Yami Marik event : Unleash the Egyptian God Card! [Apr 2018]

Only have 2 Ra's disciples and Marik wont drop me the third -_-
Just got the 3rd one, don't give up !!! hope you will get the 3rd one soon
Same, but at least I have an army of humanoid slime.. in case.. meta?
lol thx guys. im farming hard for treasure maps. at least its given me an excuse to win PvP games and go for KoG. at legend 2 right now. i just want the third disciple
Try fight marik LV 50 I lose Vs marik LV 50 n he drop my final ra disciple don,t give up
You can use an SR/UR ticket to get it I believe


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If it’s chained it’s ineffective, if it’s after the fact it’s ineffective...
1st account. I got my 1st circle in the 18th pack and my second after around 40 packs. The 3rd on...
The main reason why we F2P players can't "truly understand optimised decks" is gem...
rly man that u get by konami .1.
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