One of Yami Marik unique skills, might have a potential to be seen often on future ranked games.


At the end of their respective turn, each player will lose LP equal to "100" times the number of cards in their own graveyard.



How to get

Soon to be updated...

Rating and explanation

Based on the description, this skill might be useful to milling decks. More ratings and explanation shall be posted soon...

Yami Marik skills list


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Blue leopard
I ve spent over 4000 keys and still no shadow game, evem though I unlocked all the common skills and I'm at lv33
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
that's not why pokemon go failed lmfao
<< Anonymous(Blue leopard )
Jade 28days ago Reply
I feel you, bro. I'm even using Marik everytime an LD (any level) pops up in Duel World in the hope to get this skill. No luck :/ The same goes for Yugi/Joey/Pegasus exclusive skills, while strangely I got every skill for Bakura.
<< Anonymous
rUstupid 9days ago Reply
Lmfao Pokemon Go devs listening to their customers. Good one John Hanks.
<< Anonymous(Blue leopard )
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
I got it from the 3rd LD I played against with him xD
Okama Queen 15days ago
Been grinding Crowler and other LDs with Yami Marik, still no Shadow Game while got other skills multiple times instead. WTF?!
<< Anonymous(Okama Queen)
Ragnarök 14days ago Reply
This skill is simply impossible to get.
<< Anonymous(Ragnarök)
Captain obvious 14days ago Reply
Nah man u just need to grind frequently with the same legendary duelist. I got the exclusive skills from him the same day I got him
Anonymous 14days ago
You get it from lvl 40 Joey!!!! Saw a post below and got it first try.
why doesn't this activate attack and receive at the end of my turn?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
because shadow game isn't damage it's just a loss of lp
been farming for this skill since my marik at lvl 1 now my marik is at lvl 35 still dont get it same goes to harpies hunting ground and luck on your side
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What are ya complaining about? I.m missing shadow game, last gamble, luck on your side, every si gle drop skill from pegasus, harpies hunting ground and many others. And i.m stage 53
Yami Oscar
KOG using a shadow game skill
<< Anonymous(Yami Oscar )
Anonymous Reply
This deck looks solid. What's your worst matchup?
<< Anonymous
Yami Oscar Reply
Ninjas, Phoenix self-destruct, relinquished + lava golem are almost unplayable. There are others that are hard if you dont have the right hand to counter it: toons, naturia, control.
Trying to build a burn deck with this skill. Any tips? (Yes that's a YGOTAS reference in the deck name)
<< Anonymous(Johndoe599)
Anonymous Reply
Sending your own cards to the graveyard for the burn effect will cause the skill to damage you, while not doing much to your opponent.
<< Anonymous(Johndoe599)
Anonymous Reply
millworm. and skull invitation.
<< Anonymous
Blue leopard Reply
No dude, you mean sending Opponent cards to graveyard and he will lose much points
<< Anonymous(Blue leopard )
Anonymous Reply
Blue Leopard, he's talking about using the emo bitch card.
I got lucky and got it by accident
<< Anonymous(Ben)
Rjay Reply
Can you show your deck to farm?
<< Anonymous(Rjay)
Ben Reply
I use gate guardian duel standby farm deck
<< Anonymous(Ben)
Anonymous Reply
How do u get shadow game for Marik? I'm having trouble
Against Joey. Kind of funny because one duel earlier I played as Joey vs Marik and drop me last gamble.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Kaibaman with union attack.
I've been trying to get high duel assessment when fighting against marik but he's in this suicidal spree with his shadow game skill... I can't get enough turns to get all the cards I need to boost my Duel Assessment :(... any suggestions? I have to kill his monsters otherwise he will summon "masked beast des gardius" and I surely want to prevent that from happening, but while I kill his monsters more LP will be discounted to him while playing and he would end up defeated because of the skill and not my dueling >_>
<< Anonymous(Aquazula)
Anonymous Reply
Y u asking here? Shd ask at marik 40 thread instead. The event btw is ending soon, abit late to figure out beating it, but nevertheless see that thread fast, maybe u can loot one or two more cards.
almost 7k keys still no shadow game skill! I keep getting the same life points boost shit skill

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Pulse Mines seems decent.
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