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update 24/10/2016

Gil Garth

Gil Garth
Monster TypeFiend
Card typeNormal


This steel-armored terror machine ruthlessly strikes down enemies with its giant katana.









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Rlly need 3 copies of this card. I have not touched CK nor DoD because I'm F2P

So far I have 2 which is nice
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
F2P= face 2 penus
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
people who pay 300+ on this game are life noobs and need to get good at that.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
P2W is ok, it's the reason why komoney release this game OUTSIDE japan. Look at FGO.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
people who brag about spending money on a game is just pathetic.
Just got my third one.
Only thing left is to grind a few ex jewels for my second boy Gardna.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well another event and yet again another card i just can't get, EVERY. SINGLE. MFKN. EVENT is the same BS, there's that one card that i can't get on the drops, no matter how hard i farm, this event i got over 4m points and it's always the one card i need the most, for Yugi Muto's it's Union Attack, for Bakura's it's Trance Archfiend, for Arkana's it was Dark Magician and so forth.
And it's not limited to events, i'm here stuck without a single copy of Champion's Vigilance, Water Hazard, Second Coin Toss, Gravekeeper Cheif etc.
I've come to the conclussion that the drops are probably determined by an algorithm based on your duel ID and that mine is fkd, simple as that, now i'm stuck playing my Dark Necrofear/Masks/Order to Charge deck with the stupid Crows for as long as the devs decide to bring this guy back or give us a chance at another SR card of our choice, seriously, to all that got trilllions of copies of this card, i hope you all die.
end of rant
<< Anonymous(Fucktard)
Anonymous Reply
I got 7 copies of gil garth as well as 9+ copies of the rest of the SR , your not farming hard enough
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
farming is literally all luck tho lol, effort does not translate to rewards at all in this game. i spent like 5k keys on weevil, with like a 95% total winrate (8k,) and only have 2 skull ladybugs. i dont really care because its mediocre anyways, but you dont get rewarded based on effort at all in this game.
<< Anonymous(Fucktard)
Anonymous Reply
Just grind hard while getting 8000 scores every time. Worked for me and I got my 3rd one last second.
<< Anonymous(Fucktard)
Anonymous Reply
Dude i never get any srs only useless n and rs hell i only got one four face one tiki elder two mask 1 defender 1 spell of pain that it and i dueled him at lvl 40 all the time after i chould basically this game is just luck can you get the best cards in the short time given no well then fuch you youre gonna lose all your pvp duels because everyone else got good farming drops
Got 3 of these bad boys. What deck should I make with them?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its nothing impressive just your standard 1800 attack monster
I just want gil garth... Cant get it... Why
<< Anonymous(Holymoly)
CakmaLuka Reply
lol at least you got one I've been trying to get byser shock and have at least 3 copies of any other card but not even a single byser
Got him after a humiliating defeat at LVL 40, yet I've beaten him numerous times with a high point score, so does your point score even matter or is the drops random?
<< Anonymous
Rob Reply
Idk how you haven't figured it out, 1000 points = 1 drop, 1 drop = a chance at ex jewels, gems, coins, a card, each obviously has a different rarity 8 Chests is a higher chance to pull a SR/UR card, but even 1000 points can be the SR
<< Anonymous(Rob)
Anonymous Reply
I'm not sure either tbh, I pretty much clocked on to it after posting this but thanks for clarifying anyway, so basically the more chests you get from each 1000 points, increases your chance of rare stuff?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No you the less the better just lose on purpose all the time
Tiến Dũng
Everything I need
Welp, got a prisma one of these mofo. feels good
<< Anonymous(Meh)
Anonymous Reply
*jizz in pants* oh yes
<< Anonymous(Meh)
Anonymous Reply
This is satisfying
It's annoying how rare this card is. It's like the one thing you can't get at the card trader.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maboi this card is not that rare
So we can't use EX jewels to trade for this card? So lame Konami and your drop rates suck, never felt so unrewarded for scoring 8k points just to get crap all the time...
*ahem* AXE RAIDER *ahem* UR

Jk I have four Jeroids and Revival Jams already but I only got Gil Garth after I reached a certain amount of points. MUST. FARM. HARDER.
Nice, finally a normal fiend stronger than Gross ghost/ that 1650/1600 guy
<< Anonymous
Yami Reply
And 3 copy of this :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You're forgetting about the ultimate diskblade rider
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh normal lol

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Man I farmed this lv 60 yubel with my usual ancient gears farming deck, 10 prismatic cards used, ...
Read the Issues notification in the game, all drawing skills are bugged at the moment
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