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30th Mini Box: Voltage of the Metal
update 03/03/2017

Piranha Army

Piranha Army
Monster TypeFish
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


The Battle Damage this card inflicts by attacking your opponent's Life Points directly is doubled.

How to Get

PackAge of Discovery [N]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--


This card does not have enough high ATK to put the effect of itself to practical use, but can be a card for a combo to do one turn kill.

Tips, related cards, skills


Increase your piranha's attack while lowering your own or your opponent's monsters attack.

Secret Pass to the Treasure

Use this card if necessary (if there is monsters on your opponent's side of the field.) to deal direct damage and get the full effect of your piranha army.


Piranha Army + Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce + Reverse Trap + Shooting Star Bow - Ceal

1Summon a Piranha Army.
2Equip Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce and Shooting Star Bow - Ceal to the monster.
3Activate a Reverse Trap, then the ATK of the Piranha Army increases to 2300.
4Now the monster can inflict 9200 points of battle damage.



LPIncreases battle damage

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Hot New Top
wtf, wetlands isn't working with this card for some reason even though it clearly meets requirements (level 2, water type). Is Konami purposely nerfing this card?
<< Anonymous(Aces)
Anonymous Reply
No dumbo, you just don't know how to read card effects. It boosts level 2 water-AQUA types
So anyone know thy this happening,I'm farming Pegasus level 40 and on last turn,I have piranha army,unhappy girl and fusion monster,when I active secret pass to the treasures it wont let me choose piranha army and yes I didnt use gift of the marthyr first,so why? piranha is 800 attack and so far it always worked,is it something about toon world or?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
maybe pegasus has that elephant summoned or something that can make you not attack the turn you summon something
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You need to get rid of Mamoth somehow before you use Secret Pass, other than destroying it (because of Michizure). You could return it to the hand, banish it, shuffle it into the deck or just flip it face-down to stop its effect.
I use this basic deck to farm almost everyone:

3× Kaibaman
3× BDS
1x PWD and ritual
1x Piranha Army
1x Riryoku
1x Rising Energy
1x Gift of the Martyr
1x Burst Stream
1x Mirror Wall

Basically, wall them with BEWD,last turn, summon PA, use Burst Stream, use either RE or Riryoku followed by GotM to get PA up to either 5300 or 6800, and direct attack for double dmg. A win will almost always get you 7k+.

The 3 extra slots depend on the opponent. So for Tea, 3 Pot of Benevolence. Keith, 3 Destruction Jammer, and so on. And since BDS and PWD can pull from your deck, you can keep 22-24, so for Kaiba, you can add 2x Riryoku Field and 2x IMT. Obv, you need to plan around their cards, bait out things like Kuriboh and Econ as early as you can. Also, I use this with Life Boost a, so if you don't take DMG, you can use Mirror Wall to get down to exactly 1000 lp, then you get 1500 pts for Low LP, Comeback and Cards on the Brink. +2000 for winning and 3000 for 9999 dmg. Add another 500 for normal, special and ritual summon and that's 7k guaranteed. Works extremely well.
<< Anonymous(Falco)
Falco Reply
nvm just saw it
<< Anonymous(Sean)
Anonymous Reply
I pretty much have this same deck to farm with except I don't have Rising energy and I just try to get 2 BEWD out and use GOTM on the last turn. 6 to 7k everytime
<< Anonymous(Sean)
watafu Reply
bad deck, you have nothing to keep your BEWD on the field, most lvl 40's have monster removal.
<< Anonymous(Sean)
Anonymous Reply
git gud
Piranha+secret pass+Martyr.
This one to farm vs Lvl10&20.
Not tried it on Lvl30&40 opponents.
1) Summon BEUD.
2) Play Piranha Army
3) Use Spell Card "Way to treasures" (dunno the english translation sorry but look at the picture).
4)Use the Spell Card Martyr Gift to transfer the poxer of BEUD to Piranha Army (and the monster wil reach one 5,300ATK).

Then U attack directly your opponent with Piranha Army. This will cost him/her 10,600 damage points.
This way you will win 3,000points in the Duel Evaluation. (because U scored more than 9,999 damage points).
<< Anonymous(Rudy)
Rudy Reply
Works to farm lvl30 and score a lot too.
<< Anonymous(Rudy)
Zeldris Reply
Whats kind of skill us that "Racleé"
<< Anonymous(Zeldris)
666 illunimata confi Reply
"Beatdown" i think
Piranha army doesn't deal damage even though the attack animation runs, it doesn't show up any numbers like it would normally do when you deal battle damage. Maybe the issue is related with the game being unable to show large numbers on the screen at the moment.
<< Anonymous
fkngupmyfarms Reply
SAME! And its pissing me off
<< Anonymous(fkngupmyfarms)
Anonymous Reply
are you using it with union attack?
I'm farming easy with Cerberus piranha army, and ritual deck, Cerberus and riryoku, in CD, and one piranha army on deck, however I can't reach 8k, always around 6 or 7k
Age of discovery pack is no longer available! I can't get the piranha to farm. Is there another card similar to this? OR other way to farm!?
<< Anonymous(David)
Ken Reply
they are bringing back the 1st and 2nd generation packs for the world tournament,, probably your last chance to get it.. so lvl up your characters to get gems to buy the packs :)
Hi are there alternatives to this card? New player with no UR and AD card packs
<< Anonymous(Derrick)
Anonymous Reply
You got no choice but to stick to Vassal. Farm Yugi Mutou for at least 2 copies of Union Attack.
I am using Secret Pass to the Treasures and Rising Energy.
Bring that pack back!!! I want that card q.q

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