One of Yami Marik unique skills, might have a potential to be seen often on future ranked games.


At the end of their respective turn, each player will lose LP equal to "100" times the number of cards in their own graveyard.



How to get

Soon to be updated...

Rating and explanation

Based on the description, this skill might be useful to milling decks. More ratings and explanation shall be posted soon...

Yami Marik skills list


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Blue leopard
I ve spent over 4000 keys and still no shadow game, evem though I unlocked all the common skills and I'm at lv33
<< Anonymous(Blue leopard )
Jade Reply
I feel you, bro. I'm even using Marik everytime an LD (any level) pops up in Duel World in the hope to get this skill. No luck :/
The same goes for Yugi/Joey/Pegasus exclusive skills, while strangely I got every skill for Bakura.
<< Anonymous
rUstupid Reply
Lmfao Pokemon Go devs listening to their customers. Good one John Hanks.
<< Anonymous(Blue leopard )
Anonymous Reply
I got it from the 3rd LD I played against with him xD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Derp 22days ago
Wtf i spent over 9000 keys. And still not getting this
Lol get double on the same event
Trying to build a burn deck with this skill. Any tips? (Yes that's a YGOTAS reference in the deck name)
<< Anonymous(Blue leopard )
Anonymous Reply
Blue Leopard, he's talking about using the emo card.
<< Anonymous(Johndoe599)
BakuraMarik Shipping Reply
I might name one of my Marik Dacks: Army of Steves now haha
<< Anonymous(Johndoe599)
The Corporation Reply
I named one of my Marik decks "The Ruler of All Doors."
<< Anonymous(The Corporation)
NMS Reply
Lol that part was hilarious.
There have been others who started shadow games. Like why can't Yami bakura have shadow games as well?
<< Anonymous(Complainer)
Valencia Reply
And Yami Yugi should have a new skill: Mind Crush.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
Okama Queen
Been grinding Crowler and other LDs with Yami Marik, still no Shadow Game while got other skills multiple times instead. WTF?!
<< Anonymous(Okama Queen)
Ragnarök Reply
This skill is simply impossible to get.
<< Anonymous(Ragnarök)
Captain obvious Reply
Nah man u just need to grind frequently with the same legendary duelist. I got the exclusive skills from him the same day I got him
<< Anonymous(Okama Queen)
Anonymous Reply
on the same boat here :( nearly got all the draw sense skii for marik but shadow game simply doesn't drop at all
Fei yi
Got it from defeating Arkana lv 20
Thank you, Tea. Finally got this skill after spending thousands of keys vs Paradox Bros, Odion, and Rex. Really bad drop rate on the signature skills thanks to RNG.
You get it from lvl 40 Joey!!!! Saw a post below and got it first try.
why doesn't this activate attack and receive at the end of my turn?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
because shadow game isn't damage it's just a loss of lp
been farming for this skill since my marik at lvl 1 now my marik is at lvl 35 still dont get it same goes to harpies hunting ground and luck on your side
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What are ya complaining about? I.m missing shadow game, last gamble, luck on your side, every si gle drop skill from pegasus, harpies hunting ground and many others. And i.m stage 53
Yami Oscar
KOG using a shadow game skill
<< Anonymous(Yami Oscar )
Anonymous Reply
This deck looks solid. What's your worst matchup?
<< Anonymous
Yami Oscar Reply
Ninjas, Phoenix self-destruct, relinquished + lava golem are almost unplayable.
There are others that are hard if you dont have the right hand to counter it: toons, naturia, control.

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Im blown away that weevil does not have a forest card skill
Konami must release this
Don't think this is some weak version of Storm. It being a quick play give you much more adv...
haha this nerd your broken draw engine is getting wrecked and now you're getting mad
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