Controller to take control of NPC Marik's and killed him in 2 turns XD
lmao all those Mariks in pvp with crappy Ra Decks... this is literally the most hilarious thing ever since I started Duel Links
<< Anonymous
CheetoCrumbs 31days ago Reply
XD XD XD I know, right. Everyone is so pressed to use the terrible card and skill smdh
I farmed Marik to 3,672,100 points and beat him 37 times and got no Ra's disciples drops. Only one I gotten was the one from the rewards......
<< Anonymous
Erick Reply
Im using hazy oak. I can get past 9999 easy with about 7,000 to 8,000 points
<< Anonymous(Erick)
Anonymous Reply
I've gotten only one to drop so far outside the standard rewards ladder as well. Been using hazy farm also. Keep going!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
this is a repeat event & new rewards are bad, so i use random deck to kill him with avg scores 4~5K. lot of UR drop comparing to last time i aim for 8K+ scores.

this is a ridiculous. XD
<< Anonymous(Erick)
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
I farmed him up to 5mil and found myself in the same boat. then I lost to lvl 50 and got 1 then just randomly beat him with a auto deck at lvl 40, not at the gate, and got the 3rd. seems like you get it when you don't try
Anonymous 31days ago
These NPC decks got no challenge at all. At least made it more difficult than last time!

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