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update 04/04/2017

Reverse Trap

Reverse Trap
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect


Until the End Phase, all effects that add or subtract ATK or DEF are reversed. (Additions now subtract, and subtractions now add, instead. Multiplications and divisions, including halving/doubling, are not affected.)

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstOdion at level 30 or more
Card trader--



Will be useful to help your monsters to beat monsters your opponent controls since equip spells and Wonder Balloons are used by many players.


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  • The effect of this card cannot be activated at the damage step.

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Until the End Phase, all effects that add or subtract ATK or DEF are reversed. (Additions now subtract, and subtractions now add, instead. Multiplications and divisions, including halving/doubling, are not affected.)


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Arcana Force EX 24days ago
I'm need this card
<< Anonymous(Arcana Force EX)
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
just farm odion use 3x rrward
Khoi Nguyen
We can't chain it to a Mirror wall after its activation right?
<< Anonymous(Khoi Nguyen)
Ulle Reply
<< Anonymous(Khoi Nguyen)
Anonymous Reply
If your opponent doesn't pay attention and activates Mirror Wall before the Damage Step (because they have something such as Enemy Controller face-down), then you can. But generally speaking: no, you can't.
<< Anonymous(Khoi Nguyen)
Anonymous Reply
I mean, if your opp has a set or two and a mon in face up attack mode, you got a 2/3 chance of it being WoD or M Wall. So throw it down and then attack.
<< Anonymous(Khoi Nguyen)
Anonymous Reply
But mirror wall halves so it shouldn't work in the first place because Reverse Trap specifically says that halving/doubling are not affected.
Why does this work against Elemental HERO Wildheart?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because it's affecting other cards, not Wildheart. If you use chalice (spell card) on Wildheart, it will get a ATK boost but will decrease with Reverse Trap because it's the spell card that is affecting Wildheart. On the other hand, card like Wall of Disruption will have 0 effect on Wildheart regardless if you use Reverse Trap or not, and if it did, then it's a bug on the game.
"The effect of this card cannot be activated at the damage step."
Well, but it can be activated at the battle phase, when an opponent does an attack.. so.....
<< Anonymous
CloudNine Reply
and main phase too
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the damage phase occurs during an attack within the battlephase. so while it can be activated during the battlephase there is a specific time during the battle phase where it cant be activated
Can this trap work against Beatdown skill?
<< Anonymous(LogAvaAri)
Anonymous Reply
Yes it does. I'm using this in my deck right now (2 copies). Works well against the tie that binds too.

Mainly have it for countering wall of disruption as I couldn't be bothered with owning copies of it.
This card is decent..I use it with karate man and can increase his combo to 3500(x2). Helpful against duelists using 4000+ LP

Only really use it for shits and giggles :)
Why twister does not destroy that *** card?
<< Anonymous(Gfernandes)
Anonymous Reply
it does destroy, but doesn't negate activation. twister only useful if u use it on a spell that has to be on the field in order to maintain it's effect. example: field spell, equip spell, continous spell, continuous trap. it doesn't work (mostly) against quick play/normal spell, normal trap. counter trap is a chain speed above, so it doesnt work either
<< Anonymous(Gfernandes)
Anonymous Reply
twiste is not counter
Can I activate this when someone attacks me? I wonder how it would intract with Ojamas, let's say, dude E-con'd mine to def position, would it switch the value inverted by Ojama country back to how it originally was?
<< Anonymous(Momo)
Anonymous Reply
No. Because your stats are being swapped, not decreased/increased.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Why can't this be activated in the damage step? The card affects damage calculations and point values. I can't see why it wouldn't be activated in the damage step also.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Card affects effects that affect damage calculation effects. In other words, it doesn't affect damage calculations dirrectly.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because it doesnt directly alter stats. It just makes a special condition for those cards that do.
this works against the new trap that takes 800 for every monster you have?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If the ruling is correct, i.e. Reverse Trap cannot be activated at damage step, then it is literally useless against Wall of Disruption.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wall of Disruption can only be activated on attack declaration, Reverse trap can be activated in battle step which comes right after attack declaration.
What mean Passcode ?
Can someone help explain?
I tried using it against Suijin but it doesn't work.
<< Anonymous(Rires)
Anonymous Reply
0 damage from suijin is fixed value not add/subtract value

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That's how all hand traps works. This one just happens to be a literal trap card.
Oh, I see. By the time I unlocked lv40, it was already fixed, so I didn't get it.
A deck design that's meant for "fun" in a children's card game!? How obscene!...
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