How to beat/farm Yami Marik Lvl 40 (Unlock event)

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update 17/07/2017

Note: These decks are to farm Yami Marik Lvl on Attack of the Rare Hunters!: Yami Marik Returns, for decks to farm Yami Marik on Unleash the Egytian God Card!: Yami Marik Returns Part 2, click here.

Union Attack Cerberus

Union Attack version

Mythical Beast CerberusGravekeeper's VassalShard of GreedShard of GreedUnion AttackUnion Attack
StormSoul of the PureSoul of the PureSoul of the PureGoblin's Secret RemedyGoblin's Secret Remedy
Goblin's Secret RemedyGather Your MindGather Your MindGather Your MindSecret Pass to the TreasuresBlue Medicine
Blue MedicineBlue Medicine----

Budget version

Mythical Beast CerberusRiryokuStormSpell AbsorptionSpell AbsorptionSpell Absorption
Soul of the PureSoul of the PureSoul of the PureGoblin's Secret RemedyGoblin's Secret RemedyGoblin's Secret Remedy
YamiStop Defense Cup of Ace Cup of Ace Cup of AceGather Your Mind
Gather Your MindGather Your Mind----


Unhappy Girl


Union Attack version

Mystical Beast of SerketGravekeeper's VassalThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlCrystal Seer
Rai-MeiRai-MeiRai-MeiSupremacy BerrySupremacy BerrySupremacy Berry
Union AttackUnion AttackTemple of the KingsPot of BenevolencePot of BenevolenceCelestial Transformation
Secret Pass to the TreasuresForced Ceasefire---Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon


Labyrinth Builder (7k - 8k)


Budget version

Magician of Black ChaosGravekeeper's VassalUnion AttackUnion AttackShield & SwordMagical Mallet
Magical MalletMagical MalletYellow Luster ShieldYellow Luster ShieldYellow Luster ShieldPot of Benevolence
Pot of BenevolencePot of BenevolenceRitual ForegoneJar of GreedJar of GreedJar of Greed
Aegis of GaiaForced Ceasefire----


Very fast expensive version

Gravekeeper's VassalPlanet PathfinderPlanet PathfinderSorcerous Spell WallSorcerous Spell WallShard of Greed
Shard of GreedShard of GreedUnion AttackUnion AttackUnion AttackShield & Sword
StormYellow Luster ShieldSecret Pass to the TreasuresGood Goblin HousekeepingGood Goblin HousekeepingGood Goblin Housekeeping
Jar of GreedJar of Greed----

Quick field version

Magician of Black ChaosGravekeeper's VassalUnion AttackUnion AttackAnti-Magic ArrowsShield & Sword
Magical MalletMagical MalletPot of BenevolenceDemise of the LandDemise of the LandDemise of the Land
Acidic DownpourAcidic DownpourAcidic DownpourRitual ForegoneJar of GreedJar of Greed
Jar of GreedAegis of Gaia----

Piranha Army version

Mystical Beast of SerketPiranha ArmyDouble SummonTemple of the KingsMagical MalletMagical Mallet
Magical MalletYellow Luster ShieldYellow Luster ShieldYellow Luster ShieldGift of the MartyrPot of Benevolence
Pot of BenevolencePot of BenevolenceSecret Pass to the TreasuresJar of GreedJar of GreedJar of Greed
Aegis of GaiaForced Ceasefire---Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon


Score2,000 - 4,000
SkillDinosaur Kingdom
Essential cards

Dino version

Element SaurusElement SaurusElement SaurusCrawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2Kabazauls
KabazaulsKabazaulsTwo-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King RexParalyzing PotionExile of the Wicked
Exile of the WickedExile of the WickedCurse of AnubisTrap JammerTrap JammerTrap Jammer
Altar for TributeAltar for Tribute----

Balance version

Gearfried the Iron KnightFire King Avatar YakshaFire King Avatar YakshaFire King Avatar YakshaGreat AngusGreat Angus
Great AngusMaster KyonsheeMaster KyonsheeMaster KyonsheeParalyzing PotionExile of the Wicked
Exile of the WickedExile of the WickedCurse of AnubisTrap JammerTrap JammerTrap Jammer
Altar for TributeAltar for Tribute----


Draw Sense: Low-Level

Mythical Beast CerberusSorcerous Spell WallShard of GreedShard of GreedSupremacy BerrySupremacy Berry
Big Bang ShotEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerRain of MercyRain of Mercy
Anti-Magic ArrowsDian Keto the Cure MasterDian Keto the Cure MasterLucky Iron AxeSoul of the PureCup of Ace
Cup of AceCup of Ace----


Level 40 Yami Marik's deck

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUsers
Shadow Game
At the end of their respective turn, each player will lose LP equal to "100" times the number of cards in their own graveyard.

Yami Marik


Level 40 Yami Marik drops


Hot New Top
Darkness 31days ago
So Im using Union Attack Cerberus deck but I dont have gather your mind what can I substitute for?
<< Anonymous(Darkness)
akubane 31days ago Reply
you could try bamboo sword, 3 cursed, 1 golden and 1 normal. that way you can get spell counter every turn with cursed+ another sword.
<< Anonymous(Darkness)
akubane 31days ago Reply
know that feel too, but 10 packs is not much, i had to open 80 from a main box to get spell reclamation.
<< Anonymous(akubane)
Darkness 31days ago Reply
Do I really need those cards cant i replace them with just other spell cards? Not just drawing cards.
<< Anonymous(Darkness)
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Into the Void
Anonymous 31days ago
This deck works well most of the time if used correctly:
x1 Sapphire Pegasus
x1 Topaz Tiger
x1 Ruby Carbuncle
x1 Emerald Tortoise
x1 Cobalt Eagle
x1 Amethyst cat
x1 Amber Mamoth
x1 Lava Golem
x1 Rainbow Dragon
x1 Gravity Lash
x1 Different Dimension Capsule
x2 Crystal Release
x1 Blast with Chain
x1 Powerful Rebirth
x1 Reinforcements
x1 Rainbow Path
x1 Spikeshield with chain
x1 Mirror Mail
x1 Enchanted Javelin
Works well for me
Ojamas are working for me
use ojama deck with restart skill, ,very consistent deck. the goal is to block the monster zones before he got 2 monsters on the field. if he did, you're auto-lose.
I locked him down with unhappy girl, and he got out his Ra and destroy my unhappy girl. Damn
So I made a cerberus deck, and then Marik summoned RA, got over cerberus atack and ataked, please some one update this, had I knew this I would put 2 kuribohs to avoid the atack
<< Anonymous
Ojojama Reply
Get abyssal designator to get rid of it, in my game it used its 1000lp to destroy my cerberus.
okey I have one thing to say... how can you say a freaking budjet deck when there is that goddam ungetable union card? is there a way you just release a doable deck for people who havent been around for this event? it doesnt have to bring us to 8000k point but it would be nice to have more than 3000k. Or just a good build to beat it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
konami punish new players, didn't you know that???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just replace vassal and the UA’s with piranha army, gift of the martyr and a riryoku
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its your own fault dumbass new player got many free ur and sr tix its your fault cause you used it for something else now you gonna conplain about it what the its budget because its free dumbass
<< Anonymous
Syfodias Reply
Try building a deck with around 11 monsters with defense piercing effect. have 2 or 3 cards that can deal with his mask spell card and his trap wheel ( U can get 3x spiritualism from the card trader ) and use 6 attack increasing spells ( riryoku, blustering winds equip cards etc )
Good luck out there
Marik lv40 doesn't use shadow game tho. No need for all those healing spells.
So far on all L.D. I use the same formula;

Phantom beast wildhorn X3
Lancer lindwordm X3
Enraged Battle Ox X3
Uminotaurus X1
Dark Driceratops X1

Blustering winds X3
Rising energy X3
Wall of Disruption X3

Doesnt get more than 5.000 score but wins 100% of the time and fast too.
So far I have always gotten 3 of each card that can drop.

Farming takes alot of time and in some cases alot of luck.

I was lucky with packs but you can always play around. The general idea is to force the AI into defense mode while u can do piercing damage. Big bang shot can also work. And different traps such as floodgate/ acid trap/ mirror wall etc.

Good luck with farming
indon anjing
banyak bocah bacod disini xixixi tunggulah belom selesai update kok..
<< Anonymous(Indonesia)
pids Reply
balik kampung la bocah
<< Anonymous(Indonesia)
Anonymous Reply
^bocah teriak bocah.. tuh komen bnyk yg ga sabaran.. goblok
<< Anonymous(Indonesia)
Elang indosial Reply
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