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update 06/09/2016


Some of these monsters can work in a Water deck but there are better cards that people always choose instead. "Fortress Whale" seems to be the most used one because since he is a ritual card, the player can summon another monster during the same turn, there is an auto duel deck on the site using him. "Cure Mermaid" and "Piercing Moray" are situational cards, but can be an option to fit in the Water deck.

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Poor green ogre dude.. first he get's his attack halved by acid and now he gets eaten by eh ...
They are optional, you can definitely play the deck without them.
Using his junk deck, he uses another one of his aces, scar warrior lvl. 4, by an effect and quick...
Yeah, they can activate treacherous from hand. But the deck itself lack beaters and isn't th...
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