Shadow Game (skill)

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update 07/04/2017


One of Yami Marik unique skills, might have a potential to be seen often on future ranked games.


At the end of their respective turn, each player will lose LP equal to "100" times the number of cards in their own graveyard.



How to get

Soon to be updated...

Rating and explanation

Based on the description, this skill might be useful to milling decks. More ratings and explanation shall be posted soon...

Yami Marik skills list


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Anonymous 1days ago
how do you get it?
Gijs 13days ago
Does this skill also work on banished cards? Or only in the graveyard?
<< Anonymous(Gijs)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
What part of graveyard that you dont understand lol ?
<< Anonymous
Gijs 11days ago Reply
What part of the question didn't you understand? Just answer it or go annoy someone else.
<< Anonymous(Gijs)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
No, it doesn't count banished cards. Or cards in the Deck. Or cards on the field. Or cards in the hand. Or cards you have under your bed at home.
<< Anonymous
Gijs 8days ago Reply
Alright, thanks
Zombiera 21days ago
I've been playing with this ability and Aromages. With Aroma Garden, as long as I have less than 5 cards in my GY I don't lose more than I gain. It really cuts off a lot of the pressure that comes with the ability, and transfers it really hard to all of the Sylvan decks Plat+
Helpprincess 22days ago
I hope they get this skill into the game cause I do want it for fun. And I've spent over 6000 gate keys before I knew that it wasn't in the English version.
<< Anonymous(Helpprincess)
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
Hmm, that's weird.

I get that this is probably sarcasm stemming from frustration over not getting it as a drop, but... I've gotten like 3-4 skills from the Jesse event and PVP in the last like day. It's not that hard to grind for skills.
it's a little late and doesn't work very well unless most of the monsters in the deck are either special summon or set, but 2 slime breeding machines + 1 spirit barrier + this skill = one pissed off opponent
Blue leopard
I ve spent over 4000 keys and still no shadow game, evem though I unlocked all the common skills and I'm at lv33
<< Anonymous(Blue leopard )
Jade Reply
I feel you, bro. I'm even using Marik everytime an LD (any level) pops up in Duel World in the hope to get this skill. No luck :/
The same goes for Yugi/Joey/Pegasus exclusive skills, while strangely I got every skill for Bakura.
<< Anonymous
rUstupid Reply
Lmfao Pokemon Go devs listening to their customers. Good one John Hanks.
<< Anonymous(Blue leopard )
Anonymous Reply
I got it from the 3rd LD I played against with him xD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wtf i spent over 9000 keys. And still not getting this
Lol get double on the same event
Trying to build a burn deck with this skill. Any tips? (Yes that's a YGOTAS reference in the deck name)
<< Anonymous(Blue leopard )
Anonymous Reply
Blue Leopard, he's talking about using the emo card.
<< Anonymous(Johndoe599)
BakuraMarik Shipping Reply
I might name one of my Marik Dacks: Army of Steves now haha
<< Anonymous(Johndoe599)
The Corporation Reply
I named one of my Marik decks "The Ruler of All Doors."
<< Anonymous(The Corporation)
NMS Reply
Lol that part was hilarious.
There have been others who started shadow games. Like why can't Yami bakura have shadow games as well?
<< Anonymous(Complainer)
Valencia Reply
And Yami Yugi should have a new skill: Mind Crush.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
Okama Queen
Been grinding Crowler and other LDs with Yami Marik, still no Shadow Game while got other skills multiple times instead. WTF?!
<< Anonymous(Okama Queen)
Ragnarök Reply
This skill is simply impossible to get.
<< Anonymous(Ragnarök)
Captain obvious Reply
Nah man u just need to grind frequently with the same legendary duelist. I got the exclusive skills from him the same day I got him
<< Anonymous(Okama Queen)
Anonymous Reply
on the same boat here :( nearly got all the draw sense skii for marik but shadow game simply doesn't drop at all
Fei yi
Got it from defeating Arkana lv 20

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